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  1. My hatred is coloured by my love of the previous game and the years I spent awaiting a translated version of SD3 to play.
  2. Almost everything is worse than the previous game. Terrible combat, awful menu system (why ditch the perfect ring menu system that keeps you in the action for separate menu management screens?) Music that isn't a patch on the original and quicky gets boring. Storyline that doesnt grip you inhabited by characters that you find you don't really care about ( though that could in part be due to the translation) Only thing that is marginally better is the graphics. Carts belong in landfill alongside ET IMO.
  3. Trials of Mana was absolute shite when I played it as SD3 back in the day. Secret of Mana was great. So one to keep an eye out for on the digital store sales.
  4. Had this on my amstrad back in the day, looked gorgeous but I was rubbish at it. Struck me recently it was a metroidvania type game before any such term existed. I still don't get on with metroidvanias (2d ones...the Prime series on gamecube I loved) but think that Antiriad deserves some love for being ahead of its time.
  5. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    The twin stick mechanic makes too many bits way too fiddly compared to the mouse control on its original host platform....but I don't regret picking it up at the dirt cheap 89pence price point, held my attention far longer than all those crap apps purchased on my phone back in the day.
  6. But is any of the picking up, shooting and flying satisfyingly fun?.....you can beat people up in pitfighter and you can beat people up in golden axe but one is much more enjoyable and memorable.
  7. Thing is I don't actually like metroidvanias on the whole, it's what's got me putting hollow knight down about 1/3 through. My issue with owlboy was the gameplay was just not particularly enjoyable. In fact only a couple months from purchase I now honestly can't recall any of the mechanics of how it plays other than you have a hover/flight ability. Given how good the art was thats a sad reflection on the rest of the game.
  8. Am looking forward to it, not started as yet as boys were hogging the switch playing Brothers all morning.
  9. Just picked up Gato Roboto on switch for some monochrome goodness.
  10. Owl boy and Iconoclasts appear to be a case of nice pixel art marred by mediocre game play. I regret my purchase of both not because they are bad but because there are so many better games to spend time and money on on the switch.
  11. Got Gunlord X as 9 quid seemed worth it for some modern Turrican goodness but it feels all wrong. The graphics and sound duo a decent job of capturing the old Turrican fine but the characters movement feels just way too slow compared to Turrican 1 and 2 on my old Atari St
  12. What's heroine anthem zero like? It looks quite good in the trailer but then also looks like a mobile phone game which puts me off.
  13. Dark Castle looks brilliant. Here's Bolo on the ST
  14. X-bomber / Starfleet had the best ending in my imagination only because having watched it all over the summer holidays I missed the finale due to being taken abroad by parents on our summer holiday.
  15. Seeing the trailer for Earth Atlantis suddenly reminded me of the very few atari st games that worked in its old hi res monochrome mode (bolo, monkey island). Are there any monochrome hi res gems from other platforms people would recommend checking out?
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