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  1. Jimmy Shedders


    Started playing this thanks to the Switch version and despite being awful at it I'm really enjoying it! Is there any benefit to buying the £3.99 starter pack? Can you earn V Bucks in game or is it real money only?
  2. Jimmy Shedders

    Pokemon Go

    Decided to go for a run before the event finished and boy I'm glad I did
  3. Jimmy Shedders

    Nintendo Switch

  4. Jimmy Shedders

    Pokemon Go

    Log in errors and connection problems.
  5. Jimmy Shedders

    Pokemon Go

    I've been shiny hunting since the event started with no luck at all - I was just about ready to give up when I caught a shiny Kabuto yesterday whilst taking a dump at home. Not holding out much hope in getting a shiny Omanyte but that won't stop me checking every single one I find.
  6. Jimmy Shedders

    All things Yakuza!

    I'm nearly done with 0 (Well, I've just started the finale chapter) and despite playing for over 50 hours it feels as though I've hardly scratched the surface with a completion percentage of 25% It looks like I've got the chance to finish up things before starting the final bit - Will I be able to go back after it's done or shall I do everything now so I don't miss out on it? What a game this is though. Without a doubt one of the best I've ever played. I've got Kiwami and 6 lined up ready to play after I'm done with this with Kiwami 2 already pre-ordered!
  7. Jimmy Shedders

    All things Yakuza!

  8. Jimmy Shedders

    Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    Despite buying Bayonetta on the 360 and the special edition of 2 of the Wii U I never got round to properly giving either a go - I look forward to rectifying that with these versions!
  9. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    I've barely made any progress with the main quest as I'm having far too much fun responding to SOS flares (And grinding for materials at the same time) I'm so glad I gave this a go - It's quickly becoming one of my favorite games!
  10. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    He was absolutely destroying me to begin with too but keep at it and you’ll get there Just take your time and keep an eye out for openings to attack - check the Monster field guide too as it’ll show what elements it’s weak against, and where’s best to target.
  11. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    Finally beat the Anjanath solo after about 5 attempts (Well, with some help from a Rathalos) Getting that last hit in and seeing it tumble down felt fucking amazing
  12. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    Is there a Rllmuk squad? Would love an invite if it’s at all possible! Also, I’m very quickly getting addicted to this. I spent most of this evening by using the SOS flares as a good excuse to test out new weapons and armour sets. I’m currently rocking the Switch-axe and having a blast with it, although I might swap to the Hunting Horn next. This is fucking amazing.
  13. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    Same here! Although it was by the skin of my teeth with no potions left and a sliver of health
  14. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    The hunt for the Pukei-Pukei turned into a Fatal Four Way as halfway through the fight a Great Jagras and a Anjanath got involved. They both made short work of the Jagras and after fighting amongst themselves for a bit the Anjanath turned its attention to me so that was my cue to run away and regroup. This game is fucking amazing.
  15. Jimmy Shedders

    Monster Hunter: World

    So this is my first ever Monster Hunter game. I’ve no idea what I’m doing, how to do it or how to get better at it. But I do know one thing - This is fucking amazing.

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