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  1. Wahwah*

    Xbox under the Xmas Tree: recommendations for kids

    Haha, this is probably the truth. @LaveDisco if you want to easily look at the gamepass stuff, download the app and hit the family friendly button and it'll list what they've got.
  2. Wahwah*

    Xbox under the Xmas Tree: recommendations for kids

    Pvz is great. I believe that's on EA access, which is about £20 a year, if the OP thinks they'd like sports games, that's a good option too. Pvz has microtransactions for cosmetics.
  3. Wahwah*

    Xbox under the Xmas Tree: recommendations for kids

    You can get a year's gamepass for about £50, I think. Gold is required for online gaming only. Failing that, the majority of a really long list of kid friendly games on PS4 must be multiplatform, so there's those.
  4. Wahwah*

    Xbox under the Xmas Tree: recommendations for kids

    Xbox exclusives haven't really ever been aimed at 7-10 year olds, have they? Super Lucky's Tale is the only one I can think of that's definitely aimed at kids. It's not all that. Sea of Thieves? They're both on Gamepass, but that will open the door to Zombies and Gore too. A year's sub to that would be an amazing gift though, imo. You'd be giving them something like 200 games. There must be a number of kid friendly games there. There's a phone app so their parents can manage the downloads and installs of included games too.
  5. Is there any info on X Vs Pro? Last time I played pubg on X it was after playing COD's version of battle royale and by comparison it seemed very janky.
  6. Wahwah*

    Battlefield V

    It would explain the desperate pricing.
  7. Wahwah*

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Ashen is available on gamepass (and for purchase) right now.
  8. Wahwah*

    Xbox One Console Thread

    #PleaseDontBeShit I mean, with zero marketing despite having been supported by Microsoft since forever, I assume it will be. Bah.
  9. I play mine on the train quite regularly. Hardly ever think of playing it at home though. It only comes out of my bag if I think it needs charging or I don't want to carry it around. It surprises me that anyone thinks the joycons are good. They are shit.
  10. Wahwah*

    Halo Infinite

    A bit of concept art from Reddit. Nothing to get excited about but it's still nice.
  11. Wahwah*

    Smashing Pumpkins

    By what metric has it bombed? Versus the sales of previous albums or versus sales of other albums releasing in 2018?

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