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  1. It's been great! I was worried they might ramp things up this season but they have maintained the low-key feel. So good. I think my highlight so far has been Kurtan finding out about the open garden and Kerry saying she knew he'd react that way.
  2. With all this going on, I cannot bloody wait to cuddle up with my girls and watch Frozen II.
  3. I think you'll be fine, sadly! Yep. I've been to 4 play-off finals and seen 1 win. Not a great ratio.
  4. We have been over performing and so a slump has felt inevitable. Hopefully, we'll pick up again as I can't face the playoffs again.
  5. Very tight for that 4th spot. I fancy Wolves to catch Chelsea and, possibly, Leicester if they don't get a win very soon. United also have a nice run coming up.
  6. No love for Turner's Goldeneye? I love it and the film and the game.
  7. Blimey. Time flies. That Ecclestone trailer feels like yesterday. I'd almost forgotten about Capaldi's Dr. The second season with Pearl was decent.
  8. Finished. Loved it overall. Season end stuff... Really hope there's a 3rd season.
  9. Blimey. Did not see that coming. Sarr on fire.
  10. 6 episodes in. So good. I think this season has been a step up from the 1st Mexico one.
  11. I think a lot of us have mixed feelings about it. There's a part of me that thinks it might have been a distraction from the promotion push, but it's also a cup final and we don't reach many of those! Either way, it was great to see such a young team, with so many changes from the league game, go toe-to-toe with Pompey. Bodes well for the future!
  12. At one point Exeter were winning in the cup and Argyle losing. Life was good
  13. Very late winner against macclesfield! So tight at the top.
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