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  1. Good to know for when I want drink the used bath water of some crusted herpes sufferer.
  2. I think she is great. These people deserve to be exploited and have the piss ripped out of them.
  3. Mines been in the sellophane since i picked it up at launch.
  4. *anyone* As if it's like copying someones fucking homework.
  5. She sold water from her bath . Her bath water. I doubt this person is a molecular biologist, or did any form of test, on the basis that he is a fucking idiot.
  6. Feature length documentary about car-t cell treatment for leukaemia . Absolutely amazing , heartbreaking , Inspiring television. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006nzt
  7. Think Fisher price civilisation Its a great little game
  8. Truly a masterpiece of filling paragraphs of updates with no actual information whatsoever.
  9. I think this is nonsense. Thousands of people enter into a relationship once age of consent is reached when the initial friendship whatever started when one or both were under age.
  10. RIght so just to clarify, what you are saying here is that anyone that first meets someone under the age of consent is never allowed to enter into a relationship with that person when they eventually do reach the age of consent? So for example, If I'm say, 20, and I meet someone that is 15 , I am forever precluded from having a relationship with that person because they were underage when we first met? Is that what you are saying?
  11. It's the lack of such an option that is exactly the reason I haven't tried it out.
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