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  1. Rayn

    B@sea was right then lol mobile gaming

    As a PC gamer at heart, I much prefer playing Darkest Dungeon on my 12 inch iPad. The UI is perfect for touch controls.
  2. Rayn

    Official Metroid Prime 2 Thread

    Hi I have nothing of value to add to this thread at the moment but I just wanted to say that I appreciate these retro threads being resurrected
  3. Borderlands 1 always felt a bit cheap, overall, but once you get past the opening few hours it opens up and will actually serve you a lot of fun and challenging missions. Some of the DLCs are great as well,especially the Claptrap one. I much preferred Borderlands 2, though, the higher budget shows in every aspect of the game and it felt like a more coherent adventure. The 2.5 low gravity game never clicked with me, though
  4. Rayn

    B@sea was right then lol mobile gaming

    Burning Inferno Darkest Dungeon XCOM: Enemy Within Alto's Odyssey The Room: Old Sins Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Florence VVVVVV World of Goo Sonic CD The Executive Papers, Please Crashlands Antihero
  5. Rayn

    B@sea was right then lol mobile gaming

    While mostly true, I consider some games to play noticably better on a touch device. Recently I’ve been enjoying Burning Inferno and Darkest Dungeon and I’m convinced I’ll never enjoy them as much on any console. The latter was a nightmare with a joypad imo.
  6. Rayn

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Is the Arkhan Asylum remaster still a bit shit, then? I’d love to play it again but I’d prefer to play it on PS4, but if the X360 version is playable on the Xbox One I might do that instead?
  7. I think the majority of my purchases stem from the christmas sale in 2010, that was just after I’d landed a hefty bonus and my impulse control was lacking due to celebrating with mr Jack Daniels. I think I bought almost every title on sale that holiday
  8. My personal hype level is off the charts. Only a few more years now!
  9. Rayn

    PlayStation 5

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2017-is-ryzen-the-game-changer-for-next-gen-console-in-theory And more on point: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-in-theory-can-a-potential-ps5-deliver-a-generational-leap
  10. Rayn

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Yeah, Blossom Tales should be a must have for old school Zelda fans.
  11. Rayn

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    I'm starting to believe that you actually might be James May irl.
  12. Rayn

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    While we didn't get any big surprises during this years E3, we still got new info on quite a few upcoming games. Highlights for me, in no particular order: TLoU2 RE2 REmake Death Stranding (I'm a sucker for the atmosphere on show, and I don't mind the mystery/secrecy as to what it actually is at all) Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Yep, I'm getting it day one) Kingdom Hearts 3 Ghost of Tsushima Cyberpunk 2077 (my most anticipated game for ages) Fallout 76 (Hey, I even use a Fallout themed avatar) Hitman 2 Sekiro Forza Horizon 4 Mario Party Switch Octopatch Traveler Tetris Effect Dying Light 2 Metro Exodus Hollow Knight That's 17 games I'm very interested in, and these doesn't include some of the games we know are coming but for reasons didn't get featured in any of the keynotes, like RDR2, FF7Remake, new Pokemon RPG etc. On top of that, there are games that has the potential to be really good, but I haven't spent too much time researching them yet, like Rage 2, Spider-Man, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Gears of War 5 and so on. In total, E3 as an event was rather underwhelming but I'm still quite optimistic about the future of current gen video games, there are plenty of promising titles for me to look forward to and I doubt I'll be able to catch up on every game I want to play for the foreseeable future.

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