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  1. hangerhead

    What teams do you support?

    You don't leave near southampton too by any chance, and listen to sisters of mercy and bolththrower?
  2. hangerhead

    What teams do you support?

    Celtic and Ipswich Town for me and a mild curious interest in the Miami Dolphins who've been rank ever since I heard about how successful they were.
  3. hangerhead

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    For those of you who liked boltthrower... Memoriam (UK) I don't know if it'spossible to embed here the two sample tracks - they've been recording their 1st album this month. Boltthrower got 'retired' as a band a year to the day after their drummer Martin 'Kiddie' Hearns died on tour in Australia last year.
  4. hangerhead

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    thanks for the reply - I was (probably) using the word MOD over liberally. I was thinking about taking my xbox character into the PC versoin of the game with the same DLC added on only, then modifying the savegame (backed up) and re-importing to xbox...especially since as pointed out, the steam game can be downloaded overnight. cheers for taking the time.
  5. hangerhead

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    HI, the mods i was after are more along character modding (lvl, equipment, stats). ANything else would be nice to have (such as HD) but my GCard is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and currently supports medium detail at around 40fps, so perhaps not worthwhile and would be on 17" laptop only. What I am thinking about doing though, is exporting the XBOX character into the PC game, modding it to level up, etc, and re-import to the XBOX. I don't have time to really play a lot and just want to complete it...and then bought the add-ons as I couldn't help myself :/
  6. hangerhead

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    i have a 5mb download speed....
  7. hangerhead

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Hi. I've got this on the xbox - played through to kill alduin and still have a few sidequests to go and a few more shouts to get. also just bought the add-ons (dragonborn, hearthfire, etc). I'm currently lvl 81 and have played quite a lot further but capped. Once I install the addons, the level cap is removed, will i still be lvl 81, or will extra stuff i've done raise my level? i'm also tempted to buy the PC version just to get access to the mod console and load mods and play again. thing is, i don't know whether i will get bored starting all from scratch again on the PC version or if i'm looking just to use it to get the console stuff and export the character back to the xbox. i'd really like to just lvl my character up max with all the gear because now i've got 2 children, i don't have time to invest in long-term gameplay, just something to pickup and leave one/month.
  8. hangerhead

    Peanut Butter

    I like crunchy with either apricot or ginger jam (although there's a fizzy marmalade also that works well). I've also recently found and extra dark roasted crunchy peanut butter in an asda near where my Mom lives. Wonderful.
  9. hangerhead

    pan con tomate

    i lived in spain for 4 years and really enjoyed pan tumaca also, but there are so many ways of making it. Some people were just blending the tomatoes (peeled) but to me, this just results in the base for gazpacho. What we used to do was grate the tomatoes over a colander - the skin of the tomato is what protects your fingers. I'd add some extra virgin olive oil and some coarsely grated salt and gently mix in. The bread would be the more difficult part so we would buy a bruschetta and oven toast it and then rub raw garlic on it. Some places put jamon on the tomato once it was spread on the bread.
  10. hangerhead

    Songs (dub skank?) similar to one in ten (ub40)

    Hmm, too mnuch old school jamaican ska (ska-tellites) for me. I'f made this mistake before - thought I knew what ska was, ordered via amazon recommendations, about 4 albums and compilations, didn't like any of it. i like the JB conspiracy (1st album), this one song by UB40, some capdown, voodoo glow skulls and madness.
  11. hangerhead

    Songs (dub skank?) similar to one in ten (ub40)

    ha - forgot to mention I enjoy madness (esp. night boat to Cairo). cheers for the others, I'll plow through them after I've got the twoligans to bed.
  12. Hi, whilst i tend to listen almost exclusively to thrash/death/speed...there is still room enough for me to enjoy other stuff and previously forgotten tunes from the 80s. Such as this: UB40 - one in ten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvcaxumeiKc Also the song food for thought. I like this sound of ska or skank beat but not sure what else to look for...although I also like JB Conspiracy. Reccomend me some please
  13. hangerhead

    How Do I Make Pizza Hut Tasting Pizza

    have any of you looked into the dry fry pizza method? it's meant to help address the temperature issues from using normal domestic ovens for cooking pizzas. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/jul/24/deep-fried-pizza-just-like-make-in-naples http://pizzapilgrims.co.uk/frying-pan-pizza-recipe/#.VWMiZNVVhBc
  14. hangerhead


    Any of you tried the Saffron Gin? How do you mix it?
  15. hangerhead


    I use a Rancilio Silvia at home. I've added a PID, grind the beans myself and, when I can't be bothered to roast more of the ones I got from Bolivia, then I alternate between beans that have been awarded stars at the taste awards.

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