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  1. Nothing wrong with Frozen!!
  2. I did watch it with my daughter and she loved it. Hanzooooo wrong.
  3. Flanderization. One episode in. Enjoyed it.
  4. That's not how football works, though. The momentum was all with England at that point, the Germans were all over the place, and that "goal" would have made it 2-2. Anything could then have happened!! We might still have lost 4-2, of course!
  5. Oh dear me. After all that!
  6. El Pibe

    Glastonbury 2019

    Janelle Monae is bleedy brilliant
  7. The fucking band. Fuck off.
  8. I'm up for more GoT but not sure I'm bothered about more Night King.
  9. I could listen to Bob Mortimer talking for hours
  10. Worth listening to her on RHLSTP. She's bonkers and very funny!
  11. What awful news about Justin Edinburgh. RIP.
  12. I think we did well for you with the Tom Nichols fee a few years back!
  13. Very good shot stopper. Kicking is a bit average. He's also quite short. If he was taller I think he'd be playing at a higher level. Shame to see him go and esp. for nothing!
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