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  1. Next year the proper https://www.weeklybeats.com/ will be on, a lot more people will be doing that, I think.
  2. It's one of those songs where the actual song doesn't matter. It is Popular Popstar feat. Popular Popster - Generic Title. The saddest thing is that alone gets it plays on Spotify.
  3. Maybe it's because I live on my own and could be accused of prioritising my interests over keeping my flat tidy, but I somehow manage to get something out, even if it's just 2 minutes of a groove, because doing anything is better than doing nothing, it keeps me from just withering creatively. And it's been bloody hard, there have been weeks I've knocked stuff out on a Sunday afternoon with a hangover. But even then the act of sitting down and doing it has been worth it. It's hard with life though, totally. Personally I'm amazed it's October and I've put a track out every week, even a few I really like. I've got into a routine and it feels good. Mind you I am not getting the time to go in-depth and properly work on full tracks.
  4. I have been busy this week. I have another track just about to go up tomorrow or Friday, but also knocked out this bit of Gameboy d&b. Didn't want to have too much GB in my weekly tracks.
  5. The laser etching on the keys is pretty cool actually.
  6. I wish I could remember the name of it, but I remember seeing this early Spectrum game, a 2D Tempest. And it wasn't half bad. Will have to have a look and see if I can find it.
  7. Can they add Frostbite to that?
  8. Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire (2000) Dela Force come up against a Middle-Eastern terrorist mastermind who is using mind control on captured soldiers. I've watched some absolute shit films in my time but this will take some beating for the top spot. Sometimes dumb can be fun, but sadly this is no fun whatsoever, in fact there's no humour at all in a script clearly drawn up on the back of an MRE ration pack bought from an Army surplus store. The Delta Force soldiers barely had an ounce of personality between them, even the Captain barely registered much in the way of character beyond having a girlfriend, a girlfriend who disobayed orders and gave the General that much back chat I was surprised they didn't throw her in the brig or wherever they throw Delta Force operatives. The baddie was brown, of indeterminate nationality and spoke with an accent - he clearly had to die, if not for being a terrorist then for the crime of merely being arch; he literally stood there and spoke, only throwing the worlds least effective punch during what a more generous person than I would describe as a tense showdown. The film ends with said girlfriend drinking what I hoped was the world's larget G&T before Captain turns up and unceremoniously chucks a ring in her drink. Mission Accomplished. You don't have to watch this crap.
  9. "There go my nipples again"
  10. Raw Justice aka Good Cop Bad Cop (1994) A guy is framed for the murder of the mayor's daughter. He teams up with a bail bondsman and ex-stripper to set things right. I was expecting a lot less than I got with this tongue-in-cheek cheapo action/comedy, in fact by the end I was feeling pretty satisfied, although it may have been the cider. It employs every cliche in the book to good effect, David Keith is the rough diamond bail bondsman, Stacy Keach the suitably malicious baddie. Add in Pamela Anderson and Robert Hays, oh and Charles Napier. Some low-budget car chases and Police Squad-style shoot-outs. I burst out laughing when Keith and Anderson just suddenly got it on whilst hiding out in a warehouse - where did that come from? And it's all backed by this comedy southern-US bluesy soundtrack. Dumb as the proverbial box of rocks, cliched to hell, but entertaining.
  11. Jumanji (1995) A couple of orphans find an old board game each turn of which has extraordinary real-life consequences. This is one of those films that's on every Christmas and yet this is the first time I've seen it. Very much a case of "why did I leave it so long?" This is adapted from a novel but I've not read it so this is my opion of the film. And what a superb film it is. Not having any children of my own, the phrase "family film" usually fiils me with dread, but thankfully this is an exception, being a very enjoyable experience for adults, although I would probably have been bowled over by it as a child. Like a child's imagination the story is unfettered by adult concerns about explaining everything and just runs wild, in a tightly-directed way, if that's a possibility. Loved the way it subverted the sappy when the boy was crying, Robin Williams gives him a pep talk complete with suitably heart-tugging music only for a quality comic reveal. Mind you, when there is a genuinely emotional bit at the end I was invested enough to feel happily emotional which surprised me. Unlike a lot of more recent films this didn't feel like a series of vignettes, it all came together with elements from earlier feeding into the chaos. If I had an issue it would be Robin Williams' performance was compaatively understated. Hugely enjoyable, exceeded my expectactions.
  12. Another question: where do I get copper from? I find a deposit but it says my laser isn't advanced enough.
  13. Confessions Of A Window Cleaner (1974) Phwarrrraar! Essentially an excuse to see some bird's knockers, that's what this is. Robin Askwith is the trainee window cleaner who needed to know how to serve the customers right according to Tony Booth. And he does a decent comic turn under the circumstances. One can only assume th elikes of Joan Hickson and Richard Watis were in need of a bob or two. Everyone else knew what they were getting into. I feel suitably flacid after writing this review, it's essentially Carry ON with more boobs and less wit.
  14. Oh yes, I'm now posting these reviews on Letterboxd, so feel free to add TobeLaRone on there for more film-related stuff.
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