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  1. Still playing the Switch version of this and I love it once more. One of the few FFs I only completed once despite enjoying it so much. The story is a bit bare-bones, but at the same time the delivery of it is miles beyond any other FF. This type of writing mixed with VI's story would have been perfect. As it is, XII is a sort of reverse Star Wars: Balthier - Han, Fran - Chewy, Vaan - Luke, etc. It works, but it's not amazing either. Combat/gambits I love for the same 'if you don't need to do anything, you're doing it right' reason described above. Part of the joy comes from decimating bosses/enemies with superb sequences. I can kind of see how this evolved into XIII's Paradigm system (which I also liked), but it's about as hands-off as you can go as opposed to Octopath, and pre-X FFs. (I really dislike X btw, both for story and combat system.) Having access to the new License Boards is also a godsend. If there is a real issue with XII, it's that it doesn't have enough enemies and environments. Recycling of enemies with different palets begins almost immediately after starting the game and the way dungeons work and areas are designed, means everything feels very samey, which combined with the combat style, can make for a very dull experience indeed. But god, do I have a mancrush for Balthier.
  2. Really like the Hiking Simulator aspect, but I do feel like everything else is getting in the way. The story, the stealth, it constantly makes me think, “just imagine Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture or Proteus with just this little bit more gameplay”. I guess it just comes with the Kojima-territory. During the third hour I was getting angry MGS2 flashbacks, so thank god I could simply walk it off. Also, invest in two rubber bands for L2 and R2, because why would you ever let go of them?
  3. I’d rather have him take a sabbatical decade and let Retro or the like deal with a sequel.
  4. That's just awful news. My condolences and may he rest in peace.
  5. Cyhwuhx

    Disco Elysium

    Coming next year. Console at least.
  6. Pic for context: Anyway, I'm having way too much fun with Thaumaturgy to work around his STR. Incidental thunder in the distance when I casually mention my goddess, glowing eyes whenever someone pisses me off, that kind of stuff. It's backfired a few times, but so far it's added more to my character than a "gain temporary HP" skill ever would. I'm also useless in carrying equipment, apart from what you see here there's not much else. After the first level up I instantly added Ceremony to my default spell list. Gonna bury some bodies proper! Anyone else got some PCs they absolutely love?
  7. Guess we're in the era that people who want to RP but aren't that good at it, confuse good RP with "more & better powers". Playing a Cleric of the Grave with one arm and STR 3 currently and it's glorious. Introducing Flaws and other personality traits is something far better than just adding more powers. If I want a 2d6 cantrip, I'll check Reddit instead.
  8. Like Ranger's Tireless, but Smiting Clerics feels a bit wrong.
  9. Played the patched Switch version over the weekend a bit and it's much better. Resolution is cleaned up and framerate is way more stable. It's now clearly "below PS4" instead of a "surprising downgrade" in my opinion. No crashes, but then again, that only happened once in the PS4 version for me.
  10. Well.... There's some light at the end of the tunnel:
  11. IIRC the Game Boy version used a static texture instead of a pitch black hole to indicate there was something below. But I think squeezing in the dark/light world's combined size might have been - literally - their biggest problem.
  12. In imagery: ... Yeah, I don't know either.
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