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  1. I got a premium Serie A gold pack this morning, I assumed for logging in to web app. Sold most of the drops and made about 5k so not bad wee bonus. Difficult not immediately using that profit to improve this France team but need to just hold it now and build up some wedge
  2. And @gooner4life Gooner will get some high rated players at 01:32 every 3rd Friday of the month after he has turned his kitchen lights on and off 25 times.
  3. So he has just under 64,000 FIFA points and is surprised he has pulled an Icon, which is no doubt the 223rd pack he has opened. Arsehole! How much is 64,000 FIFA points roughly?
  4. Fuck, that isn’t too bad. Scraped a French / Ligue 1 team together which should serve me ok for a couple divisions but hopefully acquire some coins and improved players early on. Doesn’t show up very well through the web app on phone but it’s a decent start.
  5. That’s packs spread out over months isn’t it Al? Suppose the packs available just now on the game are pure shite and EA know folk will still buy them anyway so no need for promos. Makes the ultimate edition more appealing as you are getting the better packs for your extra cash. Im not sure what version I am going for yet, all depends on some funds waiting to clear but will be digital whatever I end I doing.
  6. Yeah, I bought a defender (Kurzawa) but Daily Objective didn't register. Done those SBCs, cheers @Mitchell. Got a bit of shite but did get a decent French Goalkeeper and Jovetic who will work well as an option in my team given him playing in Ligue 1.
  7. When do you get the choice of players? Is that the initial steps where it asks you about the Nationality you want your packs to be weighted toward or something else? EDIT - Found the SBCs. Just done all of the ones that need a few bronze players each but haven't opened the layer pick packs yet. That definitely wasn't available in 18 so a nice addition to get you started.
  8. He is a big chunk of my budget (almost half) but is absolutely worth the outlay. That is the kind of player that can do a job for a long time!
  9. Koscielny in a starter pack? You are a dick @steely
  10. "What a goal!! This kid Lasagne really does have so many layers to his game!"
  11. I am going for a France start-up team and have maybe 4 or 5 players that can be used so have a fair bit of work to do once I generate some coins. A nice problem to have though, the initial gold digging stages of UT are brilliant!
  12. Looks like the boy that got fined and sacked for getting his mates to bet on him eating a pie during an FA Cup match.
  13. Nothing above 79 in my early packs. Haven’t purchased any and don’t plan to so much like the last 6 years on Ultimate Team looks like this is going to be a real grind!

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