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  1. Extra (expensive) controllers now up on Amazon uk too though the picture shows the Japanese colour scheme: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Turbo-Controller-Engine-Coregrafx-Electronic/dp/B07TFW2MYX/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=Pc+engine+mini&qid=1563596699&s=gateway&sr=8-9
  2. Extra (expensive) controllers now up on Amazon uk too though the picture shows the Japanese colour scheme: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Turbo-Controller-Engine-Coregrafx-Electronic/dp/B07TFW2MYX/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=Pc+engine+mini&qid=1563595585&s=gateway&sr=8-9
  3. They've already announced a special edition Switch Lite for Pokémon Sword & Shield.
  4. Cost saving? It may only cost them a tiny amount extra per unit but when they sell millions the costs still racks up fast and company's do think about this. I remember working on a game years ago and the publisher wouldn't put a credits page in the game's manual despite the cost per manual being negligible (especially compared to HDMI out hardware and a cable!) and that's the reason they gave.
  5. Saves are stored on the switch console not the cart. I hope they get some sort of cloud saving system on the go to get round this and multiple consoles.
  6. Apparently this has sold out on PS4 in Japan (physical). I had a look on base.com and Amazon uk and they have sold out too so it's either selling well or the first run was tiny!
  7. I've just bought the "free" season past too, I think you have found an exploit or they always planned to have the season pass free for 5 days as their way of implementing the offer but haven't publicised it to stop people doing exactly what you've done! I purchased the game at release due to the free season pass and would have waited a while too if I'd known this! I can't see the same pack on Xbox though, only on PS4?
  8. I've not used a Neo Geo CD but from what I've read I don't think it's quite that bad and I'm probably just highlighting something that's a bit of a first world problem. For reference I find the loading times of Street Fighter 5 (on a standard PS4) a bit too long too...maybe it's an Unreal Engine thing? On the plus side you do get an animated icon of a running rabbit with a sign rather than a juggling monkey while it's loading and an even better icon of a frog sheltering from rain under a leaf while the game saves!
  9. Patches have pretty much killed collecting of modern games for me, so many games now launch unfinished with a day one patch or are significantly improved post launch that the value to me of maybe being able to play a buggy unfinished version of that game in 20 years by buying physical has gone. I do buy PS4 games physically because I hadn't come to terms with this (a bit overdramatic) when I got the console but I've been a 100% digital on my Xbox One which I picked up last year. I buy switch games physically because I still don't think Nintendo's account system is good enough and their single player games hold their value well and don't seem to suffer as badly from a stream of updates. I only collect retro games now and plan to be 100% digital on PS5/Scarlett.
  10. I had a quick play of this last night. I went through the tutorial, then played through arcade/story mode on the default difficulty with both Haohmaru and Darli Dagger though I wasn't quite able to beat the boss with either. It seems to play fine from the brief time I spent with it though I'm not convinced it feels quite as 'snappy' as Samurai Shodown 2. Only being able to use the super powerful moves once per match is quite interesting too as I was finding myself saving then for the next round based on how well I was doing. I need to work on practicing the timing for disarming and "just defending" a bit better as I was screwing that up quite a bit. I like the presentation though wish it was 2D, the characters look fine but the backgrounds while stylistically nice look a bit dated/primitive and could look a lot better with a bit more geometry. It feels very Japanese and "importy" with no English audio and lots of Japanese characters on the screen but that's fitting for the game and the music's generally good. The loading times between matches do feel too long and I was disappointed that it didn't appear that all the characters had a unique background, fighting Earthquake in front of mount Fuji instead of an American desert felt a bit weird.
  11. Reviews are out now and seem to be around an 8/10. I was a bit worried it was going to be rubbish after listening to fairly scathing giant bomb first play last Friday (after my copy had already been dispatched). I'm hoping my copy is waiting for me when I get home tonight so I can try it myself!
  12. A Chinese accessory manufacturer: http://www.honsoncn.com/nintendo switch mini/
  13. Nintendolife think this is the most interesting image from the accessory manufacturer's website as they haven't seen the image before and the design of console's case is a little different than previous mockups.
  14. I think I was just unlucky, I got a refund as Argos were out of stock at the moment so it seems to be selling well.
  15. Sadly I returned my quest this afternoon. The audio issues were really starting to annoy me and I tried a factory reset which then seemed to give me more screen tearing than I was getting previously and some messed up graphics in Space Pirate Trainer that only went away after a hard reset. I assume there was something faulty about the unit I had so may buy another in the future once any known niggles are sorted.
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