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  1. linkster

    Deadwood - TV Show

    just watched that episode I can't remember what his story arc is I welled up a bit at the Indian burial scene though, beautifully done
  2. linkster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    Yes I will stop posting until I've seen it as I know everyone's excited, thing is that gets me going as well cos I'd love to be excited but I just am not, yet I know I'll see it anyway. Gnnh.
  3. linkster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    Horses for courses. I've found everything since (and including) Civil War to be dull as fuck. General drop off in quality since the first Avengers is astonishing. I honestly thought I'd hate Spider-Man: Homecoming but annoyingly it was great so now I have to see them all to be sure
  4. linkster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    In all fairness the majority of posts I made about Captain Marvel or Infinity War were in the proper threads soon after paying money to see them But I also very recently posted how much I loved Venom and was deeply irritated I let poor word of mouth put me off, contrary to the gushing for MCU movies that gets me in the door only to (lately) fall asleep I don't hand over money to not enjoy things. And much as the principle annoys me, cos I think it just makes for lazy product, but you do have to see something to know They are huge movies, they can stand one contrary view to the popular one. I wish I did enjoy the recent ones more.
  5. linkster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    That's what they call confirmation bias. Well let's see, I especially love the first X-Men, First Avenger, Iron Man, Avengers Assemble, Venom, Spider-Man: Homecoming Do you have a point? Or am I not allowed a bit of gentle ribbing about a three hour sequel to a very boring film, that I'll end up paying to see anyway cos I'm a fucking idiot?
  6. linkster

    Deadwood - TV Show

    Yep it's brutal as fuck. But it's worse when she's sat in the chair and he's mocking her brain damage but she keeps trying to come at him. Excellent performance. Bullock - I guess I find him two dimensional compared to the others. I am enjoying it a lot more now as I can appreciate the suppressed rage and the inabiility to communicate with people can't imagine why ... but it's relentless. He occasionally has that winning smile and it was nice when he was with Hicock but again it felt like a really paper thin character, even the way he walks is so incredibly forced. I didn't rate him as an actor at all until I saw the movies I mentioned and I realised just how great he can be when he's let off the leash. Thing is I know S2 is even harder work as that relationship is kind of ponderous.... but I don't care, I need to get to S3, maybe the best series of tv I've ever seen
  7. linkster

    Deadwood - TV Show

    The Kristen Bell episodes are fucking aweome, I remembered the character but not that it was her cos it came out the year of Veronica Mars which I didn't watch til recently, don't think I saw her in anything until Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  8. linkster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    And every time there's a speech you get a load of hot air blown at you
  9. linkster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    Does it have sprinklers?
  10. linkster

    teen titans go - the movie

    Same when they put her pearls back and shove Batman’s mother back into the alley
  11. linkster


    I played the original at Arcade Club at the weekend to wind down from five hours of Tron and Star Wars One thing home consoles and computers can’t replace is that amazing kinetic experience of how the machines all feel different to each other, it’s glorious
  12. linkster

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    @Unofficial Who agreed. as a C64 owner I had a pirate copy of the Parker Bros (I never once saw it for sale in the UK legit) and while it scratched an itch seeing 3D Starstrike on Spectrum was one of those rare moments of jealousy
  13. Oh right, night kings, dragons and reincarnation are fine l, but boats? I’m clearly insane
  14. Was there ever a good reason given they couldnt all just fuck off on a boat somewhere?
  15. linkster

    In honour of Star Wars (1983)

    @gone fishin' yeah that's all covered in the video I linked to I never knew it before though LIke you I have the vaguest memory I've encountered it at some point but not sure I played it Going to see if the Arcade Club people can get a hold of it I loved ROTJ at the time too ... it's just playing it now, back to back with Star Wars, only increases my love for the latter

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