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  1. I completely agree, having Abby or even Ellie capable of doing more stuff would be great.. provided it was balanced to the overall theme of the gameplay, which is survival. A lot of what you describe for Abby would risk losing the tension and the feeling of fighting to survive and instead make it a full on action game with Special Forces Abby cutting through any cunt she meets without ever really being worried about what would happen if you step out to early or miss a single shot from your crossbow. So I take the point around depth and volume of animations, particularly in relation to context sensitivity (the ledge throwing for example) but what they have achieved is no doubt the limit of what they could do while maintaining that very cinematic feel that is absolutely vital to the entire experience. And @Stanley I was the same with the silenced SMG. I would have liked for it to fire single shots a bit easier as no matter how gentle I was on the trigger it seemed to spit out at least 2 rounds every time a fantastic weapon. I am looking forward to using it on NG+ but concerned there isn't going to actually be any ammunition for it until Santabarbara?
  2. @Uncle Nasty did you play about much with Abby's momentum skill? That provides a completely different dynamic to the combat that you do not have with Ellie and expands on the CQC point you touch on. Also, Abby being able to improve her abilities to grab and move with hostages is another aspect you don't have with Ellie. I approached all situations very differently as Abby due to both of those things.
  3. You're probably now really getting to what the game is really getting at and while everything you said does ring true there is a different angle to it all at the core. I don't want to say anymore until you get through everything but be good to chat once you're done and reflect on your perspective now and at the very end.
  4. So much want to say where exactly are you in terms of the Day 3 context above?
  5. Never has a game made me feel so warm and safe by letting me load more bullets into a gun. Knowing that having that extra round in the chamber could be the difference between the last enemies head exploding and you having to take it to the street is one the games most basic and most satisfying features.
  6. That general area has been developed a lot in recent years but at times was reminiscent of some of the settings in the game Escaping into Bellahouston Park for some respite!
  7. That DF comparison video is great. Recommend folk watch that as its only 10 minutes or so but gives a brilliant summary of the things that even with all the ambition in the world NG simply could not achieve. While the actual game doesn't flow through those specific sections quite as smooth the animation in the combat really isn't far off. For example, on my first play through the store section with the Brute, that big cunt tossed me over a counter top AND through a window, which was all context sensitive and not scripted as none of that happend the second time I fought and murdered him. So it would be very harsh to criticise NG for what they have achieved given how close the final product actually is to that 2018 video. Oh and did anyone else watching it get uncomfortable with the fact the player didn't use listening mode even ONCE?! I guess that emphasises the scripted nature of a lot of the video but remembering that section, I was twitchy as fuck and pretty sure I didnt emerge from listening mode until I was well out that first woods section I no longer take my dog walking in the nearby woods for fear I will end up gutting some prick who whistles for their dog to return.
  8. Also, when Dog the Human Hunter refers to making it to Abby he is referring to the fact that he thinks she is infected from the second bite
  9. Justified? Absolutely not. Completely understandable, relatable and for most people the only option. Fuck yes! Joel failed to protect Sarah. He had to hold her in his arms as she slipped away and could do nothing about it. The Lord gave him a second chance (love that and will never tire of using it) at that moment and he done the only thing he possibly could. That is again why that line and that scene on the porch is for me the most important across both games, even eclipsing the incredible final moments of the first game. Joel has already lived through what would happen if he had let Ellie die. He would sooner watch the world continue to burn than let it happen again. To quote the great philosopher Tommy Miller... "I cant say i'd've done different"
  10. That's a very callous way of looking at it but can't disagree. Joel is ultimately punished for what he did and while that final punishment was probably more than he ever expected or deserved, its the exact thoughts you describe that are vital to the Wolves story. On multiple occasions several of them say they regret not killing Ellie and Tommy and so unlike Joel if somehow the Lord gave them a second chance at that moment they would have done exactly what Joel probably expected them to do. Joel had no regrets and deep down probably took every moment he had with Ellie as a gift not giving a single fuck about anything outside of her. Yes, his final image and thoughts would have been horrific, which in spite of his love for Ellie he probably deserved but its the lack of regrets Joel has compared to the multiple regrets the Wolves have that makes what happens to them so important for both Ellie and Abby stories.
  11. Its taking a lot of will power to hold off watching the scene again until I hit it on my second play through but I want it to ruin me again like it did over the weekend. Even when he tells Ellie that Dina would be lucky to have her. The way he says it, with the conviction of someone that believes those words in his soul. I'm not trying to lay heavy on the emotional haymakers that are there for everyone to see, but questioning Joel's actions and boiling them down to him simply being selfish? Sorry but nope
  12. That fucking scene. Its so simple, so subtle but the power it has and what it means. Fuck!! Up until that point we believe Joel died with his relationship with Ellie completely broken and as a result he would be to, but it reveals that in his final moments he was once again given all he ever wanted... for her to be in his life.
  13. Tommy tells Joel he doesn't know he would do any different. Abby's Dad (Cant remember his name) doesn't answer Firefly gaffer (Cant remember her name) when she asks if he would sacrifice Abby and its clear from the fantastic facial animation that when Abby tells him that she would want him to do it he is like 'gies peace, no chance that's happening'. Yes Joel is ultimately selfish and the porch scene reinforces it but could you honestly say you would do any different? That is the question both games asks you as the player through Joel's story and as I said when I completed my re-play a few weeks ago... I would have shot Tommy in the face if he tried to stop me in the hospital!
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