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  1. I played this to death on launch & the first couple of big updates, but haven't really touched it since the 3rd person view & proper multiplayer patches ages ago. Had a quick dabble when the VR mode was launched - started a new game, got my ship flying, but left it at that. Now it's full MP and community activities seem to be such a big element, is it still possible to wander, lost and alone in the immensity of the Universe, discovering uncharted systems, and planets populated only by slightly wanky-looking animals & unsettlingly phallic flora? I found the solitude and vastness of the early game strangely engaging but I'm not too sure about the community elements, as I understand them. I do quite fancy growing a Lexx - style bug ship, though.
  2. Shadow Of The Colossus three times, on 3 PS generations.
  3. Jumping Flash awful?? Burn the heretic!!!
  4. Bassassin


    Pushit and Eulogy are two of the D'Amour demos - broadly they're note-for note the same. Interesting - and surprising - how little the arrangements change between demo & album. The bass is a lot more dominant on the demos too, can't help thinking the aggressive, upfront Rick sound suits the songs better than Chancellor's Wal. Always assumed Tool recruited Chancellor - who they knew from touring with his former band Peach - because he played a lot like D'Amour anyway.
  5. Bassassin


    Chancellor's playing Paul D'Amour's bass lines on Aenima - most of the music was written before he left. There used to be some early demos of the songs knocking around. Considering the back catalogue's so small (for a band that's been recording for 27 years!) there's no excuse not to listen to all of it. I'd say do it chronologically.
  6. I'm 150-odd hours into Oddysey (so it's clearly doing something right) but on balance I think I preferred Origins. I found By 'Eck to be a more compelling main character with more obvious motivations than Kassandra & less moral ambiguity than she seems to have. For me as a videogame tourist, there was more variety in locations in Origins, despite the hugeness of Odyssey's world, and somehow more of a sense of scale in the world. I tend to fast-travel much more in Odyssey, rather than jumping on my camel/horse/underworld death-beast & setting auto-pilot for the other side of the map if I want to go somewhere. Probably helps that I find ancient Egypt a lot more interesting than Hellenic Greece but I don't think that's all it is. Don't particularly like some of the changes such as the level-scaling (which can't be properly disabled) and reducing shops to just blacksmiths, but these are pretty minor tbh. I find a lot of things, for example hunting, defeating forts & camps, are much the same only somehow blander. Apropos of nothing really, if you like one you'll like the other, & they're both dirt-cheap now. All you need is 200+ hours spare.
  7. I live in (dwindling) hope that there'll eventually be a "less wanky animals" update.
  8. Same here. I'm a massive Alien fan, the first movie would be in my top 10 films ever - this game was pretty much made for me. First time I met Alan I turned it off & never went back...
  9. Not played this since the Next update mangled my painstakingly constructed & utterly ridiculous base. Looks like I'll be digging it out again, along with the vom-goggles.
  10. I found this following the Atlas Rising update. Prior to that I'd been pretty badass (using the upgraded phase beam/backing away technique!) but now I find the best option is to run away, unless you can lure your adersaries down to a planet's atmosphere. Not found the other weapon types to be particularly useful/accurate - but I'm fully prepared to accept that I'm just shit at the combat.
  11. 348 hours, 35 minutes. Fuck a duck.
  12. I found one portal in my entire journey to the centre. Reasonable to assume they'll either be more frequent now, or easier to find, maybe show up on a scan. I'm away from home right now & won't get to play this until Tuesday.
  13. Came back to this a couple of weeks ago, having reached the centre in my initial playthrough, and only just getting my head around Pathfinder & Foundation. Now this - Terrain creation? No-one's going to make a gigantic rock cock, are they?
  14. Lucky sods, all of you still playing this. I finished it about a month ago and still miss it - I can't summon the motivation to play anything else! DLC better come soon...
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