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  1. So, you're saying someone's going to need a new bottle of 'secret sauce'?
  2. Could I have Star Drive please? Cheers.
  3. Five years of this thread and almost every time I check in, it seems like Neg's there, having learned absolutely nothing.
  4. Kingdom New Lands - Yes please. Had it on my wishlist for a while and it looks pretty interesting.
  5. New Humble bundle is up. Have a spare Legend of Grimrock 2 code available. Please pm me for the code. Grimrock code gone.
  6. NSFW: I remember that intro from Super Off Road https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG84cj4rago
  7. My Steam controller doesn't get masses of use, but there are occasions when it's proved useful. It's a little fiddly in comparison to a standard controller, but better than mouse and keyboard, for sofa based play. The Steam link, on the other hand, is awesome, but I'll use my PS4 pad wherever it's practical.
  8. Unfortunately for us, strangled golden geese produce lots of foie gras.
  9. I wasn't massively keen on Jim Sterling, at first exposure, but he's grown on me massively. It's certainly very easy to take the grandiose arrogance at face value. Even now, it can be jarring from time to time, but there's a theatricality to it and it often helps to get some of his points across. I don't always agree with him or his approach, but that applies to anyone. He's prepared to stick his neck out on topics, and while he spends plenty of time calling out terrible indie games, he devotes plenty of coverage to AAA issues such as excessive micro-transactions. He also digs into things, in ways which sometimes approach or meet actual journalism. If you're going to do that, a certain amount of bravado might seem like a good way to shape your public persona. Given he's being subjected to a spurious lawsuit and has received lots of abuse and harassment, a certain amount of bullishness probably seems like a wise choice.
  10. Is this the new "pulled the trigger"? It's going to get super annoying if it is.
  11. Kinda surprised how many people can reel off the model number of their TV.
  12. It's going to be interesting to see how this pans out. Will it end up with iterations every 12-18 months as Sony and Microsoft try to outdo each other and bolster their sales, through repeat purchases, from a presumably smallish subset of their audience? It'll also be worth seeing how games are performing on original versions, this time next year. I'm in no rush to buy another PS4, but I will certainly follow developments closely for now. The Scorpio's made me unlikely to buy an Xbox, in the meantime, though.
  13. Hoping this turns out so good that they are then able to do a prequel called 2020, which is full of charmingly clunky retro-futurism , releasing no earlier than 2021.
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