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  1. linkster

    A movie watchers blog

    Game Night was my favourite movie of what was a lean 2018, first rewatch since then and so glad it doesn’t disappoint. It’s Edgar Wright good. Love the editing, casting, script is superb. The bit outside the 7-11 especially is just incredible.
  2. linkster


    See also The Girl Next Door and Go! He’s fantastic in both.
  3. linkster

    Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    I am from Glasgow .. I’d have had no issue if I could have heard them, for some reason the audio was really low when they were having these moments and the fact you couldn’t hear plus they went on so long between them was kind of irritating wife already a fan of Let’s Eat Grandma, they struck me as the kind of band Lynch would have cast in Twin Peaks. They are incredibly young to have such a self indulgent set - lots of money behind them I imagine
  4. linkster

    A movie watchers blog

    The Natural Baseball drama about 'the best there ever was' Major League, Field of Dreams and A League of their Own all owe a massive debt to this 1984 homage to America's favourite pastime, as does arguably The Simpsons' finest hour. Roy Hobbs, played by Robert Redford, is a wide eyed, blond haired Iowa farmboy who smiles lots and plays catch with his dungaree-wearing salt of the earth father, until the latter dies (shades of Superman here) under a big tree which is later destroyed by a lightning bolt. For reasons never explained, the orphaned youth then fashions a perfect bat from the wooden corpse, and goes off to make his name in the big leagues, leaving behind sweetheart Glenn Close with a promise to return for her. On the way, he catches the eye of a sleazy sports writer & bests 'the greatest' hitter of the game at a corny state fair. He also meets a sultry mysterious dame, but once in New York things take basically the movie's only unexpected turn. Nearly two decades later, Roy returns to the big city, this time a still unknown but now over the hill rookie, but as determined as ever to become the greatest. Although made in 1984, and set in 1939, it could easily have been made that year. As undoubtedly influential as it was, providing all the major narrative beats for the movies mentioned above and satirised mercilessly in the softball match in which Homer also makes his own bat, it's astonishingly lacking in self awareness of quite how silly it is. In terms of casting ethnicity, it's also whiter than an episode of Frasier projected onto a polar bear. Redford might look in turn like Indiana Jones or even his own wiseguy from The Sting, but he's actually playing the part that Ryan Gosling has now made his own. The 'mystery' surrounding him makes him almost supernaturally cagey, talking in questions, the man with no name, and honestly it's really fucking irritating. It's not even a good script, the dramatic moments are TV movie grade (the coach won't play him - for no reason! until he does, when - shock - he hits everything for months, then misses. Then hits again! Then misses). By the time it gets to the finale, I was inadvertently thinking of that time when Billy the Fish came on as a substitute - "on crutches!" - and it somehow feels no less absurd. The central mystery is never explained, which is equally infuriating. The main fun to be had then is piecing together all the moments The Simpsons stole in that epic episode, which I was amused to note also include the hypnotherapist.
  5. linkster

    A movie watchers blog

    School for Scoundrels (1960) The college of Lifemanship will teach you how to go from zero to hero One of my all time favourites from that amazing BBC2 post school series of 30s to 60s classics, there is still something undeniably creepy watching back how this wonderful comedy is basically based entirely round how to get a woman into bed under false pretences. Alistair Sim is the patron in charge of the Yeovil-based college, charging nice but dim punters a hefty fee to master the art of ‘one upmanship.’ It’s 1960 and the sexual revolution is yet to happen but this still feels like quite a daring tale, as the entirely male students learn how to belittle, cheat, cajole and coerce the unsuspecting to their advantage. While its extremely funny and well cast it’s also very distracting to see an unrecognisably sparsly populated London. Not since 28 Days Later have I seen so few people on Embankment as in one of the earlier scenes where our zero literally bumps into the ‘girl’. What follows is painfully cringey as Terry Thomas goes through his entire rotter repertoire to make the lead make a fool of himself, such as paying for dinner for everyone and being scammed into buying a car. It all sets up a gloriously satisfying third act when having mastered the game, the tables are turned and it’s Thomas who is run ragged. Watching these scenes, especially the return of the car, is just great. Sim pops up to encourage and monitor progress ‘in the field’ before carrying out the graduation ceremony, complete with mortar, before waving his student proudly off to do - well, as he says earlier, “whatever depends entirely what kind of gentleman you are.” Sim is just magnificent. He has so much fun playing off the lead, it’s like watching a magician in very slow motion. Very dodgy sexual politics aside, this is still a brilliant movie to watch. It doesn’t feel quite like anything else, certainly not an Ealing comedy which always belt along with the soundtrack almost like a primary character, this is content to have long stretches of near silence and pulled back widescreen shots to enhance the act of getting one up. Still love it.
  6. linkster

    A movie watchers blog

    I cant remember where I read a preview and the Nightcrawler relation, but I had no idea it was supposed to be a horror. It wasn’t entirely working for me as a satire and I didn’t buy Jake in the lead role, a really ghastly set of affectations, all the more baffling with John Malkovich already in the cast. But I liked his incorruptible nature. When the horror stuff started I went with it, until Toni Collette when I almost wet myself laughing. Everything after I saw in a new light - I honestly think the could be The Room for another generation. It’s staggeringly poor. I’m only watching it through to see just how bad it gets.
  7. linkster

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Velvet Buzzsaw is going down as one of the worst films ever made, right? Or am I totally off base again, as with A Quiet Place and Hereditary
  8. linkster

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Apart from the 8/10 in Edge And Rock Paper Shotgun loved it too (which is the point he was making. It did get panned otherwise)
  9. linkster

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Yes but Solo is absolutely iredeemably fucking shit and killed their brand plan stone dead for the other mooted spin offs, so frankly she got that 100% wrong on both fronts the skill of a great producer is to manage talent. She didn’t.
  10. linkster

    Films with one set.

    Has at least three locations I can think of - the office, the bar, the outdoor street shots in the car
  11. linkster

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Doesn’t explain why enough people sit through them for them to be worth money
  12. linkster

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I thought it was a really interesting review TBH, much more than just meh, good examples of the difference between this game and the first one and many acknowledgements of how it was unfair to expect one game to replace a system in case of 360 end of the day, and I have to say it’s a joy to read all the positive comments, a first party title (a sequel at that) with a well documented history was never ever going to get an easy ride, people don’t read mediocre reviews, so there’s no point in writing one or recording one
  13. linkster

    Alita: Battle Angel

    It's maybe another reason why this movie works - the obvious thing to do would be have evil lurk around every corner, but that would have meant anything as simple as a child's street sports game would have been somewhat hard to swallow It's that old chestnut of if you enjoyed it, none of this matters - it's only when you really don't enjoy something and you try to articulate why it ends up being picking up all the little bits and then you're being accused of nit picking but it isn't, it's just that you come out of the experience at the time and start focusing on it, rather than what something like this - it's weeks since I saw it and I honestly hadn't thought about that stuff since then cos I had fun
  14. linkster

    Alita: Battle Angel

    And they have fuck off enormous bars of chocolate which seem to be immune to the scorching heat. It's Utopia, I tells ya

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