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  1. MardiganX

    The random discussion thread

    Cheers man. Will keep an eye out for it dropping again. Single player is just incredible and not just for the superb, slick gameplay but the relationship that it builds between you and BT. It may actually use “Trust me” better than its inspiration, Terminator 2. Pure genius!
  2. MardiganX

    The random discussion thread

    How much is it on PS+ anyone? Im going to pick it up again as it isn’t only the best FPS campaign of this generation... it’s the best MP too!
  3. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    Ashford absolutely HAD to be introduced as a new character and it was done so well. The casting of Strathairn, his chemistry with Drummer, the changes from the book. It was all perfect. The casting of Gorman seems to be another great decision and while he isn’t one I would have naturally thought of for the character, when I consider it now I’m like ‘Fuuuuck YES!’.
  4. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    I've had incredible luck in some packs. I got Europa Live Kondogbia and an IF VVD from packs so have done really well. But my 'moaning' isn't so much about what I personally receive but the system as a whole, which is a complete fucking disgrace!
  5. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    You say that like I should give a fuck about what anyone else got, especially the top 100s!
  6. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    Yeah, he will be useful if I fancy doing a high rated team SBC.
  7. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    I had one uncapped pick from my Silver 1 and got Dzeko... so yeah above the cap but probably would have preferred a lower rated player. They really should be forced to make the percentages of these reward handouts transparent. So we can see that 0.000000067% of players with an uncapped pick get a Pogba and 60% get a Dzeko pick. Just no accountability while they do whatever they want to maximise income from it.
  8. MardiganX

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    See I was probably in the same place when I first watched it. Didn't really get hooked from the off and had a break of a few weeks in between those first few episodes and basically where I am now... which is half way through Book 7, salivating at the thought of Season 4, a particular character is my absolute hero and I love The Expanse as much as any TV show I ever watched. Even Spartacus! What it maybe suffers from early on is that it is quite subtle in how it sets up the main characters and even the key plot events, instead relying on the progression of those things to draw people in and let the setting and relationships grow on viewers. If by the time certain characters really come together you are not invested then I guess it just won't be for you, but if does get the hooks in then I would say you are in for something special. There have been two moments in my entire life where I have had to pause a TV show to celebrate / take in / compose myself as a result of something that has happened in an episode. Not even Game of Thrones with all its budget, death and action has managed that. Spartacus was the first show to do that to me. The Expanse is the other and probably the one that had the biggest impact. Its just fucking incredible! I know there has been a request to keep book chat out of here and I won't mention them again but to put things into context... there is easily another 3 or 4 seasons worth at least of absolutely outstanding material in the books that I pray we see on screen. It was a sickening example of what motivates TV show production these days that it was almost cancelled and we should be thankful for every episode that Amazon delivers. If there is even a slim chance that you could end up into it then you have to see that through you owe it to the Cant!
  9. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    See, if they done that and made an entirely fantasy based player roster and have it as a separate mode with nuances to the transfer costs and how you acquire players then I would fully support that. But this constant greed and attempt to manipulate players into purchasing packs and NOTHING ELSE is like something out of spoof Bond movie, where the villain is amassing a controlling share in the worlds money through Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team needs a Hobbs & Shaw style intervention!
  10. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    I'm really looking forward to the sequel to The Big Short, based on EA (Banks) and the Ultimate Team market (Property) hitting cinemas in a few years.
  11. MardiganX

    Aladdin - Live Action

    Iiiiin West Agrabah I was born and raised In the markets stealing fruit spent most of my days Running from coppers, with my Monkey Abu, not got enough money to even buy one shoe then the Genie showed up, is that Will Smith, is he blue started granted wishes, flying carpet too We got in all sorts of trouble and the world went mad They said 'you cant just make him Blue WTF, this is bad' I whistled for the carpet and when it came near Will Smith was still blue and his beard was now weird if anything I could say that his face was shit but I thought fuck it 'yo Genie I wish they had just CGI'd it' I pulled up to the Palace about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the Genie 'Yo Will, change yo face' looked at the Princess, Will was finally there to crush childhood dreams with a face that would scare! Not my finest work, but it will have to do
  12. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    Although... if they introduce an Optimus Prime then I will be back in and all will be forgiven
  13. MardiganX

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    I try to never let opinion in here influence when I watch things, but sadly I let the negativity toward Season 2 discourage me from getting into it. Miserable wankers. All of you! 4 episodes in and the absolute mind boggling ‘make-up’ direction aside (seriously WTF is that all about?!) this is great. I remember there being some negative views about the pace of Season 1 at times but it was a clear choice that more than paid off in the end. There are similar moments here but nothing has detracted from my enjoyment of the show and complete love for Bernthal as Castle. 2 episodes a night until it’s done now and can’t wait to get back on it.
  14. MardiganX

    Ultimate Team

    So basically Prime Primes?! The sooner this diseased mode implodes and is forced to rebuild the better. Why don’t they just introduce Superman and fucking Captain America and be done with the pretense that the game is even trying to ground itself in reality.
  15. MardiganX

    Devil May Cry 5

    My tuppence worth after playing the PS4 demo. There seems to be a couple of parry / invincibility options. The Goemon arm for example, it’s basic move using Circle (or B on Xbox) is a Shockwave move which when timed correctly seems to act as some kind of Royal Guard, but use it successfully too many times and the arm blows. There also seems to be some kind of move cancel with the Shockwave so there is all sorts of incredible madness on the go. Then there is the charge moves every arm has, done by holding Circle or B. If you get hit while charging the ‘evacuate the ship and activate the self-destruct sequence Spock’ move then your arm gets destroyed but you dont take any damage. I’m guessing at top level play there will be uses for this so you can simply accept a bosses premium attack under the protection of that charge. Ive ran the demo maybe 15 times, killed the boss 3 times and what I have posted above may be complete nonsense but it’s been a while since I have been this excited about a games system and the fact that even when I think I have things worked out I most likely REALLY don’t

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