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  1. dave7g

    American fugitive

    It's not bad. The only thing is if you even touch another car while driving, that's it. The cops are after you and you might as well quit the game.
  2. dave7g

    Randy Pitchford Negathread

    "I offered to do it for free, for money" "I've just remembered he assaulted me once" Sounds dodgy to me.
  3. dave7g

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    Is there a date for the PSVR version yet?
  4. dave7g

    PlayStation VR

    Ah yes, that is amazing alright.
  5. The big difference between PSVR and Kinect is that people actually love their PSVRs
  6. dave7g

    PlayStation VR

    Is that the water level?
  7. dave7g

    Snooker 19

    Still... Complete nonsense that you never know what your score is in the online tournament or have any idea where you stand. Let alone possibly know what the rules are regarding winning points or how they work, God forbid they could explain anything like that. It is a nice relaxing game though, but ffs EXPLAIN THE FUCKING ONLINE! Jesus Christ!
  8. dave7g

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Ben's worst ever moment comes later during a MK11 discussion about Johnny Cage. It's absolute torture, but is exactly everything annoying about Ben in one go. He has to go.
  9. dave7g

    The Humble Thread

    It has Peter Serafinowicz after all.
  10. dave7g

    The Humble Thread

    Undercover is fantastic, maybe the best Lego game.
  11. dave7g

    PlayStation VR

    First time you experience it, it really is magic though.
  12. dave7g

    PlayStation VR

    Space Pirate Trainer is a fiver and it's one of the best shooters on it. It's superb.
  13. It seems to be the best headset so far. 140 degree FOV is the deal maker for me. I'm in for this day one hopefully.
  14. dave7g

    PlayStation VR

    Yup totally free.

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