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  1. Not getting an Obi Wan film would be a shame, but I would rather they focus on getting the core films right and only make spin offs when they have a story worth telling.
  2. Yeah it still takes old 10ps too! It it has come with a Jamma loom which Isn't attached, looks a bit daunting doing that. Going to try and clean the board up and see if that helps with the glitches oh yeah it weighs an absolute ton too. Was going to put it in my games room but that's up two flights of stairs so might rethink that.
  3. Got an unexpected pick up from Facebook Market place yesterday, which I guess counts for here. A Cocktail Cab for £200, which seemed a good deal to me at today's prices! It's in reasonable condition and seems to have been well looked after. There's a Kung Fu Master pcb in it, whIch works but has corrupt graphics, and the screen is quite dark. It was originally a SpacePanic cab so I guess that dates it to 1980, looks like it has had a new power supply put in too.
  4. My local Cash Generator is selling off most of it's 360 games for 20p! Picked this lot, which is a lot of gaming for £2.40
  5. 4:30 start! You deserve some bargains for that!
  6. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    yeah, if they want to make money they need to drop a load of new skins. At the moment there just isn't anything worth buying. I guess we we find out at the EA event next week or whenever it is!
  7. X_2_0

    Is "Game" finished?

    Well my local Game is finished! That still leaves one in Nottingham. But it's a bit of a hike from my work to the other one so I won't be popping in there at lunchtime. Just CEX within easy walking distance for me now.
  8. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    The style reminds me of war comic's from the 70s and 80s, like Battle, Victor and Warlord, everyone had a gimmic in those stories and realism took a back seat. I'm definetly in.
  9. It is still possible! Picked up this on Sunday for £20. It was on one of the first stalls I got to, a lady was checking it over and the seller was asking £30 for it. I thought it was a done deal so headed on. When I was on the way out i was surprised to see it was still there. On closer inspection the back of the box has some water damage and the power pack is missing which was putting people off, But the machine looks in great condition and even better he only wanted £20 now. Also picked up 3 Star Wars blasters and an old Go-Bot Harrier.
  10. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yes, that sounds very much like a practice made only. Whoever the leaker Is was right about everthing announced yesterday, so does see, fairly reliable. shame if the game does get abandoned particularly as it is now back on track with a proper progression system.
  11. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Should be happy for any extra content I suppose, but it's a pretty poor show really. A recycled map from Battlefront, a couple of skins and HVH mode but with fewer players, isn't much. The first half of Han Solo season actually has no Han Solo content and it's another months wait for new movie stuff. If there isn't a new Galactic Assault map with that I will be really disappointed.
  12. I made some friends play Combat on the Atari a while ago.It was still fun for a short while because of the vs nature of it. Arcade classics like Asteroids, Missle Command and Defender hold a lot of playability today too.
  13. X_2_0

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    I got my limited space harrier order in ! Now the Holy Trinity is complete! Although I should also pick up Galaxy Force at some point.
  14. Yeah you will probably be able to pick up the odd PS2 or PSP game but nothing special. I did come across a stash of decent GameCube and Wii games in a charity shop the other day but they were all eBay prices. I was was at a decent sized boot last week too but nearly 70% of it were dealer types and anyone that wasn't seemed to have at least one person asking them for any retro gaming stuff. I normally do better at my crap local then I did here!
  15. X_2_0

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Never heard of Fighters History Dynamite. Can we expect a Bloggo video on NeoGeo's reasonably priced games then?

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