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  1. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yeah, one of those bombers with multiple spawn points for the gunner turrets would be fun. I suspect that instead of working on more game types, maps,and bug fixes they are desperately trying to come up with a progression system that works. I would really like to see a map selection option (apparently era selection might be coming instead) and a fix for the damn Palpatine force lightning through walls, which can be game breaking at times.
  2. I'm surprised they haven't bought a bunch of those £15 PSP bootleg things off AliExpress loaded an emulator, slapped Sinclair sticker on and call it a Vega+. Although that would involve actually delivering something other than excuses.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    There's been a new update for any still playing! Basically a new hero ship- Ideo Versio's Tie fighter, a blast map for Krait. (I don't know why anyone would play Blast though) and nerfs for everyone else! Wookies, Boba Fett, Finn, the heavys sentry gun, the Officers Blurgg have all had nerfs. Wookies and sentry guns were my best way of getting kills, but I can see why they've done it, and the game should benefit from fewer over powered weapons. The main problem I currently have with the game is that it very often you will get one team just completely steam rolling the other, and as they then get to unlock their heros quickly it becomes almost impossible to stop them. There needs to be a bit of balancing so if a team is getting hammered they gain battle points at a slightly higher rate.
  4. The story of Mean Machines

    Could it have been an ad for WH Smiths or some local newsagent that used Mean machines? My cousin always said that he saw an ad for SabreWulf on TV that was just the name flashed up, might have happened.
  5. Many months late? That's a bit generous by the BBC!
  6. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I can't believe this is coming in May still, 2 star was films in a 6 month period is just crazy. I really hope there will be a bit more to the story than how Han Solo got all his stuff.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I would say it's worth it at £25 for sure, £30 is a bit of a push at the moment due to all the lag, been playing today and stuff has been bouncing all over the place. But it when it works it can be amazing. Plus the fixes to progression have helped.
  8. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Thanks, didn't realise there was that option, found it now and things look much better. No need for excessive HUDs on. Star Wars game. I got 2000 credits for being Resistance side in the Last Jedi challenge thing last night, that was the losing side, anyone know what the First Order got?
  9. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I hate the big red outlines they've added to your targets in the Starfighter battles. It's gone from a great looking game to HUD hell. But at least they've unlocked the three star card slots for the trooper types, although it is becoming clear that about 75 % of the cards aren't any use at all The new level is pretty good too, racked up a load of kills just plonking down ion turrets to take out speeders. It's also pretty amazing that you can watch the new Star Wars film and then come home and play levels from it straight away!
  10. Good link , I hadn't realised how heavily involved he was in the end. incredible that he still feels like he deserves to be part of the spectrum community.
  11. £500,000 and they almost got the Roll of Honour completed! Lee got paid for doing a job, even if it was a crap one, so I don't see it as he stole the money. But he has zero credibility and shouldn't have any place in the Spectrum scene.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    It's been bad today. They've increased the amount of credits you earn by about a quarter. This isn't really enough, particularly when you get 3 dupes in one crate like I did today! It's not like I've got a lot of cards already either. still hoping for a complete progression overhaul before Christmas.
  13. Retro Gamer 175 - Premium Issue

    How strange , I'd never heard of this game until Bloggos POW covered the Amiga version last week. Now 2 mentions of it in a few days! Coincidence? Or proof we are living in a simulation? Hot Rod is at 15:30
  14. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I for one would pay for canon Han in boxer shorts opposed to non-canon briefs!* *I wouldn't really I think thing is that they can make much more money with little extra effort with pay to win than cosmetic. That 1.5 gig update seemed very big for a few bug removals, I wonder if they are laying the ground work for an overhaul of the crates and progression system. i reckon we might get it with the Last Jedi update. Or EA might just write the whole game off and not bother.
  15. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I don't think the customisation needs to be too dramatic, stuff like ammo pouches, camo capes, helmet variants, could do it. Star Wars fans would still fork out for it. Crafting seems to be the only reliable way to build up class your interested in.

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