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  1. A bit like how I once caught the rerun of Revelation of the Daleks when I was at me nan's and I was like "wtf? Alexei Sayle?"
  2. I enjoyed that Rose sequel, but bloody hell Russell...
  3. I mean really that whole series could have been one episode of Next Gen. A two-parter at best. We never did find out why Soji was on the Cube did we? Nor why Dhaj was on Earth. If these advanced synthetic lifeforms are so advanced why do they need someone to build a beacon in order to come and fuck things up? Why don't they just come through anyway?
  4. It's not always well-liked but I adore Battlefield, flaws and all. Oh Shame! (I'm a sucker for that whole era of McCoy though) Agree on Vengeance on Varos. The end of part 1 really is one of the best Who cliffhangers.
  5. Honestly, I thought the same - no laugh track at all. First it threw me when there was laughter, then threw me again when it vanished!
  6. Ah, that's it then. Yeah, the jokes don't really land well at all without the laugh track.
  7. In happier Pat Stew news, he's doing a sonnet a day over on that Twitter:
  8. Similarly, in light of my rather strong opinions on series 7 further up the thread I did actually go back and rewatch it for the first time since it aired. And do you know what? I recant slightly. There are laughs to be had. It was last year and obviously the world's now ending so my memory's a bit hazy but I remember thinking Tikka to Ride is still pretty much irredeemable. The plot makes no sense whatsoever and ultimately it left a bad taste in the mouth morally as well. Stoke Me A Clipper though? I was genuinely surprised. The whole opening sequence is worthless but if you jettison that and start the episode on the Dwarf it's actually a really nice little character episode with some good laughs and it's poignant in that way that even early Dwarf managed to do. I can't recall too much about the others so another watch is probably due but I remember they sort of alternated between okay and good. One thing I did find odd was that some episodes had audience laughter and some didn't - the bits with it were generally better tbh. I also noticed that they still used some model shots which stood out compared to the woeful CGI. So yeah. It was alright. I suppose I should reassess series 8 now...
  9. Yeah, I did it all in one day as well. Quite a journey!
  10. They've shafted poor Seven. She was too late to save the Borg drones, too late to save more than a handful of the XBs and then she turns up in a cube with all that grand music and then it gets dragged down to the surface. A shame as it would have been rather handy with that armada of Warbirds turning up. Also, at what point between the Dominion War and their sun blowing up did they get the time to redesign and build that many new Warbirds?
  11. And once again Seven is prevented from doing anything good. Yay, she has a Borg cube. Oh no, it's in bits. A shame, as it may have come in handy!
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