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  1. MardiganX

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Just back from seeing this. Fuck me! What an absolutely beautiful film! How good the entire film looks is easily lost in amongst all the incredible action but so many stunning individual shots and of course the set pieces. If 4 is simply 90 minutes of Keanu Reeves emptying and reloading a shotgun then I will be there day one. Oh and dog combos. More dog combos!
  2. MardiganX

    This is the end... Good and bad TV endings

    Had come in here to make sure someone had mentioned this and if not to do it myself. It wasn’t just the final episodes but the finale of every individual season was perfect and exactly what was needed each time. The final few episodes though are some of the greatest TV I have and will probably ever see. Incredible that it makes what in history was essentially a monumental triumph for the villains feel like a truly glorious and uplifting moment. Rewatch required again soon!!
  3. MardiganX

    Willow - The TV Series

    Willow sits alongside The Goonies for me as one of those films that even now at the age of 37 I could watch on a loop and never get bored. Val Kilmers Madmartigan was and still is an absolute legendary character. As a child I thought his name was Mardigan and everyone just thought he was off his nut so called him Mad aswell. Hence my first and only gamertag all those years ago was created, as I had just finished watching Willow (again) and it jumped right out at at me. His full name was too long but the mistaken name I gave him as a kid, yeah that was perfect So the film can do no wrong in my eyes but a TV show based no doubt loosely on that legendary world and characters, I have no idea how that would work. ”Mumbo, Jumbo, I am hungry... go get me some eggs or something!” ”We are NOT afraid of you!” ”NOW!!” ”AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!”
  4. If Tony’s injuries could have been reversed and separated from the snap then that would mean Thanos would have no need to bring back Vision when he reversed the mind stone exploding. Why would he bring him back if he didn’t have to? Wanda doesn’t move back in time because Thanos reverses what happened within a very specific location (let’s think of it as a small bubble) that surrounds the mind stone and Vision, which Wanda is not within as she got blown back from the mind stone explosion. The apple being restored doesn’t prove that the events within the target location can be separated so not sure why that is referenced. It seems pretty clear to me that in the scenario of reversing a specific event in a specific location / area that everything that happens within that location / area is basically rewound, not just certain aspects of what has just happened being undone. Its easy to over complicate these things if you really want to and you also choose to ignore what the movie seems to set out quite clearly. There is no good snap without Tony dying. Outside of the gauntlet that Thanos has on his right hand the only person that could have wielded all of the stones together is Tony using his suit. They weren’t getting the new gauntlet back off Thanos for someone else to wear at that point so the only option, which Strange had foreseen, was Tony doing what he did. So it could only be Tony that could have done that final snap and in doing so sacrifice himself. It’s beautiful, powerful and a perfect ending to what has been an epic story not just for him but the entire MCU up to this point.
  5. Yeah, but it’s ALL the results, etc within a specific event or location isn’t it? In IW Thanos reverses the mind stone being destroyed and as a result it restores vision. To save Tony the time stone would have to reverse the event that caused his injuries and in doing that the good snap would also be reversed. I think
  6. Vision was brought back by Thanos because he rewound him exploding. Saving Tony would have meant rewinding his snap so his sacrifice was essential for the 1 win scenario to work. There is no way to separate Tony’s snap and what it does to him so the time stone couldn’t have saved him.
  7. Second viewing last night. Even better than the first viewing and appreciating so much more! The cleverest moment though and it's actually quite subtle, when Thanos arrives in 2019 and Nebula tells him "They never suspected a thing" and Thanos replies "The arrogant never do". He literally tells us the reason he gets beat. His own arrogance. I re-watched AoU not long before Endgame so the party scene was fresh in my mind as Cap summoned Mjolnir. Unlike everyone else Cap hardly tries to lift it and as it shakes ever so slightly he stops and starts laughing. From that party scene there isn't really any other time where Cap has the opportunity or more importantly a reason to summon Mjolnir until the final Thanos battle so for me Thor has suspected since AoU that Cap is worthy and THAT moment in Endgame is Cap actually realising it, rather than choosing not to do it earlier. The internal thoughts of Cap between the AoU party scene and summoning Mjolnir in Endgame are irrelevant though... it is one of, if not the greatest character moments in the entire MCU and I cant ever see it being beaten!
  8. MardiganX

    The Last Kingdom

    Blood and Sand is season 1. Then Gods of the Arena, season 2 is a prequel. Season 3 Vengeance then picks up pretty much immediately from the end of season 1 but also very cleverly brings together characters and plot threads from the prequel stuff. Then season 4 War of the Damned follows Vengeance and concludes it. The prequel season was originally made as a buffer before season 2 as the main actor who played Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, was battling cancer at the time. Sadly, Andy Whitfield passed away and Liam McIntyre took over the role from season 2. At the time it was quite jarring mainly because Andy Whitfield was absolutely incredible as Spartacus and him passing was devastating at the time but McIntyre grows really went into the role and the other main characters are every bit as good. Where TV shows these days quite often drags things out a bit long or fail to maintain quality Spartacus is just 4 seasons of fucking awesome.
  9. MardiganX

    The Last Kingdom

    YES!! Spartacus next and GoT can wait. Make sure you do it in Season order and not chronological order though
  10. End of Gremlins... Gizmo getting taken away. I was a shambles!
  11. 2nd viewing lined up for Tuesday and can’t stop thinking about it. Going back through movies like GotG, Civil War, even as far back as Iron Man 1 just carries so much more weight now. Its easy to forget how the majority of Marvel characters were largely unknown or just under appreciated before Iron Man changed the world. Hulk was probably my favourite of the main Avengers pre-MCU and while that title rests with Cap now, there will always be a special place in my heart for Banners “That’s my secret Cap... I’m always angry” moment. After Tuesday I am going to very carefully take my time going back through the full MCU in order no doubt alongside further viewings of Endgame because it hasn’t only brought an incredible conclusion (for some at least) to an epic universe, it has also added so much to the movies that came before it.
  12. 2023 IW ends and Endgame starts in 2018 so we are in 2023 in the MCU.
  13. There are no multiple timelines. They are all erased when Cap puts the stones back. If Thanos went back to 2014 after his experiences of Endgame and set about getting the power stones the way he does leading up to IW that would be completely incompetent, just as @And has articulated above.
  14. Thanos isn't removed from 2014 from the perspective of the MCU. The Thanos that dies at the end of Endgame is from a disrupted, new timeline created when Rhodey and Nebula go back for the power stone so him and his army getting killed by Tony doesn't affect previous events from IW, etc. The stones going back erases EVERY possible new timeline that is potentially created during Endgame, except the timeline that the escaped Loki is now in.
  15. The Gold / Yellow line that the Ancient one shows is essentially the MCU so yes it is how we as the viewer of the movies and the characters in the movies experience time. The dark line that she shows when she removes the time stone from her diagram is just one of the new timelines that is created. When she puts it back the dark line disappears. It's actually very simple and it feels like you are deliberately over complicating things when the movie literally shows how those timelines are impacted when Cap replaces the stones.

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