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  1. Is it just the JP or US 20/60GB consoles that have hardware BC for PS2 built in? Any way to use a UK plug with them?
  2. acidbearboy

    The Techno Thread

    Identified this track for somebody on the Discogs forums, who then mentioned that they couldn't find it anywhere online, so I uploaded it to spread the love. aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
  3. acidbearboy

    Best New Music of 2018

  4. I had a PAL PS3 with BC once, but it didn't run some games perfectly (Burnout 2 was one title I remember having graphical issues). If an old Japanese PS3 has proper hardware BC rather than emulation, does it just run JP games or is it region free? I love the idea of having one Sony console to play all PlayStation generations on. Can you rip your PS3 games to the hard drive for a complete disc free solution? Or can you keep yourself signed in and play digital downloads I've already purchased? I don't play online. Could probably live without the shop too!
  5. acidbearboy

    Tangerine Dream

    Definitely work your way through the All Hail The Synth thread. There are loads of great recommendations posted, from all eras.
  6. acidbearboy

    All hail the synth!

    I've been enjoying this 2017 EP from Droid Bishop recently. End of Aquarius and Sagan's Quest are the highlights. Beautifully melodic, Lindstrom-esque Synth-Wave. https://droidbishop.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-aquarius (Also, that latest Carpenter Brut LP is great, you fools!)
  7. acidbearboy

    The electronica thread

    Not new releases, but a couple of good LPs I've been enjoying recently. Leif - Taraxacum http://leifsounds.bandcamp.com/album/taraxacum DJ Python - Dulce Compania http://djpythonnyc.bandcamp.com/album/dulce-compa-ia Linkwood - Expressions https://firecrackerrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/firec013lp-linkwood-expressions
  8. acidbearboy

    Name that tune "make my body work"

    It's none of the above I'm afraid. I will update if I find it!
  9. acidbearboy

    We ♥ Phantasy Star Online

    Are you still playing Cottem? How's it going. I have been trying out some quests (sporadically). Wrath of Forest was fun. Loads of enemies in every room of the Forest. I also have tried to Pioneer Spirit, which is in the crater of episode IV. You get two A.I. allies but the quest ends if you die. Pop up seems even worse on episode IV. Shame they couldn't improve draw distance on the pc versions.
  10. acidbearboy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Were they cheap? Never seen a physical copy of A Shadow's Tale - always thought it looked interesting.
  11. acidbearboy

    All hail the synth!

    I have 3 gique sets, but not that one. gique - recorded at cafe la siesta chip tune cafe , kyoto august 21 08 Brian Flanagan NYE MIX @ Cafe La Siesta, Kyoto JP eurotrash198x - A mixture of 80's Electro, Italo-Disco and Synth-Pop.
  12. acidbearboy

    Name that tune "make my body work"

    Definitely not that, no. It's more house-y. Like a low slung funk loop.
  13. acidbearboy

    Name that tune "make my body work"

    It's a repetitive house/electroclash track with a slightly robotic vocal "make my body work, make my body work" followed by a different phrase, which I can't remember, and will probably be the title!
  14. acidbearboy

    The electronica thread

    Next time start a new thread. Great albums deserve more than a mention in one of the mega-threads! And this is a great album. His 1980 album "E=MC2" is even better, I reckon.
  15. acidbearboy

    New Mr. Fingers LP "Cerebral Hemispheres"

    Larry Heard dropped a new album last week under his Mr. Fingers alias. I listened to it today and first impressions are good. Jazzy deep house grooves and balearic vibes for the most part, with a few tripped out acid house tracks for good measure. Highlights are Full Moon, Crying Over You & Electron (plus the 4 tracks from his 2016 EP, which are included perhaps unnecessarily).

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