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  1. Just...odd. Like they needed the player-base to tell them what the power level should be. This has to be one of the fastest adjustments they have ever made. Did they not have a longer term plan for the roll out of the forges? The roadmap made it seem like that. This feels like a big problem already. New approach to content is ammended within a day. Maybe the power level change sorts it and that’s the last we say about it (new forge on Friday) but you have to question why the fuck they made it such a high level in the first instance if they didn’t have a longer term strategy that built from that specific point.
  2. I wanted it until I realised it was a reskinned Origin Story. I’m not sure I can be arsed now!
  3. I get that sleeper is annoying. I do think there will always be a gun that rises to the top in any mode though. Let's see how it pans out over the course of this week. Maybe I got lucky last night. I don't think banning it from the mode makes sense and would argue that players are getting better at countering it now (that charge time can be rough).
  4. Based on a quick game last night those celebrating Sleepers demise in Gambit were premature. It still wipes out a whole team with ease and I definitely wasn’t struggling for ammo. I promise to use something else if I can get the Queensbreaker to drop.
  5. Marmite

    Wtm a raid team PS4

    Just lurking in this thread! We found that calling the plates by position as you look at the puzzle on the wall made things much easier i.e. top right, bottom left etc. We established a set group of plate people, and an order for callouts - the first person (me) rotates to a very different plate each time to mix up the positions enough so as to avoid stepping on the same one twice. The final person in the four always does a 3-2-1 shout before we all jump on before rotating and going again. Once you get the comms working its really not too bad.
  6. Third character?! I've not even touched a second one yet. There seems to be something to do for powerful rewards or the chance at quest progression every night.
  7. It went up yesterday (daily heroic). Seems to be a day ahead of the initial schedule.
  8. Yeah, the power weapon slot feels pretty limited now, not helped by a lack of appropriate weapons that came with Forsaken.
  9. I got one from the raid last night! (And an edge transit).
  10. Exotic change good. Iron Banner bounty changes weird though. Drop the requirements for a few of them to make them less grindy and align the most challenging with powerful rewards (100 orbs was nuts for a legendary below your max). The new way seems a bit too forgiving to me when there are already so many sources of powerful engrams outside of the raid. No specific date mentioned for these changes either. I would say that exotic one needs to come asap, but then again I'm not likely to see an exotic drop anytime soon so there's actually no real rush!
  11. Marmite

    Destiny: Forsaken - Last Wish Raid thread

    Our late night raid group finally found the time to start Last Wish this week. First encounter wasn’t too bad once we organised ourselves properly after each DPS phase to avoid unnecessary deaths! Up to the second boss now and think we have the main mechanics sorted. Next run is Sunday so hopefully we can move in to the third area then. Got to say though, already massively preferring this raid to the last one. The environment, sense of scale and fun that’s built in to the fights so far has massively surpassed Levithan. I’m getting Kings Fall vibes from this, albeit in a sunnier setting!
  12. I do sometimes wonder how many people play with the sound off or music on instead, and therefore are completely oblivious to the shout about banking to summon. It must be quite a few based on my experience! Also, to slightly contradict the point about not invading when the enemy team has nothing to lose. I sort of agree (assuming you are talking about when they have just summoned but haven’t damaged it yet) but one counterpoint I would make is that sometimes invading at this time slows the enemy team down just enough for yours to catch up, summon and use the buff to overtake quite quickly. Even if you don’t kill them a lot of teams will hang way back and not risk clearing any adds etc during the invasion, while your team can be sending more blockers over to make things worse during that 30 second period.
  13. Crikey, seems like there's a load of new secret stuff to do this week. Bungie really are piling it on with the resets!

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