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  1. The Division games are all military industrial cobblers with a dubious notion of restoring safety to the streets. If you're being very generous you could say it's a comment on American imperialism, where the player is one of The Good Guys even though what they're doing is just as bad as everyone else, it just so happens they're doing it for All The Right Reasons. However this is Ubisoft inspired by Tom Clancy, so it is simplistic good-vs-evil with a right-wing perspective, wrapped up in authentic-sounding military gobbledygook and a twist of mild near-future SF. Once I'd got past t
  2. That tweet and that ending were a cop-out, no pun intended. He was that tied in knots plot-wise it was his only way out.
  3. Yeah that is a pretty good summary
  4. Been having a think about this argument that this was the perfect ending because it was a comment on corruption in government, and generally the shady interests always win out. Okay, that's a fair enough analysis but I was under the impression Line Of Duty was the TV equivalent of those crime novels you get in supermarkets by the likes of Peter James, where each subsequent novel has some feedback from the previous ones, they're largely from the police perspective and adhere to authentic procedures and practices. The BBC's promotion of the show has always been around the thrill, the mystery, "w
  5. A lot of people on Twitter comparing this to the end of Game Of Thrones. The BBC will hail this series as a triumph largely down to ratings, and if they do do another series they'll use that to justify it. And I'm sure people would watch it but yes, not in the numbers this series has.
  6. She was such a poorly-drawn and lazy character, PC Exposition basically. She had one or two moments where she could actually get some drama in but 99% of the time she was just reading stuff out or summarising.
  7. As others have said that was underwhelming, although frankly that wasn't a massive surprise. Compare that to the first three series where by the time you got to the finale episode in each you were on the edge of your seat. It was clear where things were heading, there was genuine tension, the other plot lines all come together. The series six finale lacked that clarity and drive. I've said before the fact this is now so tied up with previous series really hamstrung this one, twists for the sake of it, drawing in even more obscures connections in lieu of decent clear-cut plot points
  8. A little misleading as you need a Pi3A+, but that's about £50 all in. Getting one is a bit of a faff as you have to be on some group buy via Discord. Hopefully this will end up commercially available easily sooner rather than later.
  9. Galaxy Quest (1999) Not seen this since about 2004, and it has to be said this has aged really well. A film with this premise could have been so lazily knocked out for a quick buck, but it's clear some actual effort went into this, from a sharp script that, unlike most big-budget comedy in 2021, doesn't rely on wacky ad-libs, to some great creature and ship designs. It gets dangerously near to sappy at times towards the end yet thankfully keeps that to a minimum. Attitudes to geek culture have changed a lot in the last 20 or so years, back in 1999 it was still looked down upon to an exten
  10. This was what I feared, but like you I was compelled to watch it this week. If you tried to draw lines between the characters mentioned from previous series it would like like a demented cat's cradle. They handily have all the faces up on the boards in AC-12 for no apparent reason than Ted probably liking to stand and stare at them. Series 7 will literally creak under the weight of tenuous references to minor characters like the woman serving coffee to DCI Tony Gates being a go-between for the OCG and Jimmy Lakewell's cousin PC Vincent Butler from series 3, dramatically revealed towards the en
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