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  1. Do they care? When the dust settles on the World Cup mode and everyone returns to normal UT they will have no coins left and so will be encouraged to spend money rather than grind to get into a decent position again. As sinacle as it sounds I honestly believe that was EAs key objective when they structured the WC mode and it’s coin sucking player acquisition process. Strip us all of our coins stashes while we celebrate getting lots of icons that are worth ZERO! The fact the Portugal Nation SBC has still not been opened is further evidence of this as everyone that doesn’t have CR7 right now is chasing Portugal players from packs so they are ready for it. As soon as it is released and almost everyone gets CR7 EA have very little left to encourage players to spend coins or points. I would love to see the stats on player drops from specific nations and if they have changed following the release of the Nation SBCs. It reminds of the movie Gladiator where the wee Senate guy tells his mate that Commodus “knows what Rome is... He will strip people of their freedom and still they will cheer”, something like that. Commodus is EA, I must be the wee Senate Guy and FIFA players are the mob of Rome. Unfortunately, in this version Maximus doesn’t give a fuck.
  2. MardiganX

    Football Manager 2018 - Lower League Forumite stories abound

    The Squad Dynamics is the biggest difference and it adds a nice visual layer to the player chemistry type stuff that was previously all hidden and largely irrelevant. My current game is with Liverpool and it has been a pleasure seeing Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andrew Robertson and Joe Gomez progress to become hugely important players both on and off the field.
  3. Every team is almost identical with Icons being given out like bronze contract cards! I have Blanc, Deco, Okocha, Maradona and Hernandez but would much rather there were no icons at all and everyone had to build using the current WC players. The icon SBC in World Cup mode is just another method of EA to get everyone blowing their coin stashes. Same as the not releasing the Portugal and Argentina Nation SBCs. Let everyone chase specific players by dumping coins on packs but hold on the Ronaldo, Messi and no doubt Neymar SBCs because after that nobody will need to bring in any new players. The actual game mode is broken and boring as a result.
  4. MardiganX

    The random discussion thread

    Is there a way we could do a World Cup Football Manager tournament @Pants McSkill? Suppose it would be difficult without a transfer market and only a few players but would be great to have that alongside the real World Cup!
  5. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I’ve just started reading Nemsis Games (Book 5) but have yet to start Season 3. Knowing I have that waiting for me with Season 4 and beyond in the pipeline while I crack on with the books is just fucking brilliant! Like I know there is good in the world and no matter what happens in life it will all work out ok because The Expanse exists and has a bright future. It’s that important for me and is probably the most I have ever been invested in a story and characters across any medium. One of my first comments when I started watching The Expanse and before I read any of the books was it being like Game of Thrones in space, but between where the books have taken me and how shit seems to be cranked up to 11 in S3 I expect that comparison to be a disservice to the show going forward. Order 10 more seasons, write 5 more books, just don’t let this glorious world ever end Beratnas!!!!
  6. MardiganX

    The Expanse

    Today is a great day! I finished Cibola Burn on Friday night and immediately ordered books 5 and 6 for collection on Saturday. 2 working hours and they will be ready they said. Lies. I was lied to! Saturday morning and book 5 is nowhere to be found and it apparently has now been ordered for delivery during the week. I put that disappointment behind me and spent most of Saturday staring at the cover to book 6. Inside raging!! Came home from working in London tonight and Nemsis Games is waiting for me. World Cup starts today, the next 2 books ready to go so yes, today is a great day add to that the particular characters that are now chapter perspectives in Nemsis Games and I actually cheered after quickly flicking through to check them! Buzzing!!
  7. Yeah, it’s going to end up absolutely mental, with almost every team averaging a rating over 90. I doke another Icon and got Hernández so have been very lucky. Also got Suarez in an upgrade pack so I have lots of options.
  8. It’s completely fucked! It is easily fixed by limiting WC teams to 3 icons or something like that so you still need to build from the normal squads but right now it’s a mess!
  9. Playing a team with 9 icons in it. NINE. Well done EA. Would love to know how much they made from folk chasing WC packs so they could continually repeat the icon SBC. Fuck the experience of playing the actual game, let’s just cripple it before the World Cup has even started.
  10. See at first you think this repeat Icon SBC is great... and then you play a series of games and realise it has completely ruined the entire World Cup mode. I have Blanc, Maradona and Deco. I have absolutely no right to have any of them. Every team I have played today has at least 5 icons and pretty much all the same ones. Almost every player in the actual World Cup squads is now redundant. Absolute nonsense!!
  11. As optimistic as this trailer makes me, I'm also a little sad and angry. Four and a half films (there are small sections of 1 and possibly 2 where Optimus Prime and / or the classic dialogue is fantastic) of unrelenting carnage with Bay at the helm and now we get a perspective that actually seems somewhat based on the classic originals. How the fuck did it take 5 films to get here or has the really promising look and style of Bumblebee happened by mistake rather than woefully late design? That trailer got me. Really looking forward to this now! For that incredible G1 looking Starscream model if nothing else!!
  12. Cheers man. I already had a CF -> ST so picked up a CAM -> CF one earlier for 700k nice!
  13. Yeah, the free packs are gash. I have opened 23 and best I got was a TOTW goalkeeper that I have never heard of. Everything else mostly non rare. In WC mode though I got Neymar, Dybala, Otamendi, Goretzka, Kyle Walker, Morata and Hulk so not a bad haul but impossible to get the best players on the same time with the Chem links being so limited. My best front line would be Neymar, Dybala and Willian but then I have to go European midfield as I have De Bryune and Goretzka. Dilemma! Quick question... can you change a CAM to a Striker by going through CF position first?
  14. MardiganX

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    So Paris. My team is Paris. Cheers @Jamin

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