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  1. It's funny in a terrifying way. The absolute madness of the drinking. I'm wondering what it was they were putting in the booze in that one scene?
  2. Need a week to recover from seeing that. Amazing stuff. How in the name of fuck did it not get all the Oscars?
  3. Don't ever play persona. Ok then Really? Yes Let's go What,now? Yes Ok Ok Let's go then Yes. Yes, lets go ok lets go Are you sure Yes
  4. Or having a horrific car wreck, then the character continues "as I was saying"
  5. I never found them to be too long really. It's not like they're Kojima with 45 minutes of mind numbing bullshit. A lot of the dialog happens in cars on the way to missions.
  6. HURR The Irony, HURR more like the IRONMANY HURRR Does Iron man Iron his clothes? HURRR HUURRR
  7. It was, in fact it was an amazing story that made Arthur even more of a likable character than John from RDR, which I thought would be impossible. Although, according to this thread, they are shit writers apparently.
  8. Agreed. Very nice listen. Good to hear them discuss the news in a more serious way for a change without being interrupted by an attention seeking child every 4 seconds.
  9. Yeah, there is DLC but it's all over most of my pods of choice. To me it's complete death, I'm sure others enjoy hearing about it.
  10. Recently, 4 months ago. Ok
  11. There's an awful lot of Pokemon talk going around the podcasts these days. Am I the only one that does not give a fiddler's fuck about it? Jan is creeping into Ben - DOTA territory.
  12. Ben was just awful this week. It's so much better when he's not on the Bombcast. HURR WOW what if you didn't drink Jaeger but ate it instead HURR HURR Imagine? He went to criticize games for their humor. After that!
  13. I recall having this issue before and it was something to do with the refresh rate not being the same as my TV. Not sure though. Win10 AMDFX 4300 Radeon HD 7850 8 gig ram
  14. I'm having a problem with sound stuttering/game hanging. It stutters and hans for about two seconds before continuing on. I'm using the latest MAMEUI version, so any help would be appreciated. It was working fine before I did a windows refresh install.
  15. dave7g

    Megadrive Mini

    The only thing about the picodrive is that when you are quitting a game it kicks you into the retroarch menu and then you need to faff about before you can get back to the game select. Unless someone has a way to fix this?
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