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  1. I would still be miles away from getting him after using up all those players. Even raising funds for his 86 card (approx. 420k) is well out of reach.
  2. Actually some decent players but none that I will really use so like you guys I will recycle and gamble on the TOTW. Lowest rated TOTW player incoming!
  3. Did everyone get an Ultimate pack and kit as part of the lunar event? Got a message saying something about Tier 5 for logging in to UT more than 126 days since launch. Not bad at all. Bet it’s full of complete shite!!
  4. Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    4 episodes in and really liking this. I agree there seems to an issue with some of the dialogue being quite grumbled, especially Kinnaman, but its not detracting from my enjoyment or grasping what is going on with all the various plot threads. I'm trying to do an episode a night so I don't burn through it too quick but I know as I approach the end I will want to just keep watching. Oh and another big fan of Poe here. His classical appearance and appreciation for humanity alongside the generally horrible state of society is brilliant.
  5. Let me know when Larsson drops below 200k!
  6. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    If you had that belt though, would you ever wear anything else?!
  7. Deadpool 2 - 2018

    He is actually wearing the same shirt as Chunk from the Goonies in the last shot sitting on the couch absolutely brilliant!! FOTY!!!
  8. Venom - October 2018

    I agree that Sonys desperate attempt to ‘do a Marvel’ with their limited roster is very weak but I have a lot of hope for this, mainly because of Tom Hardy. I’m sure he wasn’t struggling for offers when this landed on the table so would be very surprised if there wasn’t a larger plan in the background for his Venom character to be the focus of a future Spider-Man movie, provided the numbers add up. Is there a reason that couldn’t happen given Sony’s deal with Marvel? Physically and psychologically Bane was one of the most imposing characters I think we have ever seen in a superhero movie and that was in a relatively grounded vision of Batman’s world. Given Hardy’s track record I expect his Venom could be even better!
  9. I wholeheartedly agree @Kevvy Metal and not so much for myself and what this growing roster of Star Wars movies will do for me, but what it will mean for my son. He is 8 months old and his current favourite thing to watch is a little purple Snail called Tulli but one day I hope he will love Star Wars as much as I did growing up. The thought of having a new Star Wars movie every year for him to get excited about and for me to take him to the cinema to see is a dream come true. We had 6 movies spread over almost 30 years and while the quality of some (half) of them is questionable the excitement they no doubt created in every child will have been amazing. For me they can make as many movies as they want and having these guys at the helm given what they have done with Game of Thrones is great news. Of course they will need more talented writers and directors than themselves to support them like the did with GoT but give them the Old Republic as the setting and I think we could see something special!
  10. the greatest line in cinema history is

    “Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!” ”Ok my freind. It’s off to the next life for you. I guarantee you, you won’t be lonely!”
  11. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    It’s weird. Every week it comes around I look forward to watching it and then spend much of the episode having little chuckles to myself and whispering “for fuck sake”. Yet, every Monday there I am ready to go again and see what complete and utter nonsense is going on this time There have been some genuinely excellent moments throughout the season so far but it’s just not enough to make up for the overall laziness of the main plot threads. I will of course see this season our but unless it sets things up for Season 2 RO be very different then that will probably be me finished with it.
  12. The path to Larsson update.... 70,000 coins in the back and nothing left to sell
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    We will never know what JJ would have done if he had the full trilogy but the only way episode 9 is going to work IMO is if JJ accepts the direction RJ took things and builds on it. If he tries to revisit things like Reys parents (which he easily could given all we got was Kylos twisted perception of things) then nothing is going to get the time it needs to breathe and be resolved well. On my 2nd viewing I started to see the reasons why RJ essentially ignored JJs layups. He has left us with Rey and Kylo as the absolute centre of everything rather than having Luke or even Snoke over shadow their story. It’s a lot to take in a single movie though having a character that has been revered for decades show up as a bitter old cunt, take a big shit on most people’s expectations for him, confirm himself a failure, find redemption, appear as a legend again for a brief moment and then upload himself to the Force Cloud. I have high hopes for Episode 9 because if TFA showed us one thing it’s that JJ seems to understand what made the original trilogy so special. He has a chance to not only do that again but to finish the trilogy in a way nobody expected. He just has to do what most of us have had to do and accept... it’s not going to go the way he thought!
  14. Football Manager 2018 - Lower League Forumite stories abound

    A quick question all you English Lower League Managers I assume your teams start of as part-time / semi-professional and I am curious as to what point, if at all, you have made the switch to full-time / professional? My Dumbarton team are performing well above expectations sitting 3rd at the end of September but we are 1 of only 2 teams in the Scottish Championship that are part-time with everyone else being full-time and having all the additional funds, support and opportunity to improve their players training, etc. that comes with it. I approached the Board about it after a good run toward the end of August but they seem very content with the current stature of the club. Will I need to wait until I achieve promotion or just fail to gain promotion and then use that as justification for it next season? A quick aside, I m absolutely loving this lower league challenge. Paying guys a few hundred quid a week and seeing a player that you have put faith in while everyone else turned them away come good is so rewarding. I can see this Dumbarton game lasting a very long time!
  15. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    Yeah, its also heavily referenced in the new movies with Chris Pine's Kirk also saying the exact line at one point when he is on trial near the start. A small reference in Discovery which it appeared to be when Tilly said it was a nice nod but the way it ended up with Saru getting in on the action and the associated 'scenario' being so swiftly dispensed was really poor.

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