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  1. Baz

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks, it sounds like I'll be doing that then. Will join in with the fun in the AC thread when I'm up and running with it.
  2. Baz

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for the reply. What sort of multiplayer elements are there? Worth it for Animal Crossing?
  3. I've got this on the way now - played & loved the GC and DS versions back in the day. Without my trawling through the thread and spoiling anything, can someone please remind me what choices you make from the beginning re names etc? I want to play this with my daughter so probably going to go with Arendelle (Frozen) as my village's name but can't remember if you choose character, gender, names of other villagers etc as you go on.. also if I can set her up a character to wander about as. Thanks!
  4. Baz

    Nintendo Switch

    Finally bitten the bullet on a Switch Lite with Animal Crossing, I think it's just what's needed right now. I'm out of the loop with all this though - do I need a Nintendo Online Subscription for Animal Crossing?
  5. Baz

    RIP Ginger Baker

    'Beware of Mr Baker' is worth a watch for those who haven't seen it: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1931388/ He was a ridiculous talent - RIP.
  6. One of my very favourite children's authors. Rest in peace.
  7. Discovered this the other day and can't get enough of it. Sick cover of a great tune.
  8. This is how I felt - thought by the end it painted quite a sympathetic picture of them both. I dunno, I've never minded someone who's a bit of a nob if their heart's in the right place and nothing in the film made me dislike either of them. A friend of mine was the co-director of this but I only watched it on iPlayer a couple of nights ago. Messaged him in the morning wondering how the brothers reacted to the premiere. He said they walked out first time, thought they'd changed it the second time and cried and cheered the third time! So there you go.
  9. Other things show up in dark grey (I think) when I don’t have the materials & in light grey when I do (with prompt to craft). These aren’t showing up at all.. are you saying it will show when I have the correct materials?
  10. Has anyone had any trouble crafting? I've bought (and read) all the recipe pamphlets from the fence but crafting options like improved arrows don't show up when I sit down to craft. Thinking it could be a bug unless I'm missing something? (I also had the camp bug by the way)
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