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  1. Ahhh, the plaza I found the best bet is to peg it to one of the side rooms and try and deal with stuff coming through the door. Easily done as a Techno as you just put down the toxic turret with the freeze mod and it stops everything. Pyro isn't too bad either. I think I ended up using multiple thermal bombs which helped clear the area and the flame walls to CC the mobs with burn; even better if you have the mod to make it ash instead of burn as ash basically freezes mobs in place for a good few seconds, especially if you're specced for it. Not done it with a Devastator yet (
  2. I'm hoping that Ikora dies in one of the upcoming storylines and then all Warlocks have to kill themselves to, I dunno, make the Traveller shine a bit brighter or something (and I say this as a Warlock main). Bungie clearly hates 'locks and I'd much rather a quick death than the death by a thousand cuts like we have now. Worst jump, worst (and slowest) melee, shit exotics (that get nerfed if one somehow turns great) and easily teh recipient of the most brutal and swift nerfs of any of the classes. Breaks my heart and I'll sooner quit the game than main a tramp hunter o
  3. I loved Long Way Round but I quit Long Way Down after a couple of episodes as it was boring and lost all the formula that made LWR so unique. Long Way Up was a return to form and I adored it with my only criticism being the last few episodes were massively rushed as we saw very little of the countries from Latin America all the way to Mexico (that is understandable for the latter tho!). It also really made me want to visit La Paz for some reason (maybe to see whether I'd keel over dead from altitude sickness or not). I hope they release an extended Blu-Ray or something as I bet the
  4. Man we've had some corking sending off's this year. Soucek for tickling Mitrovic's nose and now Balbuena for kicking the ball. Who needs the corrupt ESL when the Prem has more than its fair share of eyebrow raising decisions.
  5. You can repeat the hunts/wanted/historian ad infinitum and get a lege off each full completion (all 10) if you reset them everytime. You can get legendary drops in the wild (I saw one today) and then there are expeditions which can reward them. I think there are 3 quests that reward guaranteed ones if you haven't done them too. If you have my luck you'll get nothing but snipers and Cannonball helmets all the time
  6. They didn't. You can still a Legendary every time you complete and reset all 10 hunts, they just removed the exploit that gave you a Legendary after every single hunt was turned in.
  7. Solo as been fine since Sunday. I've been playing a lot of co-op* and again, overall has been very good. The occasional drop but nothing seriously detrimental. One thing I forgot to mention in regard to the crafting and one that gets slept on I think, is you can change the variant of your guns as well as mod. That means if you have a pesky DRM and want it to go full auto (and why wouldn't you, the DMR's are HORRIBLE in this) then all it takes is a bit of iron. It can be the difference between scrapping an amazing gun or using it for ages. Also, Technomancer is brilliant
  8. After you do the First City quests (the ones are the demo levels) you'll have access to the Dr, who *ahem* deals with all the crafting stuff. Once you dismantle any blue or higher item the mod that was on it goes into an invisible pot as it were and you can use it any amount of times on the requisite gear (armour on armour, weapon on weapon). It's a really good crafting system as you're not carrying anything, you can do it as much as you like and it costs peanuts to do. Once you start building up a variety of mods you can really customise your gear to fit exactly how you play. @pin
  9. Mods. You'll get cooldown mods (usually around 20% increase combined with your skill tree will see some big increases) and mods that increase the count of uses (having two mags of twisted rounds is amazing, especially on a LMG with 150 rounds with good perks ) or hitting more mobs with Venakor's Knife or adding damage to it or hitting any mob you port behind for big numbers first. Obviously you need to play it more but that is no different to any game; nothing gives you everything at the start.
  10. Try not to play it like GoW. Cover is only useful if you're either a Technomancer, the enemy or taking a pasting and need a breather. You need to be ultra aggressive, especially as a Trickster or Devastator as your healing only happens (unless your have an external perk for it) from close range murderising. The opening section is pretty rubbish and the game doesn't really start opening up until you start getting regular blue and then purple drops, around the 3rd zone. It's the mods on these that really breath life into the game as you can tailor your playstyle and there is no reas
  11. Nice woo Trickster is definitely the most 'rushy' class but Devastator is good too as you need to be up in their face to et healed like Trickster. Is that Golem's Arm (I think that's the name?) I see? Lovely perk that goes with your playstyle very well!
  12. Root canal was more enjoyable than that second half.
  13. Apologies, but I hope it continues! *edit* Ogbonna can't come back soon enough. Diop has no presence of mind and makes so many brain farts every game.
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