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  1. Black Cat Supremacist

    Now TV

    Good content but delivered poorly. That should not be underestimated.
  2. Black Cat Supremacist

    True Detective - Season 3

    Yep, mumbling has been a real issue for me as well. Feels more like season 1 and the revelation at the end of the first episode was fantastic. Episode two though was really hit & miss and I found parts of it quite dull. There’s only eight episodes so there’s surely no room for filler. Stephen Dorff is surprisingly good. I haven’t saw him on screen for a while.
  3. Black Cat Supremacist

    Cinema Paradiso - Disc rental service

    I used Cinema Paradiso before to get what UHD blu rays I could off them. No issues at all, will use again.
  4. Black Cat Supremacist

    Now TV

    Everything is in place to compete with the juggernaut that is Netflix but Now TV is a joke. I’m a long term Apple TV user and having had several of these devices I can certainly say the Now TV app is long, long overdue for an update. I’ve just bought a new LG OLED tv and I sat down last night to watch True Detective on its own Now TV app and it wouldn’t work at all once I got logged in. Went back to my Apple TV 4K and watched both episodes in glorious 720p (that also had an occasional not smooth frame rate). It’s 2019, alternate streaming services have plenty of UHD / Dolby Vision content while Sky can’t even give us 1080p. This service currently has no chance of competing. There’s good content available but the technical side is an incredible oversight.
  5. Black Cat Supremacist

    The Predator (2018) - Written by Shane Black & Fred Dekker

    This was at times incoherent with obviously missing scenes. I can’t fathom why they’re missing either. The first half of the movie is sort of watchable but the second half is a mess. It’s not unlike Alien Covenant I suppose. A sequel to something legendary but the more they make of them the worse they get. Both are ultimately just bad films. It’s surprising Shane Black is attached to this.
  6. Black Cat Supremacist

    PlayStation VR

    Steam VR Top Sellers There’s plenty of stuff on there that isn’t available on PSVR. The Oculus Store has things like Lone Echo and The Climb that are both very good and exclusive. I’m not sure about Vive exclusives as I don’t have one but PSVR isn’t the be all and end all of VR. The Epic Store has just given away the very highly related Subnautica for free. Why isn’t that game on PSVR? The PlayStation version is the ordinary one it seems?
  7. Black Cat Supremacist

    PlayStation VR

    I have a Rift and totally disagree. My PSVR camera was attached to the top of my wall mounted tv and the tracking was really poor in certain games. Superhot especially when you’re picking stuff up of the floor. I also had drift to the left side that happened gradually in pretty much every game. I upgraded to the Pro and even with that, visuals are clearly inferior to the Rift. Still, for the price PSVR is an absolute no brainer but although I’ve never tried Vive, my understanding was it’s the pinnacle of VR. You need to factor in the Move controllers as well as they aren’t great in comparison to what HTC and Oculus have instead. I’m not shitting on PSVR as it’s user friendly VR for the masses but I’m stunned that someone is claiming it’s better than a Vive.
  8. Black Cat Supremacist

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    I had a couple of hours to kill this morning so stuck on my favourite walking simulator, DayZ. Clearly the least Christmas game ever. Met a fresh spawn on my travels. He ran up to say hello and despite me being armed to the teeth with four loaded weapons I didn't shotgun him in the face. This suggests I have fully embraced the Christmas spirit. I bought Rez Infinite on Friday and Ultrawings last night as presents to myself from the Steam sale so may dabble in those later when I'm able to get on again tonight.
  9. Black Cat Supremacist


    Only Rez Infinite for me so far. I had never played it before in VR so it was time to do that.
  10. Black Cat Supremacist

    Elite Dangerous - Exploration is now fun... maybe

    Finally got to play the new update last night. I play in VR so I’m using a Xbox pad and know those controls inside out. It’s such a mind blowing experience in VR the vast majority of my ‘gameplay’ is basically trade / data / passenger related. My other core component is exploration. Arrived at a new system and promptly tried to scan, obviously this wasn’t going to happen. Took my headset off and watched a YouTube video on the new process. Still none the wiser I tried again and got nowhere. Gave up and shut the game down. Cheers Frontier.
  11. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem - Demo January 25th (VIP) 1st Feb (Open)

    The NDA suggests I can’t say anything but having played the alpha on PC it is a game I’m now somewhat interested in. I have to admit I didn’t know a huge amount about it beforehand.
  12. Black Cat Supremacist

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Another vote for Cam. It’s fairly engrossing with a nice tight running time. A pretty decent watch.
  13. Black Cat Supremacist

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    The intro to this game was very good. Obviously for a lot of it the player is merely a spectator, but it sets the scene nicely. Now having played the game for several weeks I've pretty much had enough. It controls terribly. Arthur has a certain amount of 'weight' to the way he moves but I find shoot outs to be vague and unsatisfying. The actual controls are insanely complex and make Elite Dangerous on a joypad look simplistic. Having single buttons do multiple things depending on the context of the situation can be randomly infuriating. It's a beautiful looking game but can be oddly sparse all too often. Colliding with objects while on horseback is inconsistent. Providing for the camp is a pointless mechanic that is only in there to extend the life of the game. I'll give the online mode a go when it launches in the hope it lives up to the hype as for me the single player really doesn't.
  14. Black Cat Supremacist

    Beat Saber

    I have it on the Rift. It’s an essential VR game and one that is an endorsement of the format as it’s just not possible without the technology. If I’m ever demonstrating VR it’s certainly one of the games I use.
  15. Black Cat Supremacist

    Black Mesa Source

    Kudos to them for seeing this through. I never did get to the end of what they had made so far. Should really return to it as it’s pretty decent.

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