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  1. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Another three points, and without Reina playing out of his skin in goal for Villa we could have won that comfortably. The defence still concerns me greatly - to me, for the first goal, Toby hesitated for a split second because Hugo started to come for the ball and then retreated. You can see from Toby’s reaction that he thought Lloris was coming to claim. For both the Villa goals, Hugo was off his line in the middle of the six-yard box, and retreated rather than attacking the ball, and both goals were scored from within the six-yard box. Whether he should have claimed them we’ll never know, but starting to come for the ball and then retreating to his goal line definitely contributed to the uncertainty amongst our defenders.
  2. Spiner also said that the de-ageing CGI was part of the reason he felt comfortable to return. I’d be delighted if he came back properly - but I’d be equally surprised if he actually did.
  3. Looks like they’ve taken a lead from what Tom Cavanagh has done on The Flash, with the infinite Wells variations. Hopefully we’ll get on with it now after four episodes of exposition and team building - presumably they’re going to drag this storyline into S2 with only six episodes left of S1 and another pair of old friends still to go and visit.
  4. As someone already said, Finn mostly seemed to spend RoS shouting peoples’ names
  5. I guess it fits mood of the last couple of films in that it’s very po-faced. I was hoping they’d go out with a bang in Craig’s last film. Sounds like all those supermarket Christmas ads with the breathy female vocals.
  6. I don’t think they can synthesise it, but I’m pretty sure that the later ships (Next Gen era) could re-constitute it in the warp core. But you’re right, they have to obtain them in the first place.
  7. Was never going to be a classic in that weather unfortunately. Both teams had the same problem England had last week - stupid errors at vital moments. But they had a better excuse for it this week. Agreed, Willi Heinz didn’t look very inspired; Youngs played much better when he came on.
  8. Awful conditions to play in. How many penalties did Farrell miss in the end ?
  9. JJ certainly builds a lot more physical sets, props and creatures than Lucas did for the prequel trilogy, where it’s practical and possible to do so. This was a point of discussion on the Plinkett ‘Revenge Of The Sith’ review, showing Scotty sprinting the full length of a physical hangar set in ‘Into Darkness’ (I think) and Anakin and Mace Windu ambling extremely slowly through a CGI hangar whilst saying they needed to hurry, because in reality they only had a twenty foot room to work in.
  10. And during the day, after the lunchtime news and an episode of ‘Mary, Mungo and Midge’, until about 4pm.
  11. Apparently that’s covered in a companion comic -
  12. That synthehol is rubbish though - they all complain about it. That’s why Guinan had all that under-the-counter stuff for special occasions.
  13. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Agreed - a great time to beat someone above us when all around us had bad results
  14. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    On the face of it, it’s a great three points, a clean sheet and a debut goal for Bergwijn. But man, we rode our luck at times today.
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