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  1. Half way through episode 5 and this is just absolutely spell binding! I have never described anything using that phrase but it feels so appropriate here. To bring this world to life the way they have and create such attachment and investment in characters like this is unbelievable. Not just a incredible feat of animation but story telling too
  2. Am I right in thinking you can activate a second Legion after you use the unchain ability of another one? On File 7 and I have no idea how many times I am going replay this game but I am not sure I will ever see or understand everything the system has to offer!
  3. Watched the movie and first episode of the show last night. While the movie was useful context and really clever at points it didn’t really generate a lot of excitement, however... the first episode of the TV show was fantastic and actually made me appreciate the movie more and what it did for it’s time. Can’t wait to get into a few more tonight!
  4. Confession. The Dark Crystal was one that passed me by growing up. Labyrinth, Willow, Krull, everything else that should warm my heart is there but I just never got into the Dark Crystal movie even though there was so many times where I thought ‘I need to watch that!’. Is the level of love this is getting because of it extending and renewing that childhood amazement or is it because it’s just simply a fantastic TV show in its own right? I have gap in my viewing right now but worry while I might enjoy it I won’t love it... and I will be annoyed with myself if it misses the mark because I was too busy pretending to be Matmardigan (Yes, a youthful misunderstanding about the characters name is where my online tag comes from, haha) when I should have been watching The Dark Crystal movie.
  5. I’m struggling to understand how anyone could find the combat system in Astral Chain basic. Being frustrating early on I get because there is so much going on and it’s not easy to pull off what the combat system has to offer without a bit of practise but it is far from basic. If players treat the system like a standard hack and slash then it will most likely disappoint as it has a totally different angle to it with the Legion control and interaction. But criticising the game because it tries something new and it’s not instantly obvious or accessible to pull things off I feel is unfair. For context, prior to about half way through File 2 I was genuinely worried about the combat and did up to that point feel like it was greatly exaggerated how good it was, but from that point on it’s been incredible. Platinum never do anything by accident when it comes to their systems and the plot within the first hour or so mirrors perfectly your perception of how Legions can be used. But from about midway through File 2 onward it’s ground breaking stuff for me!
  6. Vanquish is a genius level take on the third person shooter formula. It’s melee combat is incredibly crisp and powerful but also minimal. It is an incredible game! Astral Chain is the culmination of every great piece of work Platinum have ever done. It blends platforming and puzzles seemlessly with the combat in a way that makes even Zelda seem slightly flat. But the most important point is that the combat and gameplay system is on another level from anything I think we have ever seen before. So it’s a different beast from Vanquish and makes direct comparisons difficult but anyone who has even the slightest interest in Platinums work or the action game genre absolutely NEEDS to play it!
  7. How much are people using the sword slice during combat? I used it on a big enemy pretty much by accident and it gave me 2 targets on its arms to slice. I missed them of course but it’s a crazy technique to build into the combat given the pace things are moving.
  8. Sorry, I’m confusing things with my press B bullshit but it’s press A as prompted and then sometimes you get a sync flash where you can increase the gain from the execution.
  9. World is on the bring of dimensional invasion. Death, disappearances and general social breakdown imminent. ME: Need to get this football kicked back to the boys down the road! Its my GOTY. Its potentially one of the greatest games I have ever played and even though I have hardly scratched the surface, I just know this is something special. Like everything Platinum have ever done has been building toward this. Finished of File 3 this morning (during my flight Glasgow - London which I ALWAYS sleep during but not today, not ever again!) and I was actually laughing at some of the new things that open up because its just so fucking good. The main thing I am focussed on right now is identifying the patterns for the sync attacks. There seems to be loads of opportunity for syncing or even recovering after getting hit but a lot of practice required to make best use of them. Also, the FINISH THEM windows seem to be really small at the moment with my Legion usually ripping the enemy apart before I get the chance to hit the B button but again, with practice it will be like playing a beautiful instrument!
  10. Also very like the areas you face The Vex in Destiny.
  11. @SpagMasterSwift not sure if your question has been answered but yes there is lots of customisation options that open up for both you and the Legions. Big session sorted for tonight. Want to absolutely nail the Baton training even though the final training mode isn’t mandatory. It provides a nice mix of enemies for practising when to change and when not to change baton mode so want to work on that alongside the sync attacks. There are some really nice counter / recovery attacks that you can use after getting hit but I am miles away from being able to recognise the pattern or timing of them.
  12. @Strafe I have just finished tarting myself up to look like a young Dante. The Legatus station is another great touch. Hours of tweaking and customisation available and even ‘maintenance’ don’t expect that aspect to open up but it’s a weirdly satisfying little touch in between missions. As a comparison on the RPG elements there is a lot of similarities with Fire Emblem Three Houses Monastery setting but AC’s Police Station feels a lot tighter and alive. Sure there is still lots of optional NPC chatting but the way side quests are handled is a lot smoother and of course it has a few really enjoyable aspects like the training room. Difficult to find fault with any aspect of it right now.
  13. Ok, so done the first proper full mission and it’s clear this system is operating on another level from anything there has ever been. Where I initially thought it was simply about focusing on distance, tactics, etc. (spot on with the V comparison @Curtis) things have now been completely flipped and it seems AC can just be whatever the fuck if wants. Not only is the mission a fantastic piece of plot / gameplay twisting, it’s set the scene for what could be one of if not THE best game Platinum has ever produced. Talking about the change up too much will give stuff away so will leave it for now but AC already feels like something very VERY special. GOTY and just close the betting!
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