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  1. This actually looks rather promising. Finally a new FPS that isn't Space Shooter, WW2 or Modern Warfare.
  2. Some times it's hard to escape the hype train. Personally I've gotten better at it but I still find myself in situations where a new release within a genre I usually don't enjoy is released to massive hype which, in return, spawns a megathread on this forum and I bite only to find out that the game really isn't for me. This is not the games' fault, however, it's all me. I do try to not speak of the game in a negative manner though.
  3. Maybe you should take a break from the vanilla game and do the Druid DLC next, as far as I remember there was a power lvl 55 requirement for that. Things are a bit more focused and direct in the DLC and might give you a boost to the commitment scale. There are some really cool weapons to find in Ireland as well.
  4. I actually do understand your view on this and I'm equally baffled almost every day when reading comments, feedback or critique of games, movies, music or books that I love. The thing is, different games are designed to cater for different audiences. I'm usually most fond of big games set in an open world which lets you both enjoy a main story, several shorter stories through side quests and exploration at your own leisure. Examples of such games include BotW, Skyrim, Elden Ring and The Witcher 3. Those games are my jam, but in every discussion thread for each respective game there are several posters who admits these games are not for them, they are too slow, they lack direction (for them), they are padded out or lacks something. Such comments baffle me personally as these games give me exactly what I'm afer in a video game but this simply means that these games are not for them, they usually find joy in games that I don't play a lot.
  5. This is a pretty good article on a lot of the wrong doings by Tecent. Ironically it's followed up by a similar writeup for Ubisoft https://www.looper.com/258562/the-shady-side-of-tencent/
  6. Source - Eurogamer I really hope this doesn't go through.
  7. I reckon that's a wise decision. Even though it's a brand new story, a completely different setting and a unique level-up system it's still Assassins Creed. Valhalla is also a lot bigger than Odyssey so taking a break from the franchise when you're done with Odyssey is most likely the best thing you can do to avoid burnout.
  8. Say what you will about Ubi but they certainly can make pretty games. Your attached screenshot is a great example of how far some developers were able to stretch the capabilities of the last gen platforms, the PS4 in particular. I remember when I started on Valhalla I was a bit let down by the visuals as I felt there was little to no upgrade over Odyssey Atlantis but it turned out Valhalla is actually a couple of steps ahead of Odyssey, especially when it comes to lighting and shadows, volumetric effects and particle effects. With the last DLC for Valhalla they made the game even more impressive and it might be my favourite looking current gen game from a technical POV.
  9. Ah, sorry for the mixup. I've never seen the Series X on sale but the S has been reduced quite a few times. According to PriceSpy it has retailed for as little as £169 https://pricespy.co.uk/games-consoles/game-consoles/microsoft-xbox-series-s-512gb-2020--p5513058
  10. Trying to follow the logic of review bombers is a bit like following the logic of pro-brexiteers. Kinda. Maybe.
  11. Your best bet, as a few people already have mentioned in this thread, is to check with Amazon daily and strike when they have a random sale. From what I've heard a lot of people have saved 10-20% on the SSDs from Amazon over the summer.
  12. Phantasy Star 4. Loved it and played it loads but suddenly the cartridge wouldn't work at all. Never bothered to emulate it.
  13. I've been planning to get back into Destiny 2. Used to play it on PS4 and PC. I initially bought it on release for PS4 and continued playing it on PC when it was made F2P. Now it would suit me best to play it on Xbox but I'm a bit confused about the game. Is it still F2P? Whenever I view an expansion on the MS Store it says I need to purchase another version of the game for it to work. Does it mean the base free game? Is there a bundle that'll give me everything released so far?
  14. I've been going through a few turkeys from the 80s over the last couple of months and I've concluded that I actually love Howard the Duck. I don't care if it's regarded a shit movie, it's entertaining from the opening credits to the very last second.
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