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  1. The head writer did those TNG season 8 parodies so he knows his stuff.
  2. Weren't a lot of early TNG episodes based on recycled Phase 2 scripts? I imagine when those ran out they were able to forge their own identity a bit more.
  3. I really enjoyed that, though it didn't quite reach the weirdness of Legion. Of course the best thing was this display of triumphant knitwear:
  4. I don't think I've seen any truer-to-life episode of a comedy than the weed drought episode.
  5. Oh I get that, it just seems like a more interesting story to explore than what we got.
  6. Yeah, I'm a west Londoner as well and the west London these guys live in more represents my life than, say, the Made in Chelsea dickheads. Also, I went to school with lads like these - everyone wanted to be an mc back then. I first watched it with some old school friends and that was what cracked us up most. Plus the music is just great. Obviously they're playing shit MCs but they are actually good, and the Valentimes episode in particular is perfect.
  7. I'd say Ghosts is quite family-friendly but then I don't have kids - I would have loved it as a kid though! In its last series it was one of the few programmes to actually address gentrification in London (along with Stath Lets Flats). Plus Chabuddy G is one of the finest comic creations.
  8. Famalam, People Just Do Nothing, Ghosts, Man Like Mobeen, Mandy and Enterprice have all entertained me. Oh and Detectorists!
  9. I loved the first series. As an actor its just pitched absolutely perfectly. Plus I'd watch Tennant read the phone book, so..
  10. Maid Marian is up now. Forgot how much of a banger the end theme is.
  11. That would require a degree of wit sadly beyond the Discovery writers.
  12. This bit of trivia came up on my Google notifications today: https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/star-trek-discovery-season-4-cardassians-canon-ds9/amp (If you don't want to click, basically it seems the Cardassians have joined the Federation. Which again just rams home how uninterested Discovery was in actually exploring the future they'd jumped into).
  13. Oh yeah, at time I found the writing and performances in this a bit clunky but he always more than delivered.
  14. Yeah I heard about that; something to do with the fact he was having to write most of his own dialogue (as were alot of the cast)?
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