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  1. The trailer does say 'this Winter' rather than mentioning a year which makes me think it could be January /February when we see a release.
  2. Looks great hopefully it should be late next year, they will probably have already been working on it for a while and reusing the BOTW engine should make for faster dev time. Edit: in the trailer it sounds like some of the music is being played backwards, anyone tried reversing it?
  3. Scarlett for Holiday 2020 launching with Halo, you were never going to see gameplay it will be next E3 at the earliest.
  4. That's what I do through the Mixer app, also anyone planning to watch this through their Xbox, check you're all good to go as mine has done an update today.
  5. The thing is firstly I'm not interested in most of what's being shown, and secondly I don't really want to see a 30 minute presentation of a game I might buy. I'd rather see 5-10 minutes max, read a review and discover the rest myself. I do appreciate the effort you put into all the E3 threads though.
  6. E3 Bingo question: How many London busses will we see during the trailer?
  7. Should start a betting thread like last year, such as number of times this is said
  8. Looks good, first time in years I'm looking forward to a Modern Warfare game and if it turns out to be good, I'm growing a Captain Price 'tache!
  9. The last Harry Potter film should have ended in the way like the book does, it stuck to the book pretty well up until the last five minutes.
  10. I'm considering getting one, but it won't be at least until after next January due to a holiday, and also I want to see what PS5 and Xbox two offer, I'd prefer to have just one console that can do both VR and 'normal' games, but if it has exclusives I'll have to get one.
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