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  1. *laughs screeches in Bloodborne*
  2. It's a mobile game so I'm imagining a certain level of gacha in there. Maybe you can get multiple Aerithi and merge them to create a higher ranking Aerith, then drop her in random chapters to get 'alternative stories'.
  3. Same model as Nintendo then.
  4. Too bad Remnant is still 30fps. It's the main reason I didn't pick it up in any of the sales.
  5. Let's hope someone over at Japan Studio at some point managed to send their BLOODBORNE folder over to Bluepoint.
  6. This already happened. True, DQXI initially launched on PS4, but still DQXI S is just that.
  7. Lots of those creatives actually left in the last couple of months, clearly knowing what was going on.
  8. Well, this does mean the experimental side of Sony is all but dead. Sony might not be Microsoft, but this move seems to suggest they do want to meet them on the battlefield on Microsoft's terms, and for some reason they feel obliged to level the playing field ahead of time by chopping one of their own legs off. So much for expecting a Sony IP renaissance... Now where's that Switch again...
  9. She always was. I'm having more issues with how her name is pronounced.
  10. You may not want to turn towards a PlayStation-centric presentation for information on that.
  11. I would’ve been delighted with Remake were it not for the
  12. Hmm, that sounds like Hitman with extra steps.
  13. So Ever Crisis is the game/remake everybody actually wanted. “But...”
  14. I still have no idea what Deathloop is supposed to be. Is it a roguelite? Because there’s a worrying trend of games being roguelites while somehow panicking at the idea of calling themselves that.
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