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  1. My mum hid my copy of Ghosts n Goblins for a while as I was getting so frustrated with it I was punching my poor Spectrum. Great game though!
  2. X_2_0

    Microsoft Rewards

    I was doing the punchcard thing too and got nothing, I registered the issue yesterday but haven't heard anything yet. Ive been using Bing at work and doing the daily bonus things, but am still about 3000 pts short of a monthly game pass so could use the extra points!
  3. I expect some sellers will have bumped their prices up a bit pre-Christmas!
  4. That's when the next retro games market is on at Doncaster. I think the have it 3 times a year now.
  5. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Go under under the walker then hold down X To damage the towers you have to enter siege mode which I think is RB and LB, then fire the ion shot which is RB. On xbox anyway.
  6. Went to the Doncaster Retro Games Market with @DirkCrisis was worth getting the early bird tickets to get in at 10:00 while the car park was mostly empty. loads of sellers and lots of stuff to look at. Mostly current retro prices have passed what I'm willing to pay but there were still some bargains to be had. A lot of stalls had big buckets of random import Japanese Nes/snes/ps1 games to rummage through. Got some replacement game gear cases, spare boxes for MD games. Some Ps1 games for a quid, and some other bits and pieces. in all we were there about 4 hours and I thought it was well worth the trip!
  7. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    They could have kept the Geonosis only list for the weekend, but they aren't exactly known for good decisions with this game! Geonosis is is good fun though, plays a bit like the Sinai map on BF1 starting with canyons then opening up for the later stages you ou get a fast turn over of heroes too as they don't last long in the open!
  8. X_2_0

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Bought my 4th Space Marine Hero today, who turned out to be captain Thassarus! Hurray! The code on the side of the box was NG1 18246, for anyone looking, although I don't know if these codes are per batch or are universal. £5 for a single marine seems a bit pricey, but they are very nice, and you would pay more for an equally detailed figure else where.
  9. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yeah that bug is really annoying, it is true that every update and bug fix breaks something else! Hopefully Geonosis will be better tested than the other updates.
  10. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    The Geonosis update is coming on Wed 28th and to be fair it does look really good. The first new Galactic Assault map in a year, plus new vehicles and Obi Wan. There will also be a Geonosis only play option for the first week so you won't have to spend ages for it to come up in rotation.
  11. Yeah, certainly the design program was in basic! I had forgotten that there was actually a race mode in the game as I mostly just played the Arena vs mode.
  12. Battlecars on the spectrum! Although it would be unplayable now , the game had terrible scrolling even then. You needed a keyboard overlay for all the controls and player 1 and 2 needed to be comfortable sitting close enough to share a spectrum keyboard. What made the game though was side 2 of the tape was a car designer program where you could build a car from scratch choosing chassis type, engine size, armour, offensive and defence weapons. You could then save them and load them into the main game. My brother and I spent ages designing cars to beat each other with. I could see an updated free to play Battlecars making a fortune from car part and cosmetic loot crates!
  13. X_2_0

    Choose my first "full" collection

    Probably Xbox is the only one that would be feasible, unless you have loads of money to burn. I would go go with Down By Law said, which is a great idea!
  14. X_2_0

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    Yes, I agree completely! Last Jedi pretty much left us with nothing to get excited about or speculate over for the next film. Nothing has been set up at all, just a few surviving characters jammed in the Falcon. I don't even feel that bothered about spoilers for IX as at least that will give me something to think about.

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