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  1. I did not know that. Many thank yous!
  2. Cheers lads. With a Shadow card on him he looks fucking incredible! About to pick up Varane who at 230k seems quite overpriced but he is the best I can get to improve Casemiro Chem without bringing in an icon. Couple days I should have enough cards for FUT swap Kurzawa and then Kimpembe will be back to 10 chem too
  3. Is anyone doing or already done the Kroos CL TOTG SBC? I managed to do the first part with players in my club and could do the other bit for about 80k but his 70 pace is flashing red at me like a big FUCK NO warning! Everything else though looks amazing and with the right chem card he could be very handy.
  4. Shifted him for 405k pretty much as soon as he dropped so unbelievable coin boost. Shamefully, right after that I done the next SBC that gives you a 3 UCL player pack and for Fernandinho who sold for 65k. Incredible!
  5. I packed UCL TOTGS Lewandowski from last nights SBC that gave you a small rare gold player pack. *Hides under the covers*
  6. Thank god for you Pants. Thought things were getting far too serious and technical in here
  7. MardiganX

    Devil May Cry 5

    This chat of arms and blowing and parries is all great but it’s quite clear this is Nero you are talking about. What the fuuuuuuuck is the crack with Dante? (I don’t have an XBone so will need to rely on you guys to confirm how good things are looking)
  8. MardiganX

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    That’s my sister at 0.38 skipping. I taught her to do that to help with her training amazing! I actually went to Glasgow GFT cinema to see that when it was released. I would class it as an excellent trailer as it doesn’t spoil the best moments or characters, hehe. Nice work!
  9. Managed to get 10 wins last night in WL with 9 still to play so one more win at least and I will be happy. Will of course go for the 14 for Gold 3 but chuffed to have broken the back of it after last night. Couple games I had to quit because the little man woke up going of his nut, there was a run of about 4 games where I could feel I needed a break but just kept going and paid the price, then there were a few against simply better players / teams. Guys with teams filled with POTM Hazard, Auba, flashbacks and CL OTWs make me sad. They have no character or personal taste to them and really shit to play against. POTM Lucas becomes Didier Drogba on crosses. Flashback Alves overpowers opponents like his dad was Jaap Stam. And chemistry becomes redundant because they can stand to have a few stats nerfed. As frustrating as the game can be at times with the regularly broken physics and clear shifts in momentum / breaks of the ball it’s the poisonous market that is the problem. Fuck getting a balanced environment for competitive games let’s just allow everyone to spend every penny they have and never be taken to task on it. Wankers! But hey, one more win and I qualify for the soul destroying, brain melting, sleep depriving shit show once again
  10. MardiganX

    The random discussion thread

    I will be picking it up this week and hoping it still runs ok on my work laptop. Not arsed about the 3D ‘animation’ so should really just be about how quick it can churn through all the numbers without melting the machine.
  11. Also have another cracker where the entire ball went through a defenders head AND FACE leading to me losing a goal but EA are preventing me from sharing it by paying the Forum 2 million coins to pretend the picture file size is too big!
  12. Come on man... it’s not that bad!
  13. THAT. That the however they get Hulk involved. Probably more so Hulk for me. One of, if not THE greatest moments in all the Marvel movies is Banner's "That's my secret Cap... I'm always angry!" reveal and while I don't think they could ever top that even just coming close will do nicely!
  14. MardiganX

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    Oh I am still getting the full game no doubt. I was just very disappointed that the demo was stuff I had already played to death ages ago.

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