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  1. Mars

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    We Need to Talk About Kevinyarion.
  2. Mars

    Consolevania's back...

    Same as the Resi 4 review for me
  3. Harvest Moon (Cattle Royale edition).
  4. Mars

    Gaming Myths

    You are mental though tbf
  5. This is amazing: The bit around 3m 30s
  6. Mars

    Gaming Myths

    I’ll show ye how it’s fukken done
  7. No Titans?! Next from EA... Need for Speed, without the cars - just some race drivers running about a track.
  8. Mars

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I’ve got a copy of KH1... am I best playing through them?
  9. Mars

    All time greatest gaming moment

    So you couldn’t even play it
  10. Mars

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    Sweet! I moved flats recently and I think one (or two) of the prints from your site would make a great addition to the empty walls! Have loved both of the pieces that I posted above ever since I saw them in Edge
  11. Mars

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    Army of Trolls
  12. Mars

    Project Cars 3. You need to read this.

    Yes Rushy! Great news

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