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  1. Last of us remains probably my favourite game of all time. I love an action adventure, narrative heavy, game and the whole experience with TLoU was wonderful.
  2. And would still be better than any Fast and Furious film.
  3. EDIT: Fucking post editing options are fucked. CBA to fix it.
  4. For pre-order, maybe. I can pre-order FFVII remake . I can't play it though.
  5. Death Stranding is in Q2/Q3. Horizon has been announced, plus of course the Quantic Dreams games Beyond that, nothing. But this has been extraplolated by some to mean that Sony is going to be releasing all future/current titles on PC.
  6. That or whatever his fucking name is can fucking fuck off, the fucking fuck.
  7. His gen has been absolute stellar for AAA releases and non-AAA releases. If next gen produces like this one has I'll be happy.
  8. The situation is only going to get worse with the next generation. With each generation, you can expect file sizes to go up by an order of magnitude.
  9. Well, pretty much everything supports HDR10, and that seems to be the standard consoles have gone for. More problematic is the varying quality of implementation, from the sublime GT Sport, which is the best I have ever seen, to the ridiculous RDR2, which is just pointless.
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