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  1. I’ve only played a few minutes but...it really feels like Shenmue. That should be good enough for me.
  2. I agree. It helps being in a smarter film, but he conveyed very well the dispassionate single-mindedness the first two films led you to expect from a cyborg assassin.
  3. I agree with most of what you’ve said. I didn’t dislike the sequence in question, but With that said, I enjoyed it a great deal. Whether it ends up doing enough business to spawn a direct sequel rather than interminable soft-reboot remains to be seen, but I’m happy we’ve been given a new Terminator that doesn’t feel like a dodgy made-for-TV movie or risible sci-fi sitcom.
  4. This appeared on Twitter. I doubt it was her who let it slip, but Jennifer Lynch is or was a board member so you’d think they wouldn’t want to entertain overt bullshit on the matter. Adding fuel to the fire is Michael Horse posting this image on Instagram:
  5. I’m only a few hours into the full game on Switch, but I’d say the reviews seem entirely reasonable. I tend to prefer to play on TV but it’s hard to find the time to finish this sort of game in its entirely, so being able to split between docked & handheld is fantastic. I think for someone who’d rather play JRPGs in handheld mode it’s bordering on essential. The sizeable list of improvements and additions over the PS4 / PC version: https://gematsu.com/2019/06/dragon-quest-xi-s-list-of-additional-elements-and-improvements-dlc-voice-drama-and-more-detailed
  6. The Switch port seems fine, as long as you’re prepared for the sort of idiosyncrasies only Deadly Premonition can provide. There are some bad audio bugs - sometimes the character sounds / dialogue can drop out - saving and the reloading the game fixes it - (and the car, at this point, makes no sound whatsoever ) but apparently the developer has said a patch is coming soon, something that would be an unprecedented miracle for a version of Deadly Premonition. For what it’s worth, it’s based on the Director’s Cut version in terms of controls, gameplay and visuals but doesn’t have the additional cutscenes etc, which I can only assume was a creative choice. It also doesn’t have the apocalyptically bad frame rate of the PS3 version, and is in fact very smooth in most areas I’ve come across so far. It still takes a considerable dive when you’re driving in town, but not to the same extent as that abomination.
  7. It’s hard to say for sure and it doesn’t shed any light on the menus, but this picture makes the HUD scaling look promising to me, so I can’t imagine they’d drop the ball horribly elsewhere.
  8. I don’t know how much time I’d spend with it on Switch & definitely have no desire to play this version docked (I’ve finished the main game and Hearts of Stone on PS4, and have been diving in and out of the complete edition on XB1X over the last year and a bit) but unless it’s a complete shit-show of a port, which it doesn’t look like it will be, I’ll probably buy it further down the line just for the fact that The Witcher 3 handheld has been brought into existence.
  9. I agree there should be something worked out to offer early Steam keys to backers, but that comparison doesn’t quite work, because in reality they still have the means to play the game with minimal effort on the day of release, whereas if SEGA had sent Xbox discs they’d also had to have provided Xbox consoles to make it equivalent, albeit with the additional kick in the balls of both arriving almost a year after the Dreamcast version released in Europe.
  10. That article also goes on to describe Ryo like this - ”He who was once so elegant, so charismatic, is only a shadow of himself. Postmortem rigidity, empty and inexpressive gaze, the hero of a whole generation is hard to see. He's not just inexpressive: he's just not alive.” Those impressions are clearly coming from someone who might have read an article about it, but has never played or really looked at Shenmue in any great detail, because “so elegant, so charismatic...hero of a whole generation” sure as shit isn’t a perception of Ryo it’s possible to come away with if you've actually seen the originals in action.
  11. While I think PC backers should, if possible, have the option of getting a Steam code at launch, the reaction to this on Resetera is something else. I wonder how many of the people who are now baying for the game's failure boycotted Shenmue II on principle upon its original official release in the US? After all, SEGA signed a distribution deal that required the purchase of an entirely new console in order to play the game, which seems more of an inconvenience and middle finger to existing fans than the installation of an inferior launcher.
  12. I thought the second episode was even better than the first. I see that there’s a narrative growing that it’s terrible because the viewing figures dived after the first episode though. I’m not sure what some people were expecting from this; it’s obviously a very different format to I'm Alan Partridge, but I think it’s shaping up to surpass Knowing Me, Knowing You.
  13. I do think that game critics are - thankfully - using a wider range of scores nowadays, but the way this has been treated does strike me as harsh based on an hour or so's play. 3s and 4s out of 10, of which it’s received a few, still tend to be the preserve of something that is fundamentally broken, which this really doesn’t seem to be. It controls well (definitely better than the first one, which is currently available free of charge on Xbox), runs smoothly (with the accusation levelled by some that it looks like a 360 game being laughable) and does what you’d expect if you’re going in blind having played previous Crackdown games. I look forward to playing more when I get the chance. I believe perception plays a big part - if this was announced a month or two ago and released today, it would be seen as a pleasant surprise and you’d probably be looking at a review average in the 70s. As it is, the original iteration was unveiled half a decade ago and all of the false starts and stories of development hell have taken their toll.
  14. Nintendo didn’t bother transferring any of my save files when I returned my Switch for repair due to the cracked backplate issue that occurred with some of the early units. Worked fine, only returned it on NOE's advice and the end result was nearly 100 hours of Zelda (and tens of hours of other games) down the drain.
  15. So the Joy-Con that took Nintendo six weeks to ‘repair’ earlier in the year has now developed another fault. Won’t be seeing that until February. Bet they try to erroneously charge me again, too.
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