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  1. Recently discovered a game pass podcast called Beat the Sheet. Two lads trying to beat all the games on game pass, but they gave up and will be starting a new show soon enough.
  2. Fallout 3 is back on Game Pass and for it's time it's really good for those of us with sight problems. The HUD can be changed to a high contrast white and all text is big enough to read, for me anyway. It's amazing how something that can be so simple, like changing text colour can make a whole world of difference. It should be a requirement in every game.
  3. The fake multiplayer with the fake friends and the fake dialogue, was pretty fake.
  4. Was really into Guardians when the presentation started, but it seems that the characters never, ever shut the fuck up. Constant "banter" all the time. It would drive me insane.
  5. Morrowind remake, and it's on Game pass, right now. Please.
  6. I'll resubscribe if it's him.
  7. Hades is doable also. It's not too busy with effects and can see what's happening pretty well. There are a lot of small text boxes but it's fully voiced.
  8. I actually find Forza Horizon 4 to be ok and that's on Ultra 4k settings. I realise now that I'll not be bothering with PS5 or Series X, I'm not going to to notice any difference. I was lucky enough to have bought a pretty powerful PC before I lost the ability to work, so that and Gamepass will keep me going for the modern stuff, that I'll probably delete out of frustration. Was reading on the can I play it site that Valhalla has decent options, so I might tinker with that. If only there was a way to turn the snow black.
  9. Thanks for those, I honestly didn't know there was anything like that out there. It's really helpful, thank you.
  10. For years I wouldn't touch turn based rpgs, much preferred the action rpgs. Now I'm the opposite. Games can be far too busy to see what's happening so it's fine to take my time. I'm playing the FFX remaster at the moment, but it is far too bright so it's not ideal. I find a black transparent background with white text to be the best for me. Unfortunately the majority are white backgrounds and black text. That is just invisible to me. I love driving games but mostly can't play anymore, either there's too much weather effects or races in the dark so I can't see corners co
  11. Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. They have shut down all the wrestlers twitch/youtube channels that were making money. Independent contractors eh?
  12. I have to sit very close to a 55" 4K tv and honestly I would much prefer it to be bigger. It's still impossible to read anything. I've noticed going retro is pretty manageable. Currently using a PSP emulator in full screen with the res upped a bit and there's a lot of stuff to play there.
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