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  1. Black Cat Supremacist

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP

    The difference between this now on Xbox One X from what I originally played at launch is staggering. Graphically it’s miles better and the frame rate, although way too low at 30fps, seems really stable.
  2. Black Cat Supremacist

    Destiny 2: Forsaken. No raid spoilers please.

    PC version seems fine.
  3. Black Cat Supremacist


    I’ve followed SCUM for a while but in the end I never bought it as the survival element just seemed a bit too hardcore. Having watched it on Twitch I’d presume it would melt my 1050 ti as well as visually it looks pretty spectacular.
  4. Black Cat Supremacist

    Sharp Objects

    What an ending. Really well done and unbelievably tense. There’s a final scene mid credits as well. You could certainly discuss the logic behind a characters motive but that makes the whole thing all the more interesting. Hopefully this gets a bit of recognition during awards season. Amy Adams is absolutely stellar.
  5. Black Cat Supremacist

    Sharp Objects

    I love anything that’s a little bit disjointed and incoherent. Sharp Objects certainly feels like that in the earlier episodes until you put it all together. I’m a sucker for that whole Southern USA locale in which everyone seems to be operating at 25% due to the heat and humidity. I’ve found it all mesmerising as the whole town seems to give an ‘off’ vibe. I’m absolutely fine with the reveal as it certainly fits in with what has gone before.
  6. Black Cat Supremacist

    Better Call Saul!

    BCS is really overrated. It’s nowhere near as good as Breaking Bad. It’s far too low key for its own good all too often. There are some decent ideas being dragged out over far too many seasons. I’ll watch every week for sure but it’s incredibly boring at times.
  7. Black Cat Supremacist

    Sharp Objects

    Sensational show. The dark, brooding atmosphere just drips from the screen.
  8. Black Cat Supremacist

    No Man's Sky - PC Version Tech Chat

    1050ti, i5-7400 and 8gb of DDR4 ram. Recommended settings are all high / medium with vsync on and a 30 fps lock. Turning vsync & the fps lock off and turning as much down as possible makes it still mostly 30ish fps, occassionally getting into the 40's, with the odd departure into the 50's. Impressed I am not. I've never used the 2 hour window on Steam for a refund but I'm considering it. I can run the spectacularly unoptimized PUBG at 60fps no problem so it's not clear why No Man's Sky has such a low frame rate. It's not exactly the most graphically intense game after all.
  9. Black Cat Supremacist

    No Man's Sky

    Really disappointed with the frame rate in this on PC. It’s all over the place. Mainly in the 30’s with random jumps into the 40’s. Very rarely gets into the 50’s. Not smooth to play at all.
  10. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Good move, should help with the UFC’s dwindling popularity in the UK. It’s presumably relevant to mention the declining viewing numbers in the USA as well. They have no clue whatsoever beyond waiting for Lesnar and McGregor to give them a ppv boost.
  11. Black Cat Supremacist

    The Handmaids Tale - Season 2 Hulu/Sunday Night C4

    I’m still at CH4 pace and finding it all really tedious. The obvious question is why am I still watching I suppose. There is too much ‘slow burn’ with tv shows these days. The TV companies have got carried away trying to stretch things out.
  12. Black Cat Supremacist

    Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    Yep, really decent film. Well worth a watch.
  13. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    DC has very few fights left so this Lesnar fight makes a lot of financial sense. Obviously he was dwarfed by Miocic but Lesnar was like a different type of human altogether when in the ring with Cormier. Clearly Brock isn’t banking on coming back for a run, you’d presume this is a one and done type thing. After this fight I don’t know what’s left for DC beyond the obvious ghost that has haunted him for years.
  14. Black Cat Supremacist

    Atlanta - New Donald Glover show on FX

    Just started this, three episodes in. Wow, it’s absolutely fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I saw something so good.
  15. Black Cat Supremacist

    The Handmaids Tale - Season 2 Hulu/Sunday Night C4

    I’m most of the way through episode 3 and have found season 2 to be unbelievably tedious at times. Does it improve?

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