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  1. @Lyrical Donut Can you please get off your phone so I can travel home plz, been stuck on your island for 15 minutes now
  2. Sorry, didn’t see this. I was open for all friends and assumed most people in this thread has added eachother.
  3. Cant find you New code? Never mind, found you but couldnt join. Did you go afk with a dialogue open?
  4. Cosmos are on my island in the hills. Feel free to dig up what you like.
  5. I’m good for flowers. The only thing I’m after are blue and black ones. Seeds are fine too.
  6. I’m just out shopping, will be home in about 10-15 minutes and will send the money promptly!
  7. Could you order one for me. I’ll pay the asking price plus interest!
  8. It was a pleasure and thanks for the generous project donation as well as the massive gift. The tall flowers I believe are hyacinths and they grow natively in my hills.
  9. Gates are open. Bring money, Mabel is here!
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