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  1. Death's Head

    Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

    Dead chuffed to have it back but I hope it's not all as grim as last season, I could do with some laughs. Bring back Hunter!
  2. Death's Head

    Mystery Film

    I've only seen it on VHS too, but I've, ahem, acquired a blu-ray rip recently so I'll see how that goes...
  3. Death's Head

    Mystery Film

  4. Death's Head

    Star Trek: Picard

    Is it not Whoopi?
  5. Death's Head

    What We Do in the Shadows - TV version

    I think she's my favourite, which considering my love for Berry and Novak is quite something!
  6. Death's Head

    Years and Years - BBC

    I really enjoyed it - as a Doctor Who fan I got a lovely fuzzy feeling from hearing RTD's words again. Russell Tovey is an actor who has really gone up in my estimation since seeing him on stage last year and he's fantastic here. I wasn't prepared for it to go all Threads at the end but you're right, it was pretty terrifying.
  7. Death's Head

    Doom Patrol

    I suppose he had the tough job early on in the season of being the 'straight man' to everyone else. And yep, Diane thingy has been excellent too. They all have, tbf.
  8. Death's Head

    Doom Patrol

    Took me a while till I recognised him as Riggsy from a couple of Capaldi Doctor Who episodes. He's been brilliant.
  9. Death's Head

    The Tick (2016, Amazon)

  10. Death's Head

    Brian Eno’s Ambient Works

    There's something about On Land, hits me right in the reptile brain.
  11. Death's Head

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    I didn't stick with it until the bitter end but apparently Sliders really, really went off the boil. Poor Arturo. (spoilered)
  12. Death's Head

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    I'd love to agree but any scene with Angel and Spike bickering like an old couple is gold so no.
  13. Death's Head

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    The finest finale: Though it should really be considered as a piece with the previous episode, 'Once Upon A Time' with that magnificent Leo McKern performance (that nearly killed him!). Watching it today you just think 'how they did they get away with it'? Extraordinary television. Conversely, McGoohan's prior series, Danger Man, whimpered out on the two frankly awful colour episodes, Koroshi and Shinda Shima, which were edited together into one film. They completely abandon the relative realism of the excellent black and white episodes for a fanciful plot about a secret martial arts cult in Japan whose members appear to be composed entirely of ageing British actors. A poor end to an excellent series (even the last black and white episode, 'Not-so Jolly Roger', is pretty bad compared to what came before). I thought the Shanshu thing was more ambiguous than that - and it was Angel himself who supposedly signed it away. If Angel had to end, I thought that was a great finale - 'the battle continues' etc. For a series that was always very much about 'work' (right from season 1), ending on the line 'let's go to work' was just perfect.
  14. Death's Head

    How it should have ended

  15. Death's Head

    What We Do in the Shadows - TV version

    Coming to BBC2 as well, apparently.

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