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  1. Only the last boss I remember being absolutely insanely difficult.
  2. HURR HAHA PIRATES HURR HELICOPTERS HURR He really sounds nasty doing that "kirby" joke. I can imagine him being a right piece of shit in real life.
  3. It was ok I think, I only tried it once. I found the whole Sports Bar thing to be really awkward to be honest. Would much rather a straight up game, no gimmicks. Even though Hustle Kings is an absolute dog to play, it looks fantastic in VR, just looking around the table etc. I really hope someone does it for snooker.
  4. A great way to make people hate him even more, and now they have good reason to. Great job Ben. P.S, please find another line of work.
  5. Whatever you do, stay away from Hustle Kings VR, it's just awful. The potential for a snooker game in VR is huge. I hope someone does it.
  6. dave7g

    Megadrive Mini

    Great. Stupidest part of the snes mini is hitting a button on the console. Unforgivable oversight.
  7. dave7g

    Megadrive Mini

    I've just ordered one of these but not been really keeping up with it. I'm just wondering how saving works, is it similar to the snes mini? Also, can you get back to the game selection from the control pad?
  8. Ben this week took all of 3 seconds before he interrupted Jeff with his "HURR". I lasted 10 minutes and pretty much all of it was him talking absolute fuck. He even asked Jan to tell us all more about something, then interrupted him immediately. Fuck this guy, seriously. Nothing pisses me off more these days.
  9. Only reading about it in Retro Gamer today, my subscription is infuriatingly slow to deliver. It does not sound good. Has there been an update where you can see what games are available at least?
  10. Those people aren't going to buy it anyway, no matter what. But some like myself want to make sure it works properly and is what I'm after. I'll happily pay monthly if it's what I want, but I'm not going in blind after reading some negative stuff about it. I'm sure there's a lot more like me.
  11. Any chance of a months trial? Or even a week? Might get a few new subs out of it.
  12. Read one line of it... 50. Singstar. List is already wrong.
  13. He's getting worse. Literally talking over everything Jeff said to the point of Jeff waiting for whatever fucking absolute shite Ben had to say before he could continue with his point. Something has to be done about him. He is the dirt worst. He never, ever shuts the fuck up. That part where he wanted to do a "dance" for the emails section was excruciating. And he had the nerve to turn down the dialogue audio on BL3 because he didn't think it was funny enough. YOU YA CUNT, YOU'RE NOT FUNNY.
  14. Yeah, Danny interrupted him many times asking the most basic questions trying to get him to make some sense.
  15. Ben describing Control was like being in hell. He's absolutely terrible at his job.
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