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  1. Agreed! More stuff like that and the Le Mans 24hr/Ferrari v Ford feature from Series 1
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Get a battery pack for the flight
  3. EDGE #316

    Mine’s pink, compared to the blue one in the OP.
  4. EDGE #316

    Read the thread
  5. Great gaming transitions.

    Agreed, always enjoyed my Femshep playthroughs.
  6. Agreed. None of their existing franchises have been shoehorned into this announcement. This is an expansion of what Switch means to a new audience. Then, once they are using the Switch, they can be introduced to Nintendo’s other offerings. The kids will outgrow toys, but will still see value in the Switch.
  7. The point about ‘are they full’ games is irrelevant. They are toys, the rest is done by the mind of a kid... and they know how to use their imagination. This is no different to giving a kid a remote control car and letting them enjoy using it. It’s a nice move by Nintendo, it kind of makes me sad to see companies aiming full/adult-level games at kids, treating them like adults and, as we’ve seen recently, consumers.
  8. Watched the stream for a bit, good stuff
  9. They must have kept it... ... ...Quiet.
  10. Amazon Prime Video

    The latest episode of Vikings is one of the best pieces of TV I’ve ever seen. Tense, brutal and superb action.
  11. Arsenal

    He’s ok, not amazing... exactly the sort of option you need now you’ve sold your best player! Oh.
  12. Detective Pikachu - coming to Europe in March

    Heil Pika!
  13. Nintendo Switch

    Cheers! @Gotters - is that the skin set or the joycon shell? If it's the shell, was it easy to install? Looks great!

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