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  1. The Earth sea trilogy (back when it was one) was one of my first fantasy reads. Sparrowhawk's journeys still stay with me till this day.
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Just finished this plus the expansions after around 200 hours. Some of the best writing and characters I have ever had the pleasure of in an RPG.
  3. Skins on E4

    It seems to have been really toned down this series. They all seem quite normal compared to the OTT kids in previous runs. I feel like i am watching Skins PG 13.
  4. Then and now

    Surely the roguelike games were the inspiration for
  5. Doctor Who

    You are, part played by Alex Price aka Gilbert in Being Human.
  6. Skins on E4

    Just an awful last episode. Black fella suddenly becomes ace track athlete and gets a scholarship to Harvard. Pandora, who never seemed the brightest lass in the world pulls a 180 and also gets into Harvard on merit. Blonde gay lass suddenly admits she was gay from age 12 and was just in denial the whole time after all that reluctance in the earlier episodes. Cook does a Skywalker and starts hearing his dead mate chatting to him. Crazy doctor fella keeps dead bloke's clothing in plastic bags in his house complete with bloodstains, and still has the murder weapon kicking around too. Not too bright really. None of the other characters seemed to get any closure on their stories. Maybe when they recast for the next two series they will hire a new writing team too.
  7. (one Of) The Best Fight Scenes Ever?

    Kiss Of the Dragon. Police Dojo lots of hot stick action

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