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  1. Vimster

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Oh Schofield, you couldn't resist, could you?
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the darker tone it took towards the end. Solid action that fit in with the execution of the moves (you'll know what I mean when you see it). Personally I found the synth soundtrack and sound design superb, really well integrated into the action. Maybe some of the supporting characters were a bit undercooked (the mother, who just seemed to be there to appear confused/concerned). Lots of good use of the situation with the AI that never felt gimmicky. Generally like all good SF it makes you think about the possibilities of AI yet still being hugely entertaining. Watch this in a double bill with Ex Machina.
  3. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Paradox (2016) A group of scientists test their new time travel device, the test subject discovers something shocking when he's transported one hour into the future. Despite the generic title, what we have here is a surprisingly entertaining low-budget time-travel yarn. Like any time travel story it's easy to poke holes in the plot, but it's clear a lot of thought has gone into the story which is quite complex. It's a great example of a writer/director (Mike Hurst) putting the script first and working within the confines of the budget. And whilst the plot can be rather muddled at times, with a little patience, and some suspension of disbelief, the whole thing is tied together at the end giving non-nitpicky viewers something satisfying. Performances get the job done and aren't stellar, but for this cheesy b-movie it's more than adequate. Give it a shot.
  4. Vimster

    The worst crimes in music

    That's pretty much everything in the top 20 these days isn't it? And just so it's not a casual diss, I just had a listen to this week's UK top 40 on Spotify, well, I skimmed through it. And guess what, this German song is actually better than the charts because at least it has a hook, albeit a slight one. This topic has some big musical crimes but let's face it, they're usually entertaining with it. The charts is the worst musical crime because it's straight-up boring, earnest, you can hear the same production ideas in multiple songs, it's like they're all aiming for the same exact sound because that's guaranteed to get plays on streaming. Give me some of that criminally daft music any day over this. Yes I am in my 40s, it's the law to bitch about the charts like your dad.
  5. Vimster

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    I was in from issue 1. A mate told me about this new games mag called Edge that took things a little more seriously than some of the others at the time, including more emphasis on import gaming and development stuff, so I gave it a whirl. I think I may even still have the first 8 or so, although I wouldn't be surprised if they've been lost in time, or a house move at least. Not read it for a few years now but back in the 90s - PS1/N64/etc - essential reading.
  6. Vimster


    I don't think it's getting quite that bad, there are lots of well-seeded torrents of full ROM sets, although there are lots of ones where people have taken all the Japanese stuff out too. There are also full images of RetroPie set-ups doing the rounds, although they are a bit on the large side. WiiWare and XBLIG etc are a different matter. Once again it looks like it's been down to pirates to keep those available to play.
  7. Vimster


    Extreme porn, snuff movies, highly-classified information, stolen credit card and bank account info - and a full set of PC Engine ROMs.
  8. Vimster


    Definitely give that talk above a watch, it does cover a lot of what you mention. Looking at it from Nintendo's point of view, they have to take the lot down in a "give them an inch and they'll take a mile" way. It's not merely about protecting their IP, it's the whole principle of emulation and people setting up their own systems that they're trying to undermine. Companies like Nintendo want users to see them as the source for your nostalgia needs. Remember, we're talking about the sort of people who, when presented with a Mario game, go "oh wow, I haven't played that since I was a nipper!". It's also probably easier to just nuke a whole site than send individual takedown requests for games.
  9. Vimster


    Okay okay I understand why it had to go, and I'm probably not the only one who would go there year in, year out and wonder how the hell they were still standing. But I will miss it for getting hold of specific games easily (well, with a bit of hoop-jumping). Like any site that gets really popular it got noticed, in fact it would often come up at the top of searches for ROMs, which I don't doubt is how Nintendo found them. As for old games being easier than ever to play, watch this interesting talk about the challenge of selling old games vs emulation. Acknowledging companies like Nintendo can do what they can to protect their IP, they'll always put their money before keeping the gaming culture built up over the last 40-odd years alive, because they and Sony and whoever can just take these games away with the press of a button, and we all lose out. And yeah, DavesClassics, sad to hear he's fallen off, but I very well remember when that site was THE go-to for ROMs, and then one day it became happy, shiny all-new DavesClassics that was totally legit thanks to our friends in The Tetris Company and their lawyers.
  10. Vimster

    Great CD Revival

    Interesting article in The Guardian today in relation to whether CDs will ever become collectable: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/aug/08/cds-resurgence-hipster-kryptonite-compact-discs-vinyl-format-music A guy from Discogs was quoted as saying bang on the money. I've got loads of CDs off Discogs which is especially good for slightly more obscure electronic/dance/experimental stuff, and the prices are, on the whole, a lot cheaper than eBay or Amazon Marketplace. It's the truth we all acknowledge, but whilst we're getting fantastic albums for next to nothing, enjoy the decline. Some cobblers about hipsters possibly wanting to get on board at some point - wouldn't be a Guardian article without it. As I've said before, CDs are great for all manner of reasons. Streaming has its place but as someone who has grown up with CDs, and who doesn't have the space or funds to maintain a vinyl collection, CDs will always be my go-to format. And if the prices are low all the better. Better get in there before the hipsters take over.
  11. Vimster

    Retro PC Appreciation Thread

    Off the top of my head, you could enter the BIOS and underclock the CPU, although I'd have to check that out. Might be something to look into.
  12. I honestly thought that guy was going to chuck it in the bin by the end of the video. It's got to be bad if it can't even run Manic Miner.
  13. Vimster

    Aphex Twin

    Had a listen to that track on the previous page and like most of his recent output it's good but not essential. When Come To Daddy and Windowlicker came out there was a real buzz, not least because of the videos and related publicity. It could very well be me being an old cynic at this point, and don't get me wrong this is far from bad. It's more Aphex, it sounds like Aphex, has that style he's settled on over the past decade or so.
  14. Vimster

    Audio Club

    The guy I did the remix for got someone else to master it.
  15. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Worth it for "if I had a dick this is where I'd tell you to suck it".

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