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  1. Freeman

    NFL 2020!

    Certainly not denying that. Hill was doing well at QB but then they missed him elsewhere. Always thought they should have retained Bridgewater and phased Brees out back then..
  2. I have both, X and ps5. I’m more than happy with them both too. Loading times are a real plus, games look great in 4k (I skipped the One X and Ps4Pro) and the quality of backwards compatibility means I’ve had no reason to sink 50 quid into mediocre launch titles, though I bought Dirt 5 for a bit of that anyway Astro Bot and Tetris Effect Connected show the machines off in different but equally cool ways. Ps5 pad for me is amazing, Xbox feels a genuine step up from the One but with a nice air of familiarity too
  3. Not had any big updates on mine for PS4 games but I assume as it’s a PS4 game thing, it still applies but the copy is quicker. Pretty sure they changed it for ps5 games though so they don’t need to do that.
  4. Freeman

    NFL 2020!

    Brees hasn't been the same this season since he returned from injury this season. He's shown a shadow of his former self, but with some real clangers in there too. His ability to find a completion where there really shouldn't be one has been amazing in the past, with his pass speed and accuracy, but that has now lead to interceptions as his accuracy seems to be suffering. Taysom Hill did much better than I'd have expected when Brees was out but isn't a natural successor, it'll be interesting to see what they do next season assuming Brees doesn't come back. Hill was the missing factor
  5. Oh, there's an idea! I hadn't even realised they'd added other retailers...
  6. I'm not sure 'unpopular' is the word. I'd love to be proven wrong as in the way they present themselves, Perez is a likable chap and Max is an utter cock, but I don't see it...
  7. Which bit? The 10k points thing for achievements is on the app on Xbox. The cut and past above is from https://account.microsoft.com/rewards/ The games you can rinse for easy achievements are earlier in the thread / via various YouTube guides.
  8. I thought that was high too, I'm at 13k for this month though, and just under 5k into the 10k bonus achievement quest. There was the winter points thing for a couple of achievements, plus obviously the 10k thing. Generally, I just do the daily set, and claim any free points via the rewards app on Xbox if I turn it on, I don't do any of the things likely to cost money, rentals, preorders etc. I did get dragged into the last 10k thing and enjoyed it. I enjoy seeing how people have discovered obscure things that allow games or even just achievements to be got.
  9. I don't think so, they use the DR (and possibly SR) to create an even field just like in the daily races, basically leading to higher points scoring for higher rated drivers (as you get more points for beating those higher rated). Of course if there is only 5 scheduled times, I guess it's likely the matchmaking will stick some of us in the same race.
  10. During and after MNRC last night, a few of us were talking about perhaps trying the next season of the FIA Manufacturers races. I know, well, absolutely nothing about them, so have done some reading, and found this brief reddit post useful. From what I've read about the 2020 series, it's not quite as your best 4 scores (linky) Also from the above link, I can see the 2020 series kicked off on 18th March, so there's a couple of months before it all starts assuming it's the same. The whole calendar is also published there so we can see it altern
  11. Since retro is obviously taken, and in English terms, incorrectly used, what should we call current games that are made in an old style? Neo retro games?
  12. I *think* the diamond times are Lewis' actual times, while the golds are within a certain percentage or something.
  13. Damn my SR rating of C really stands out in those screen shots Good to see above people talking about race craft, I feel similar to what has been said. I don't think I'm that bad on Monday nights, and feel convinced it's the level of players in Daily races that lead me to become a C, after only 3 races on last weeks race C.... I'm unconfident on first laps, and tend to start of a little slowly, but come back after that, and hopefully race fair. In daily races this often means I'm behind someone I'm quicker than, but who defends well, where as, rolls reversed, the other player se
  14. That's the problem though isn't it. The ownership of the account actually isn't relevant from a GDPR perspective, it's the ownership of the data - or more accurately, the privacy of the data subject. The 3rd party (or indeed the hacker) have input their details to Sony's system. Sony's system shouldn't disclose that data to anyone but the person to whom it belongs. Their controls to limit that access are the log in credentials, except they circumvented these controls by allowing someone else to access the account. Twice. Once with the initial hack, and once with the return to gooner.
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