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  1. Are those C64 clips above on original hardware? The frame rate seems insanely high! I never played a C64 back in the day, but I know scrolling shooters were usually best on that format.
  2. Awww, it's making me remember my first experience fondly. Try the London Heist if you haven't already. The bit in the car is so much fun, leaning out of the door and shooting backwards especially. Oh, and smoking the cigar.
  3. On the left of the station as you fly in, near the Suit customiser.
  4. Awesome screens, awesome new ship @robdood Regarding the pods, you get one of those at every Space Station you visit. So once you start system hopping you may find it less hassle than searching for and repairing Drop Pods on planet surfaces. BTW, the underwater biomes were massively overhauled in the Abyss update, so yes - they are better than you remember. It's one of many areas of the game that I really want to get into, if I ever get a single second of my life spare! https://www.nomanssky.com/abyss-update/
  5. Obviously this is all deeply fake, and the "Villain Edit" will be playing its part, but my God I detest Marco in this. Grasping, greedy, pumped up, Toxic cunt.
  6. "Have you washed your sheets Brian?" "Yes" "And your penis?"
  7. Oh, I don't. But it did make me think maybe I should listen to some of them. My 6 btw were: Both Vampire Weekends Both St Vincents Arctic Monkeys Interpol
  8. I have heard 6 albums out of that list. I'm so out of touch.
  9. I used to bulk prep food years ago, in foil containers, but it would just be a handful of extra portions of shepherd's pie or whatever I was cooking anyway. This thread is not only inspirational in reminding me how convenient it is to have food ready to re-heat, it's also a great collection of recipes in their own right - so thank you!
  10. I've bought a load of Prep Boxes and then next weekend I'm going to finally do what I've been meaning to and cook a load of these amazing meals @Gotters
  11. Loving it! It's not that much of a departure really - Mary on a Cross sounds like a 60's spin on Dance Macabre - but it's catchy as hell and I love the intrumentation, the keyboards etc.
  12. I'm never going to get the time to half the stuff that people are now doing in the game, but this one really cements just how far the game has come:
  13. Yeah, that was in the last update, but I never came across a system like that. There are systems with deserted Space Stations too.
  14. Not my work, but the Smokestak Pastrami at Meatopia yesterday was unreal:
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