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  1. A movie watchers blog

    The Foreigner (2017) When a Chinese takeaway owner (Jackie Chan) loses his daughter in an IRA splinter group bombing in London, he vows to find whoever was responsible. Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister (Pierce Brosnan), a Gerry Adams-style terrorist-turned-politician, vastly underestimates Chan's vengeful father. A satisfying thriller that weaves the revenge plot with a complex intrigue involving politics and terrorism. Chan may be 64 but he still manages some decent fights, as well as a couple of stunts; it certainly looked like him. Strong performance from Brosnan. Without giving any of the plot away there was a definite nod to First Blood in one section. Good combination of intrigue and action. Worth the bother.
  2. A movie watchers blog

    JIgsaw (2017) Is it a reboot? I'm not sure, but I do know it looks like an attempt to try and get back to what they were doing with Saw 1 and 2, and whilst it delivers fiendish traps and a twisty plot, it lacks the emphasis of plot over traps from the first two original films. It does get bogged down in its own lore towards the end, and some of the twists are of the handily-convenient variety. In a way I wish they'd had a clean break from the original series and just rebooted it entirely. The gore was good, and the plot twists that worked hit home, it was just a bit of a mess, frankly.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It starts off lean and slow, lots of lingering shots, the film takes its time. It is very long for such a simple film. If you'd told me even 10 years ago Vince Vaughn would do something like this I'd have been very surprised. Definitely not for everyone but if you like it grim, slow and brutal it's going to deliver.
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    I don't understand all the sessions and whatnot, I just want to load up and go.
  5. If RCL put as much effort into providing evidence of the Vega+ coming, or even just delivering the thing, as they do detailing the wrangling, the thing would have been there ages ago.
  6. I'm not singling anyone out here, and some efforts are definitely better than others, generally I'm getting a bit tired of the commodification of retro, having our gaming past packaged up and sold back to us, both figuratively and literally. A well-researched book is fine, but projects like the Vega+ is the ultimate piss-take, riding on a wave of nostalgia, creating nothing, and tarnishing future retro projects. Dizzy was, like most 8-bit games, okay at the time but frustrating to play today. What it had going for it was charm and high production values. Ultimately it wasn't any better than similar games at the time, just higher profile. Again our memories of that period are repackaged, willingly or not we swallow it.
  7. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    This has been Facebook's MO for a decade. See what you can get away with, if it fails then pull it. Hopefully make a few notes in the process. Most people will just go with it as they're lazy./not tech-savvy/daft.
  8. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    I was going to say something about it being great we're not leaving the EU etc but throught better of it.
  9. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    That would be paragraph 2 of the press release: "We included the option in a recent update, giving the user the choice of whether they want to receive these offered games". ie don't ask us why we did this in the first place, just know it was down to the user to find the option buried in settings.
  10. Disable 'Featured Content' on your PS4!

    So if your drive is always 98% full does it go mental if it tries to download stuff? Absolutely shameless from Sony. Typical of corporations today: just do something people won't like, weather and outcry, take the feature away and paint themselves as the good guys because "we listened to the community's feedback". You watch.
  11. FYI: the book this thread is based on, Seagalogy: The Kick-Ass Films Of Steven Seagal by Vern, is 99p on the Kindle store at the mo. BTW I'm still going through the films, am up to 2009's Against The Dark. Barring one or two not-bad efforts, it's been very taxing.
  12. Kindle shop Recommendations

    Also, the fantastic Seagalogy: The Ass-Kicking Films Of Steven Seagal by Vern is down to 99p. This is the updated version that goes up to 2012 and includes Machette. If you've not heard of it, this book basically reviews all of Seagal's films up to 2012 (and a few other things besides) in a very entertaining fashion. Highly recommended, especially at that price. I paid full price for it (well, £4.99) and didn't regret it.
  13. The Alan Partridge Thread

    Tons of scope, basically.
  14. The Alan Partridge Thread

    Reminds me of the 100% Partridge http://www.positivity.world/ - a collection of streaming radio stations from Noel Edmonds. The best is Positively Noel, a 24/7 tirade against Lloyds Bank including a music playlist comprising songs relating to money and lies. Worth it for the "exclusive interview", fake Lloyds ads, and constant demands for former and current Lloyds employees to dish the dirt. If Alan Partridge had the money you could imagine him doing something like this after unfairly (in his eyes) being fined for parking in a disabled spot in Norwich city centre.
  15. Nintendo Switch eShop

    If you needed any more evidence this was the new Wii, this is it. The console hasn't been out a year and there's just so much coming out. Hopefully Nintendo will improve discovering games on the eShop before it gets totally swamped by shovelware and lazy ports.

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