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  1. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Zelda looks ace on my TV. I have a 4K monitor, which I could maybe test later (I wonder if my USB-C to display port cable works?).
  2. I had a dream where SEGA are still making hardware and competing with Sony and Nintendo... Had a quick google but nothing; so perhaps it was just a nice dream.
  3. Shit! I appreciate the research. Arses. I guess this can be sorted, mind you. What a pain! The two-player Power Stone dream is still alive, mind you.
  4. Just for the record, the P30 Pro emulates DC very well with ReDream.
  5. Agree. It’s sat next to me right now, and I played a few hours of Power Stone today. amazing console.
  6. I really need this to firm up in terms of whether it works or not before I commit to purchasing this nearby unit. 200 notes, including transparent joy cons with a dpad conversion. It’s banne, mind you, so it’ll only ever be useful for modding. I appreciate all the feedback guys. My phone runs ReDream very well, which means I could pair two controllers to it, get a USB C to hdmi cable, and job done. No need for the second switch,. @amc it seems to be reicast But hmmm.
  7. So the flawlessly post from yesterday is no longer valid? Not being an arse, just trying to understand
  8. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Why the SN30 Pro? What’s the difference between that and the SF30 Pro? I don’t fancy the Nintendo Pro controller really; would prefer something I can use with other systems as well, in a pinch. Having said that, some longer term comfort for Zelda would be good, though weirdly I’m playing it lying on the sofa hand held right now rather than plugging it into the TV.
  9. No two player for power stone then @alex3d? Which emu? I’ll l try it on my android when I get home first. Joy cons work on my phone. Crazy world. EDIT: So, two joycons work in ReDream. Can ReDream work on the Switch? I made a little video: So, I would basically turn any second-switch I have into an Android tablet of sorts. Does that output ? HDMI? Too many questions before I pony up 200 big ones.
  10. I'll read up a lot about it in the morning. The Switch I'm being offered is banned, but I dont think has CFW installed. Anything I should be asking him? 200euros isn't free but it's also tempting enough. There are next-to-no videos on YT showing Dreamcast emulation on the Switch. I would love to know how that works before committing. Like, can both joycons be easily used to play power stone etc? Is it best to use Retroarch? If so, which firmware should I be installing? Cheers!
  11. I’d have to get a jig thing off amazon as well then, or do some dodgy paper clip thing. Sorely tempted... if Dreamcast emu is any good. Two player power stone on the TV is what i want. Also portable!
  12. Should I get a second switch? Do I wait for the latest one(s) to be Hackable? ARGH
  13. TBH I am all for emulation working nicely. We definitely have the power, it's form factor that's the issue, really. If my Vita played DC games then I would be extremely happy.
  14. Do we have a thread listing these various handhelds and what they can run? The selection is mind blowing now. Amazing stuff. I have a PSP, PS Vita (both hacked) and a Switch (not hacked). TBF, the Vita does absolutely everything, PSP, Game Boy, Mega Drive, Mega CD, NGPC... but I want a portable Dreamcast dammit. ReDream works well on my phone, but I prefer a dedicated machine, and main thing, nice control inputs. Being able to hook up to a TV and have 2-player would be amazing.
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