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  1. 3 episodes in and loving it. Noticed some negativity about it being relatively slow, especially compared to the last couple of seasons, which I can understand. However... what people seem to be missing (and I get this won’t be apparent without book knowledge) is that the seeds being sewn for what is to come are pretty well played out. Makes me think Season 5 and beyond, god willing it doesn’t get hooked again, is going to be something truly special. Anyway, it’s fucking brilliant. Amos is the star. The tension with with him and Murtry is done beautifully and I can’t wait to see how the off Ilus threads play out given what is to come. Please never stop making this show. ”How about now?....... I’m free right now?!”
  2. Just started Season 4... ”No, I mean what was she wearing?!” Fuck me, I have missed the crew!!!
  3. Not sure it has been mentioned yet but That and a few other things aside I loved it. As others have said it is almost crippled by its desire to reset certain things from TLJ but has some truly incredible scenes and character moments.
  4. Has there ever been a more ‘pause the episode to celebrate what just happened moment’ in a TV show?!
  5. That music from about 1:27 might be the most a trailer has ever really got to me. For all the mixed views on TFA and TLJ that looks absolutely incredible. Of course it may turn out to be nonsense but I have hope. That's where it all started after all isn't it... hope
  6. They need to create a new type of vote button to allow this trailer to be accurately represented!
  7. On the final file and if it wasn’t for the ridiculous replay value this has I would be very sad about finishing it. I understand the investigations and stealth bits can be a little tiresome compared to the frantic, absolutely incredible combat main course but I often find them a nice change of pace. Focussing on the combat, this is as good as anything Platinum have ever done. Absolutely gorgeous visually and the depth to the system is bonkers. So happy
  8. Half way through episode 5 and this is just absolutely spell binding! I have never described anything using that phrase but it feels so appropriate here. To bring this world to life the way they have and create such attachment and investment in characters like this is unbelievable. Not just a incredible feat of animation but story telling too
  9. Am I right in thinking you can activate a second Legion after you use the unchain ability of another one? On File 7 and I have no idea how many times I am going replay this game but I am not sure I will ever see or understand everything the system has to offer!
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