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  1. This is great, thanks for posting. This is right up my street. 2006 was right in the middle of my uni years and their special was a lovely listen.
  2. Toad says that he is the best.
  3. Cyberpunk 2077 was released.
  4. The Saturn had the best 2D graphics of its generation.
  5. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    Held off from starting Control on Xbox One S so I'm glad I can have the full-fat version on PC
  6. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    Someone?! Almost everyone. With a soul.
  7. Will I like this if I liked Max Payne 3?
  8. “Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering... EA leads to Ubisoft.”
  9. I've finished the first chapter and am quite liking this, haven't played anything like it for a while. The music is very nice and the characters don't seem to be annoying! Nice combag mechanics too. How did people find the rest of it? Will dip back in to chapter 2 tomorrow.
  10. Mars

    Xbox Game Pass

    @Jamie John Have you played the ONI: Sword Base level? That's pretty mint.
  11. It might be an acquired taste but it has the brotherhood/politics/grey areas of law and order/corruption/mega violence of these sorts of shows. Like some of them, it spans many series and isn't always consistent. But the gut punches are there.
  12. As does the shield, I'd say - the mix of bravado, ambition and then handling the resulting fallout is part of the charm for me. Both definitely less serious than the wire or breaking bad, etc. I guess there is a certain amount of insanity built into the premise of each show, it sets the scene for the human acts of depravity that follow. Falling from a grace that was never reached in the first place. Trying to control chaos and wield it in the protagonist's favour.
  13. Yeah, it's a proper 'descent into hell' vibe, the above shows plus Sons of Anarchy nail it. They can be grippingly bleak.
  14. Hi mate you can have mine, almost done reading! Drop me a PM, thanks @moosegrinderfor the heads up
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