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  1. Isn't it just the case that the new game looks a bit like the one? So similar that people wondered if it was made by the people behind The Last Night?
  2. Quick Resume is Never, ever that quick for me. Is it for other people? I wonder if it's my TV, whenever I change games, the screen goes black for a second or two then a message from the tv says "the instant game response is launched"or something similar. Does anyone else with the ubiquitous LG oled (and game mode enabled) care to compare? I wonder if it's because I'm playing bigger games, Resident Evil Village will have more to dump from the save state, I would assume, than whatever is in that video, right?
  3. Conclusion: Every Series S machine is connected to a 120hz display. Bit of an own goal by MS.
  4. If the game runs exactly the same in terms of everything but framerate with FPS boost on or off then it's on by default. Some games lower the resolution, giving you the choice of framerate or resolution. There may be other things that get adjusted but that is my understanding.
  5. Yep, it'll just take longer. Iirc, it needs to be a USB3 connection.
  6. I don't know if it is. I don't think it's at all likely (though I could be wrong) that you could expect to get something like this for less than £150. I'm not sure what else is out there for £150, but it seems like a decent product to me.
  7. I think this looks pretty good to be honest. As @Robo_1says, they've got a vision for what they are, where they fit and what they do. The guy even says that they view themselves as complementary, not as competition to other systems. It'll be easy to point and laugh at this for not being Series X or even a Switch, but I think if people get the chance to try one, I think they'll like it and there are some really nice features that they've incorporated. I think the emailed certificate for being no.1 would be something that a lot of people would get a kick out
  8. I want to see someone complete Dark Souls with that controller.
  9. Why are xbox topics always like this? The same comments for 20 years.
  10. Oof, they don't seem to care about all that money they're leaving on the table after all. Edit: beaten by @layten
  11. Thanks for sharing this, I've put an order in. I've also been charged immediately (amex).
  12. I think this is a good point, those games could presumably have stood on their own two feet, but Gears and Minecraft branding means those games will appeal to existing fans of those franchises, but may alienate others. I'm not sure how many Gears fans want to play a turn based strategy, either.
  13. I presume that though insomniac own the ip, Microsoft being publisher of the game would mean that the game couldn't be released elsewhere without Microsoft's agreement. Have I got that wrong?
  14. I think I'm out. Mainly because of Geoff, but that description makes me think ill be waiting for the stuff I'm interested in to he shown either side of a load of stuff I wouldn't go out of my way to watch. Aside from Geoff Keighley, does anyone care if a basketball player shows up? Or an actor or if they show a car? I like Weezer, but them appearing doesn't make this better for me. I get why they do it, but I think I'll wait for the game videos to be snipped out and watch them tomorrow.
  15. Yeah, I'd like to see this get a resolution and framerate boost. I assume that since Sony now own Insomniac that that's not going to happen.
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