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  1. Yes, this, the one from the Living Daylights is also supposed to be back
  2. I think he's supposed to be in an electric car in this film, so I'm guessing it's their new electric supercar? (Not watched it yet though, will watch the trailer at home later)
  3. I've been playing Fable (HD edition) the past week and while I enjoy the setting, I can't believe I liked it back in the day. It is a real pain to play the frame rate is terrible (playing on an OG Xbox One though, maybe it's better on an S or X?)in the towns. It feels really dated as everywhere seems like just long corridors to get anywhere which then have to be loaded. I also kept accidentally locking onto and killing the wrong people, especially with magic, the controls are a pain, the last few hours I just charged through the game to get to the ending. I've just started Fable 2 and it's already much better in terms of looks and smoothness and you can pause cut scenes.
  4. Never played a flight sim, but I really want to use it to find my house and fly over Area 51 and North Korea.
  5. Red, Ruby, pokemon pinball, black. Will probably buy sword when it's cheaper on a digital sale.
  6. The Outer Wolds - You awake from cryosleep ready to take on the corporations of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire only to discover you are actually an alien stuck in a 22 minute time loop.
  7. A heads up, this starts tomorrow night BBC1, 8pm.
  8. Run fingers along keyboard, press enter. Click in search box, press delete to remove one letter, press enter. Repeat step 2 several times.
  9. I used to all the time, pretty much every week for two years back when I was at college as I finished at 12 on Fridays and it was only a 15 minute walk to the cinema. It was great as it was usually mostly empty and the few people that were also there, were there for the film.
  10. Morrisons bakery also does a vegan pasty which is nice.
  11. Tiny writing in subtitles, info menus and in game info boxes with no way of making it bigger.
  12. Richmond have started doing a meat free sausage, I had some today and thought they were nice and pretty close to a meat sausage. Found in the supermarket fridge next to the meat ones.
  13. I saw it yesterday and agree with most of the sentiment in this thread, part of me likes it, part of me finds there isn't much to it and part of me just likes looking at space on massive screen. Enjoyable but not as good as other more recent space films such as Gravity, The Martian or Interstellar.
  14. What about something like Rare Replay, is that classed as emulation and not allowed?
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