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  1. This runs extremely well on PC if you meet the recommended specs. I've had zero playability issues and everything looks great. The only thing I've had is that the ship you have doesn't load in to the customisation screen if you enter it by pressing the relevant button at the prompt after picking up a customising bit from a crate. If you close that out and go through it yourself from the pause menu, it loads just fine. Overall I think the game is doing well, but it's a little soulless for me. Not a lot of interaction with anyone in the levels bar a couple of characters I have met (been to three worlds so far and have now just got to Kashykk). Guess that's because I have been mainly playing open world games for a very long time.
  2. Aww, yeah. PC VPN users can connect to a New Zealand server as well and it looks like it will unlock on Origin at 1pm today.
  3. Aye, I thought it was good, too. I'd watch more of it in a flash.
  4. I couldn't help it, I pre-ordered it on PC from CDkeys for £37.99 (it went up a pound while I was umming and ahhing for an hour or so earlier this evening too - bah). Mainly because I want to play it on my newly built 1080p PC which will run it a lot better than either a base PS4 or XBone that I also have will manage. I'm not going 4K until the next round of consoles launch at the earliest. I hope it's fairly easy too. Titanfall 2 was a great game, that was also not too taxing, so I have high hopes. I am bummed about the choice of lead for the main protagonist, though. Giving the character the same face of the actor recording the speech is weirding me out. I cannot un-see Jerome Velasqua or Ian Gallagher every time I see his face in cutscenes or hear him talk.
  5. I noticed this is free to play on Steam this weekend. Ends sometime Monday. Just in case anyone interested in this on PC still hasn't bought it.
  6. I'll be the crushingly obvious/immature one and say wherever the Dead or Alive, Extreme games have been set. Seems like a relaxing place, with good views. Or I reckon I'd be fairly comfortable with my dog in Albion from Fable 2.
  7. Are there flashabacks in this? As much as I really loved Lost, I fucking hated all the flashbacks that had and ever since then every sci fi program has totally overused them too.
  8. It's still very good and really well shot. Not sure I'm liking the time jumping story telling, but it seems to be done well and answering certain questions at the right time. It's coming across as a slower burn than previous seasons, though, which isn't helping.
  9. When she walked down those stairs at the Eerie wearing the black cloak. End of the episode where Littlefinger pushes Aunty 'inappropriate-wetnurse' out the moondoor (sorry, can't remember her name - Catlyn starks sister anyway). I mean, I was aboard Team Sansa before then, but after that scene she looked sexy af.
  10. The artist, Otis McDonald, has a youtube channel too, but for soem reason this tune doesn't appear on it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCej6bRv8lR48AEbQvdb_9Cg It is included on his album SEPTEMBER, which can be listened to on Soundcloud:
  11. You're both idiots. Adrenaline junkies who will never get the spiritual side!
  12. Lol, I bet smithstock is going to say that it's the best Karate Kid yet.
  13. Sure dude, drop me, Polmon & Yinny an invite and we'll give you a hand. One or more of us should be on pretty much every noght this week.
  14. Those boys in the Ark though. Fuck me, that was never going to make it 100 feet without falling apart. Crazy magnificent bastards!
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