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  1. 1. Herbie Hancock- My Point of View 2. Jeff Parker- Suite for Max Brown 3. Terrace Martin/Robert Glasper/9th Wonder/Kamasi Washington- Dinner Party 3. Shabaka & The Ancestors - We Are Sent Here By History 4. Thundercat - It Is What It Is 5. Nubya Garcia- Source
  2. Ste_S

    vinyl lovers

    I'd probably go with a second hand Technics Direct Drive turntable. There's a ton of models floating around, I'd imagine somewhere like Audio Gold should be able to hook you up with one of the cheaper ones serviced for £300ish. I had a SL-D3 for a while for example and was a great turntable, a serviced one sold on ebay recently for £325
  3. I think Graham has been ok. Ryan and Yaz have been interchangeable, you could give their dialogue to the other and it wouldn’t matter
  4. Yeah. I kinda hope someone pulls Chibnall back before it goes to far down the rabbit hole that it can’t be saved by explaining it away as the Master lies. Six episodes of series 12 are in the top ten of least watched episodes since the revived series began. If someone doesn’t fire Chibnall we’re probably heading for a long rest of Who again.
  5. Ste_S

    vinyl lovers

    I don't know if I'd recommend Steve Hoffman forums, it's mostly populated by boomers who's music taste begins and ends with The Beatles. Example recent thread, 'Does Disco Still Suck?' If you like classic rock to the exclusion of everything else, then I guess it would be alright.
  6. I quite enjoyed it in the end. It’s not a comedy though, the only thing that made me laugh was Malcom McDowell on a stair lift.
  7. If it helps, the last two Mandalorian episodes have felt like live action Rebels episodes. Rebels has Chopper, Ezra’s journey, Vader, Ahsoka and Tom Baker.
  8. After Cyberwoman and Cyber Time Lords, Chibnall carrying on his winning run of redesigning existing monsters then.
  9. Have been stalking this record on Discogs for a while and my copy finally arrived today. Hard bop doesn’t get any better than this, with a dream line up for me- Johnny Griffin, Hank Mobley and John Coltrane; Lee Morgan, Paul Chambers, Art Blakey and Wynton Kelly.
  10. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    I've been getting into Jaimie Branch a fair bit now also, she seems interesting and an amazing talent. Noticed that International Anthem put out a fair bit of excellent video content also Jamie Branch- Makaya McCraven
  11. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    I've been listening to that on streaming and I'll definitely be buying that. Meanwhile the Makaya McCraven Universal Beings arrived yesterday, and it's brilliant.
  12. Chopper is by far and away the best droid in the Star Wars universe. Rebels is great.
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