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  1. Freeman

    Microsoft Rewards

    So... you actually go into physical shops, and don't just buy everything online? It is very impressive (and a little scary) what Google can do with the data they gather. I probably could switch to Bing, the issue would be that I'd want to ensure I maximise my daily points. Needlessly searching for crap guarantees that, whilst using it as my main search engine, I'd be worried about it not logging me in and counting or something. I finished up 3 points shy of a £5 MS card today..
  2. Freeman

    Microsoft Rewards

    So... you're actually using Bing then? I refresh the points MS Rewards page, click through and immediately close the daily's, then click 'Points breakdown' and ''PC Search' (which seems to have disappeared as of today) Hammer all of the news options, then hit images, and search for something with 'clip art' in it, and spend a minute clicking the coloured suggestion search links until the reward points total stops going up. I recently downloaded Googles 'data we hold on you' all 8GB of it once extracted. Microsoft will know the games I play on my Xbox, and a ton of absolute random crap I've never wanted to search for. Health clip art. Anime clip art. Nintendo clip art. Politics clip art... For the 60 mobile search points, I type my searches out 1 word at a time and hit search in between 20 times. Takes a couple of minutes of my, erm, toilet break.. Yesterday I searched for "where is the cheapest place I can buy die hard 1 on blu ray online with free delivery" (18 separate searches 1 word at a time) "diehard" and the initial click through Actually, I ended up buying Die Hard from the result they came up with as it was cheapest - Google didn't give a result that cheap either, hmm..
  3. Freeman

    Date, cruise, marry

    There is obviously some confusion about video game, or video game personalities, and that's before we get to what they actually mean... So rather than ask and wait, I'll just post 3 games Date - Forza Motorsport (presumably I can chop it in for the latest model once I'm done...) Cruise - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (I want to be immersed for a set period of time, but once it's done, I'm happy to look back on the memories) Marry - Zelda (we can grown old gracefully together)
  4. ...but how do those make logical sense? Circle = 1 continuous line. Cross = 2 lines Triangle = 3 lines Square = 4 lines I can easily see Microsoft delivering the best console next time. Sony seem to have a habit of resting on their laurels and making mistake after mistake (or making clear decisions that prioritise them over the consumer) so I can see it happening. M$ need to get their exclusive games shit together though. Most Xbox exclusives are also on PC (which doesn't really equate to exclusive ) or involve shooting things. At this point, I'm only with Xbox for Forza..
  5. Sony do it backwards too (visually). The buttons have different numbers of lines on them, O has 1, X has 2, Triangle has 3 and Square has 4 which means the Playstation controller has 2 - 1 on the bottom and 4 - 3 on the top. Not a surprise since they basically ripped off the SNES bad from the start mind.
  6. Yeah, I negged it too, though in hindsight it probably should have been empathy as I genuinely feel sorry for those who have forgotten what it's like to have fun
  7. Can't be bothered trawling through 6 pages of abuse, so this has probably been said already... The Switch exists, plenty of folk love it, Nintendo are doing well off the back of it, and the gaming world would be a lot duller if it was left up to Microsoft and Sony - don't think there is much more to say.
  8. At this point I'm probably the only one who hasn't finished it, or is still playing it, or who didn't play it at the time but.... Yakuza 0 on ps4 (13 quid at Base.com and around £15 most places as it's a Greatest Hits game now). Playing this at the moment, and I love it. The 80s setting is amazing, the writing is spectacular, proper deep and dark story line, but at the same time, never taking itself too seriously. The amount of content with side quests and mini games is huge, and most pretty good fun. The localisation (to me, having never been to Japan, never mind 80s Japan) seems spot on. There is enough obscure Japanese stuff going on to keep it really interesting, but it's all understandable.
  9. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    The final task (as in 9/9) is always a non-event (as in, click to collect 3x some XP), or do you mean 8/9. I'm only on the raids on..
  10. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    There was a google doc with a list of friend codes somewhere.... Either way, added.
  11. That's all logical, and you're absolutely right. I'm fortunate enough that I don't have to worry about money (as in, I live within my means), or (to an extent of course) space. I go through clearout phases, and have sold a lot of collectors editions etc, where they have some value where I want something (new camera, laptop,m car parts, whatever) which gives me focus. Also, video games a boot sales in my local area have more or less disappeared, so the retro pile isn't growing too much. But... Sticking with the Amiibo as the example, I went through the storage boxes they are in and tried to split them into ones that I want to keep and ones to sell. Then I think about trying to package them up, the chances of selling as a bundle, hassle, and choosing between one or another, and I almost start to feel dizzy (maybe over whelmed is a better word). I know these are all excuses, and I know you are right - it's hard. Perhaps, past of it is related to me having aphantasia. Collecting experiences visually in my head is basically, not possible, who knows.
  12. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Oooohh. I missed that. Why am I struggling with 1500!? I don't buy anything other than boxes, when they have a decent amount of passes in them, and I already have 2615 coins from gyms (and 16 premium passes which should be ok for the next raid day). Up to 1750 now, and less concerned with clearing out my 'chus.
  13. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    They really need to expand Pokemon storage space already. I'm having to sort through my 75 Pikachus to make some space, and it's a PITA with male / female / hats . surf...
  14. Genuinely, I'm one of those collector/hoader types. It's like a disease. I'm not sure how to get away from it. I control it now by taking advantage of game prices only going one way. For example, Witcher 3 hit £25, and I wanted it (probably a year and a half ago). I skipped it at 20. I even skipped it last Xmas / January at 15 as the GOTY / complete edition was either out or announced. Then I held off when that hit 25, 20 etc. Eventually, Argos black Friday sale saw it at 13 quid or something. Bought. I *want* to play it. I will feel apprehensive about taking on such a large game and probably never start it. I also like to play retro games, so there is the "I might get to this in the future" element too. In my collection it sometimes that gets pretty bad. I got Shadow of the Colossus for ps4 last xmas, but haven't got to it. I owned the HD ps3 version, but ended up selling it as it kept some value. I also still have a sealed / unplayed ps2 version somewhere, but my ps2 games are shovelled away into the attic and easy to be ignored / forgotten about. Derailing the thread a little, but just to continue the '"I'm one of those collector/hoarder types" I honestly don't know how to let go of some things. I used to buy Nintendo stuff (before it was so common / available everywhere), merchandise. Mugs, pez dispensers, mario karts etc. and also nice looking, or cheap console cases. When I try to have a clear out, I hit a sort of mental wall where I struggle to focus and actually do it. The hassle - can't be bothered photographing, then advertising, the off-putting nature of idiots on eBay, having to go out of my way to package and post... Then the (virtually non existent) value - "it's worth more than £3.50 to me" Then the nostalgia "It is a good game though" I have boxes of diecast Ferrari model I collected as a kid. I have (real) car parts for cars I no longer own. I have hundreds of music CDs. I struggle to get rid of old clothes until they are pretty worn (I'm in a phase of trying to improve at that now - I'm on a last wear of slightly torn jeans and an old faded Threadless Donkey Kong t-shirt...) I now specifically avoid taking on new hobbies if they involve collecting (like Amiibos, I managed to only buy them when heavily reduced, and only have about 36 - all still sealed of course) Like I say - it's like a disease.
  15. I just buy stuff and add it to the pile of shame. My solution was to choose the Switch as my main console, and basically not but anything other thant 1st / 2nd party Nintendo titles at launch. There are usually better deals to be had then, and there is little point in waiting for a price reduction! I don't buy new release titles on ps4 or Bone (with the exception of Forza but that's so easy to drop in/out of, and only 1 a year...), and try to wait until a game is as close to £15 as possible before buying on these formats. The problem is, some of the finest games have hit that price point, and are now in my pile of shame (Black Friday sales didn't help this!) Are games too long...? For folk like us, perhaps, but if it's an experience you're enjoying, then you always want more. I put close to 120 hours into XC2 on Switch, and then another 30+ into the Torna DLC, and I'd still like to go back for more. I try to play 1 long story focused game, and 1 or 2 shorter drop in/out games at a time. I find it works best for me. Currently, I'm playing Yakuza 0, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and... ummm.... Golf Story. Ok, so that didn't quite work out, but Golf Story can be played in short sessions due to the fantastic sleep mode of the Switch, and quests are pretty short too. The age of those 3 titles perhaps indicates where I'm at in the release schedules (I think they are all early 2017 games?). I have unplayed Pokemon Let's Go waiting for me, but now also have a massive, massive pile of sealed games (mainly on ps4, and from 2017 - such was the quality of the releases)

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