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  1. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for the great recommendation, got mine ordered Friday on a lightening deal for £18 arrived Saturday and seems a great controller. Can now send my pro and two sets of joycons to nintendo for repair.
  2. Just added myself and the Mrs details on the spreadsheet, she's playing daily for a couple of hours, I might get a look in once or twice a week. I can't recall which of you lovely forumites were on our friends lists back in the days of the DS game but she'd welcome any adds.
  3. Huntdown looks great.
  4. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Doesn't immediately grab my attention the way final freeway did.
  5. Anyone else have an island resident wearing a surgical mask? Raddle the frog moved into or island yesterday and is wearing one.
  6. Amongst the recent releases Boothill bounties, saving teddy 2 and depixtion all look interesting but not sure whether to add any to my like of shame as yet.
  7. My 11 year old loved it. I havn't played myself but lots of positive opinions on here for it.
  8. Apologies if already posted. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/2020/04/09/tom-nook-animal-crossing-not-evil/
  9. Feudal Alloy is dirt cheap now so that I think I'll take the plunge for the appealing art style and risk the mediocre reviews being reflective of the experience I might have with it.
  10. Graphics style isn't pixellated enough for me.
  11. Big reductions on mortal kombat, Wolfenstein and xenogears has me itching to purchase but trying to be strong and not spend money.
  12. EBay seems to have lots of variants, Pandora's box 9 , Pandora's box 12.....and they all seem incredibly cheap but I'm wary of tagging the plunge and ending up with a dodgy knockoff that had faults / glitches. Anyone got experience of purchasing one of these models?
  13. Flat heroes is an essential purchase and now 20% off.
  14. Sin and Punishment on n64....utterly amazing given the fact the system theoretically couldn't push out as many polys as the playstation.
  15. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Other than Mario Kart 8 what other games is the Labo vehicle compatible with?
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