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  1. Coventry it is, then. Gulp.
  2. Don't fancy either. Can we have Lincoln again??
  3. Great night! Two beautiful goals. Lincoln were dirty bastards. Great to beat them. Can't bear another play off final defeat, though!
  4. Got my playoff ticket for Exeter Lincoln. Got a baaaad feeling about this year. It's a tough game and then either Coventry or Notts County if we do get through. Gulp.
  5. Gutted to miss out on auto promotion, especially to Wycombe. Not hopeful about the play offs but fingers crossed!
  6. Carlos Valderrama

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    God I love this show. Upto episode 18 I think it is. Loved seeing...
  7. Carlos Valderrama

    Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    As above - this really picked up in season 3. I enjoyed it far more than I expected.
  8. Carlos Valderrama

    The Walking Dead!

    I think this season's events have happened in a very short timespan.
  9. Carlos Valderrama

    The Walking Dead!

    There was a discussion about whether it could be trusted and whether Gregory could be trusted.
  10. Carlos Valderrama

    The Walking Dead!

    Christ do they need to kill off Eugene. Tedious prick.
  11. Carlos Valderrama

    Football Thread 2017/18

    So sad about Butch Wilkins. I was a huge QPR fan growing up and he was a real hero of mine. The only time I gave ever had a player's name on my replica shirt.
  12. Carlos Valderrama

    The Walking Dead!

    Rick is the bad guy now, right? He's just a complete c*nt at this point.
  13. Will Ford make it to April 2019!?
  14. Carlos Valderrama

    The Walking Dead!

    what was Simon getting at about the dump?
  15. Adams out still, HJ?

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