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  1. Absolutely - I’ve said before on here that if you can wade through the lack of good exposition, muddled script and cgi splatfest, the Palpatine power grab in the prequels is fantastic. I just wish Lucas had let people with a bit of sangfroid for the project have more influence on it. A well scripted/directed prequel trilogy could have been a worthy addition, and despite the massive issues with it, it very nearly is.
  2. It’s another ‘you need to read the books’ I’m afraid.
  3. You hit the mark with that @JPL, although arguing that two films by different directors are ‘tonally’ different could easily be levelled at the OT. There’s quite a well known quote from George Lucas to Irvin Kershner after he saw some extended rushes of the film - “You’re ruining my movie” - because of the darker tone Empire was taking. Aside from that, you’ve hit the complaints spot-on. As someone who liked the movie, I like that he ran a mile from those obvious set-ups that were left by JJ. If he’d wanted an easy ride he had a ton of ribbon he could have tied into neat little bows, but I’ve a feeling he’d have been criticised for that too (probably by a similar percentage, but the hater/liker roles would have been reversed). Just as some bands are happy to retread a successful formula while others do their own thing and get criticised by their existing fanbase for daring to do something different, I’m not sure someone who likely sees himself as a risk-taker would have been happy to just join the dots left by TFA. I guess Kathleen Kennedy felt the same.
  4. I was going to post that on the Solo thread - it looks like it’s going to be great fun, as much as anything else. Despite the few jokes in TLJ, it (and TFA to a slightly lesser extent) are quite po(e)-faced.
  5. The Flash - TV series

    Watching this episode right now, and was coming in here to post this
  6. Your Viewing Hall of Shame

    Oh god, I think I actually remember that from the original broadcast. Singing (in the loosest possible sense) Bright Eyes ?
  7. Your Viewing Hall of Shame

    Another late-night lone viewing has restarted for me. The Island with Bear Grylls. I love the general ineptitude of the castaways, knowing full well I’d be just as terrible.
  8. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    We just finished both series of this and loved it. I think S2 had more out and out laughs in it, but we really enjoyed all of it. Is a S3 confirmed yet ?
  9. It’s actually Rey who says they were nobodies after a bit of coaxing from Kylo saying “Come on, you know who your parents were really. Just say it.”, or something similar. Then he piles in on that telling her they were probably space winos.
  10. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Whereas now, thanks to ROTS and the ‘special’ edition of ROTJ, we’ve got James Earl Jones shouting “Noooooooooooo !”.
  11. Bail Organa knew where Obi-Wan went to hide, because in Revenge Of The Sith he was in the room with Yoda and Kenobi when the plan was hatched for Kenobi to take Luke to Tatooine and watch over him. Then in Rogue One Mon Mothma talks about Organa’s “friend, the Jedi” and he says he’s sent Leia to find him. As @Kevvy Metalsaid, the map in TFA was just a map to the first Jedi temple, which Luke used to get there and then split into pieces to stop anyone else doing the same. It had taken the Resistance several years to find the map pieces. I always assumed that the larger piece of the two shown in TFA was just the amalgamation of various pieces that had been tracked down, rather than the map just being split into one massive piece and one tiny missing piece.
  12. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I guess with the smuggling and heist stuff that’s a natural jump but it’s only based on 2 minutes. The main thing I get from the trailer is that it looks like it’s going to be fun.
  13. Justice League

    Aquaman’s role in JL seemed to be to get punched a lot. I don’t thnk I saw him evade one until the very last scene.
  14. Ghost Stories - Andy Nyman, Jeremy Dyson

    I’ve seen the stage play, which was excellent, but I’m not sure how well it can translate to film if they’re using the same premise, but in a regular cinema.

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