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  1. Think you can only scan them on the second or third run though(of that week)
  2. I read that as 'Mordor looked good for the 10 mins he was on' and thought, hang on, DirkCrisis is a seagull. Why is he talking about Allardyce? Was listening to the match updates on 5 live and someone gave Mark Chapman a stat that was in the last 3 games, Brighton have had something like 90+ shots at goal and scored 1 or something. Crazy.
  3. If you do some tweaks, you should get it wheat over 60FPS. *ahem* I'm running a 3070FE too but I can't say I've got an FPS counter going. It's smooth 90% of the time but turning quickly or going into an area you've done a lot of remodelling work in ( apparently lots of digging, raising and levelling of the floor really impacts the FPS) and you can see the FPS drop sharply. I'm not overly worried. It's early beta and they know there are some performance issues. Pretty confident they'll have them sorted. I have read that using Vulkan increases FPS
  4. What about jumping puzzles Mikey?
  5. I can't find a post of mine in this thread (I'll be honest, I'm too lazy to go looking) but I gave a very brief summery of the comic storyline that this is semi cribbed from. Basically
  6. Have you watched the mid credits scene?
  7. They did it Going to be a lot to resolve next week with only 12 mins of show time and 38 of credits.
  8. I think Vulkan is an API that traditionally plays better with AMD cards so if you have one of those, you may see performance increases. If you're on Nvidia I'd carry on as normal.
  9. Nope. The beautiful blue bastards are roaming around any and every game. You've just been lucky in not seeing one.
  10. Fuck the swamp, seriously Sie and I went there yesterday. On the way we happened across the ruins of an old settlement. This wasn't a couple of shacks in the middle of nowhere, this had a town hall, 5 or 6 dwellings and some animal pens. All a bit dilapidated but nothing a bit of TLC wouldn't fix. And lots of buzzing noises too so beehives to claim and get the queens from and this was right on the edge of the swamp so perfect base material and a quick respawn point for the inevitable swamp deaths. Except the buzzing wasn't bees, it was flies and the settlement wasn't abandon
  11. I think it's supposed to be the noise the deer make? The worst is the sound of the boar. Chilling in the crafting hall* after having fed the boar and you'll get an ear piercing, blood curdling scream from them as a new piggy enters the world. You even get a massive splash of claret too. Horrific. *shed doesn't sound anywhere near as grand.
  12. At the risk of spoiling you, I almost feel obligated to stop any discoveries you may want that arise from working on a high roof with low health and without adequate guard railing to stop you while staring at the heavens just trying to get that last timber to snap into place. The only bonus is, is that it is possibly the shortest corpse run you'll have in the game.
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