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  1. Big reductions on mortal kombat, Wolfenstein and xenogears has me itching to purchase but trying to be strong and not spend money.
  2. EBay seems to have lots of variants, Pandora's box 9 , Pandora's box 12.....and they all seem incredibly cheap but I'm wary of tagging the plunge and ending up with a dodgy knockoff that had faults / glitches. Anyone got experience of purchasing one of these models?
  3. Flat heroes is an essential purchase and now 20% off.
  4. Sin and Punishment on n64....utterly amazing given the fact the system theoretically couldn't push out as many polys as the playstation.
  5. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Other than Mario Kart 8 what other games is the Labo vehicle compatible with?
  6. Odallus and Oniken twinpack on sale now for 4 odd quid.
  7. https://www.libertygames.co.uk/store/pinball_machines/reconditioned_pinball_machines/addams-family-pinball/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAuefvBRDXARIsAFEOQ9H5HLWMXXEzK2zCP5sDINr9itS5pJ4Wl9mbX1_-ob4cgKKdF0d9kfUaAmJ-EALw_wcB First purchase of I ever hit the lottery.
  8. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    I played Grandia 2 through on PC a few years back and absolutely loved it....never played 1 and the somewhat magic graphics are putting me off that.
  9. I picked up The gardens between on this sale....so far am disappointingly finding very little actual gameplay in the levels.
  10. Blacksea oddysey looks good and it's only 3 quid....not sure v avid twin stock shooters though. Fuse looks an interesting programming tool but not sure how much my 13 and 11 year old would learn from it
  11. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Alien isolation garnered a rave review from Nintendolife, probably my next non-eshop purchase. Unless I see a decent deal on Luigi's mansion 3 or Links Awakening before then.
  12. Not that immersed with this sale....most of the good stuff I had already....thinking I might try out overcooked.
  13. Presumably available to both digital and cartridge owners of the original, or is it not free DLC?
  14. I was glad that Civ didn't quite click for me as I wasted way too much time paying the original civilisation. I found the multiple different ways to win a bit to innovative for my liking and also the graphics seemed a bit too mobile gamesque to me.
  15. It's hard but I found not in an offputting way as diving straight back in is very quick.
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