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  1. X_2_0

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    Yes, I agree completely! Last Jedi pretty much left us with nothing to get excited about or speculate over for the next film. Nothing has been set up at all, just a few surviving characters jammed in the Falcon. I don't even feel that bothered about spoilers for IX as at least that will give me something to think about.
  2. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    The next Star Wars game, Fallen Order, isn't due out for over a year, so we are in the crazy situation where we are getting Star Wars films more frequently than games. EA don't appear to be interested in Star Wars at all, they are just sitting on the license to stop and one else using it, while occasionally poking Battlefront with a stick to see if it's dead yet. August update news is due soon though, let's what scraps we get this month!
  3. X_2_0

    Play Expo London 11-12 August

    W didn't get to see it, but i did talk to one of your play testers for a while. It does sound really good!
  4. X_2_0

    Play Expo London 11-12 August

    Well I thought this was a pretty good event and certainly enjoyed it, although me and @super_quincy kept missing Jon_cubernet and Anne Summers on the Antstream stand! In terms of arcade and pinball machines it certainly delivered. It was cool to see people queuing up to play OutRun and Afterburner, while Afterburner was still working anyway! The attrition rate of arcade cabs was quite high although the staff were doing their best to keep them up and running. There were hundreds of consoles to play as well, and a reasonably sized dealers room. My only real gripe was the no food and drink policy, with it being confiscated at the door. Given a lot of people had travelled a far distance to get there they were bound to have snacks on them. Plus festival prices for food and drink at the venue was a bit much, as it wasn't a festival! I did notice that coke and water were reduced from £2.50 on Saturday to £1.50 on Sunday, so maybe they had some complaints about it. I would go again next year, but probably just for a day rather than a weekend.
  5. X_2_0

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Does it fit on your Neo Geo shelf though?
  6. Yeah a it bacterial wipes and an old toothbrush for tricky groves! Peroxide is supposed to get rid of yellowing but I've never tried it.
  7. X_2_0

    Play Expo London 11-12 August

    I'll be there!
  8. X_2_0

    Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels

    The vocal elements of the Battlefront community absolutely love Clone Wars, and I expect they will all be going crazy for this news right now. There is a whole generation of younger fans that genuinely prefer the prequel era over the other films. So I guess this is for them.
  9. Nazi gold bars! Funny how Nazi memorabilia used to be acceptable in the 70s and early 80s.
  10. Not getting an Obi Wan film would be a shame, but I would rather they focus on getting the core films right and only make spin offs when they have a story worth telling.
  11. Yeah it still takes old 10ps too! It it has come with a Jamma loom which Isn't attached, looks a bit daunting doing that. Going to try and clean the board up and see if that helps with the glitches oh yeah it weighs an absolute ton too. Was going to put it in my games room but that's up two flights of stairs so might rethink that.
  12. Got an unexpected pick up from Facebook Market place yesterday, which I guess counts for here. A Cocktail Cab for £200, which seemed a good deal to me at today's prices! It's in reasonable condition and seems to have been well looked after. There's a Kung Fu Master pcb in it, whIch works but has corrupt graphics, and the screen is quite dark. It was originally a SpacePanic cab so I guess that dates it to 1980, looks like it has had a new power supply put in too.
  13. My local Cash Generator is selling off most of it's 360 games for 20p! Picked this lot, which is a lot of gaming for £2.40
  14. 4:30 start! You deserve some bargains for that!
  15. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    yeah, if they want to make money they need to drop a load of new skins. At the moment there just isn't anything worth buying. I guess we we find out at the EA event next week or whenever it is!

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