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  1. Had my first run at Biome 2 boss and got them down to 50% of Phase 3. On my first run I was doing shit without even thinking and had I not completely lost sight of the fucker at one point during Phase 2 where I took a few hits I’m pretty sure I would have triumphed. I have to clarify that I have spent HOURS in Biome 2 so was well tuned into what the boss had for me, even though some of it was still “get yourself to fuck” material. It getting harder to explain what this game is. The feeling it generates both when playing and then when not playing but thinking about it. I’m pretty s
  2. Returnal: The Flaaaaaaaamethrooooooower!!! I'm sorry but its all I could picture when reading that. If you dont get it... the fuck is wrong with you?!
  3. So much discussion missed in this over the last few days. Combination of work and simply playing the game. Still in Biome 2 and no matter how many times I die I just keep going instantly back in. No consideration if I should turn off possibly never to return, no overeactions as to why I did, just 'right, this time, lets go!'. Its truly a masterful play on the death cycle mechanic. Also, I seen something mentioned really early on by someone (apologies for not remembering who) about how initially the Hollowseeker feels almost useless, but after a few permanent upgrades its fucking in
  4. All these reserved, casual impressions are misleading. This. Is. Fucking. Brilliant!! Like TCW, the way it handles and what it adds to Order 66 is just amazing. Really strong start and can’t wait for the next episode.
  5. Playing Returnal over the weekend has inspired me to watch Edge of Tomorrow again on this glorious Bank Holiday. What an absolutely fantastic film that really is. I know it received fair praise on release and regularly since but its just so tight and wonderfully edited to build all the right things up. Plus Cruise is at his finest alongside Blunt. Its basically Returnal the movie with the final set piece that run where you finish the final boss on your final and only cycle Cant wait to get back into Biome 2 tonight! EDIT - I assume anyone that is playing Returnal has seen Edge of
  6. My wife’s commentary on him was, that’s the “Do sex?!” guy from This is 40 and of course that he is the son of arguably her favourite Hollywood couple. Russel and his story is actually one of the best threads in the whole show for me, even though it was handled with almost zero grace or nuance... like every other ‘message’ really. It’s a mediocre entry in the greatest shared universe of movies and shows there has ever been. It didn’t disappoint me but it certainly didn’t break any new ground either, which I figure is the minimum they aimed for before shit starts going
  7. Well fuck @Curtis that really is a fantastic tip. Had I not just dealt with Phrike I would absolutely have been using that earlier. The amount of areas I pushed into because I knew I didn’t have enough health to face him so was chasing that top up 2 cycles tonight. One a 50 minute power up session like a Rocky training montage before getting Phrike down to 50% of phase 3. Raging. The next lasted 12 minutes and ended with me dealing with him fairly comfortably. I’ve not celebrated like that taking out a boss since I put my pad into port 2 against Psycho Mantis. This fucking game!!
  8. MadriganX Scout Log: Cycle 17. I’ve explored what feels like every area this Biome has to offer. The random nature of each cycle’s pathway is both infuriating and magical. The boss is a monumental bastard, but you can do it. The only variable is how much of this fucking Biome you need to re-explore to get yourself to the self-assessed strength that will deal with him. So get up, mode forward, move backward, run away, spin, jump, shoot, SHOOT, dash, Alt, SHOOOOOT and for fuck sake do not freeze! Ive never accepted how ‘progress’ is meant to be measured in Souls games. There has alwa
  9. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! Thought they were death bringers. Fucking tutorial suggests you need to get away from them aswell with the dash.
  10. My son is 4 in June. If he sees this he is going to take the pad off me and most likely rattle the first boss in 1 cycle. He isnt allowed to play it, not because its too scary or graphic, but because I'm afraid he will very quickly be better than me at it @Eighthours On the actual content for kids to see, its fairly tame in terms of gore and clarity of violence, but some of the enemies are the stuff of fucking nightmares when you see them move, especially up close.
  11. I'm in the exact same pattern, but its not detracting from my enjoyment whatsoever. I cant decide if the shifting map on each cycle is good or a bad thing. I'm finding new areas on every cycle, making it clear Biome 1 is huge, but sometimes I still want that set path to the boss I'm the problem though, not the game. Its utterly glorious and so enjoyable to play that re-starting a cycle never feels too painful. Of course I reserve the right to withdraw that statement in a few days when lengthy run backs to boss areas is making me want to smash the TV!
  12. Its only a matter of time before Energy Supplier's investment in Housemarque hits the headlines. GOTY contender promotes using more electricity to 'retain progress' after financial backing from <INSERT YOUR ENERGY SUPPLIER HERE>
  13. There are multiple ways they could cater for some kind of very reserved save mode. Even if it was to purely mimic the checkpoint approach they seem to be suggesting with Rest Mode. I completely agree that actually promoting the use of Rest Mode IN the game as a way to retain progress is a fucking horrendous decision. That does feel like something that is going to get a lot of heat and subsequently get patched. Everything else though, absolute GOTY contender!
  14. That’s me just turned off from my 30 minute toe dip fucking hell!! I have no idea what a Biome is but I definitely feel like I’ve made progress. I’ve died 3 times in almost 3 hours of play. The controls and haptic feedback are incredible. This adaptive alt-fire may need to do one but I’m persevering with it for now because they clearly made it that way for a reason. If this is the kind of thing that we can look forward to from developers like Housemarque when they are given the keys to the kingdom then the future is bright. I have no doubt I’m going to hit painful di
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