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  1. I lent N64 versions of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Smash Bros to different people who I then lost contact with.
  2. None of this was going to be that interesting, the big guns will be first party, these are the games which would have been overlooked at E3. You can't expect them to look massively good as they are probably developed to be cross gen to maximise sales.
  3. I finished a second playthough of The Outer Worlds last Friday and started Skyrim for the 4th time yesterday.
  4. When you've finished you can then watch all the noclip making of documentaries on YouTube.
  5. RDR2 is a game where I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it, despite the reviews, I had decided to get it when it's cheaper and I had been considering buying it with a voucher I had for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. The only problem I now have is I was then going to get it on Series X so it runs better, hopefully it won't break my OG xbox one.
  6. Yes I think they are, but only saw them in a local Spar/garage shop so far.
  7. I tried some Flamin' hot Cheese Doritos today and found them way too hot to be enjoyable, hotter than the Walkers max flavours.
  8. These are all inspiring, I find it hard to come up with a more natural city all of mine tend to end up as grids.
  9. I only use turbines, you need to place them near where buildings pop up, then as the area grows they connect to each other Example : Turbine placed near B1. B2 has no power until you either place a turbine near it or buildings pop up between them T_B1___________B2 Also keep an eye on power usage, you need to generate more than needed as wind drops and generates less at certain times.
  10. In recent years this, for me, is the best and the only one I've watched again after playing the game.
  11. I had this problem a few weeks ago, I can't remember exactly what I did, I think I uninstalled them, reinstalled them then restarted my console. (fully powered off and cold restart maybe)
  12. Scart? It needs an rf switch so I can plug it into my video to record my speed runs.
  13. Motion control fine tuning, so in an FPS you use two sticks as normal to aim, but if your reticle is slightly off where you want it to be you can tilt the controller to add just a little more mcment in that direction.
  14. A-Team Knight Rider Airwolf Mcguyver Miami Vice
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