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  1. This week was basically split between those who had and those who didnt have him! I didnt have him Every week I've been tempted but then thought it won't last. It has lasted. I now have him! I also have Son
  2. I think Tisdale has spoken to Portsmouth a couple of times in the past. Will be interesting to see where he goes. Suspect plenty of L2 teams will still take a punt given his past promotions.
  3. Soft but definite pen. Silly from the defender. I was sat near the away end. Enjoyed the Argyle players start to come over at the end, cop a load of abuse from the Argyle fans still there, and quickly divert to the changing rooms.
  4. Yep, horrendous here. Going to get soaked walking down if this keeps up.
  5. Gunn came out with a surprisingly not too bad "0" as he got points for the number of saves he DID make! Bertrand was "-6". I signed Wan Bissaka this week. Was between him and Chilwell. Bum.
  6. Looking at the weather forecast, it's likely to be a scrappy mess. The Argyle lot will be glad of the covered away end!
  7. My favourite way to go these days! Love it.
  8. I'm not popping up to Scunthorpe! I am going to the derby, though!
  9. Jesus Christ. Just read the reports. What the hell is wrong with these people. Sounds like it was only a few, hopefully they can identify the clowns that were doing it.
  10. Well and truly humped by Cambridge today. Look forward to Max Rushden being happy on Football Weekly! Next Saturday - Devon Derby.
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