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  1. Vimster

    Audio Club

    Lots of great work here lately. Anyway here's my attempt. I'm about 80% done on a new Vim album which I'm aiming to have out in November. Here's a quick and dirty clip from one of the tracks. It's going to be pretty straightforward big chord electronic music, nothing fancy.
  2. Vimster

    The electronica thread

    You might enjoy this thing he did for Boiler Room, it's an interview/playing favourite tracks/DJ set from just before he release of Reality Testing.
  3. Vimster

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    Does OpenTTD come with the source files these days? Time was you had to provide your own from an original copy. I know it's probably not hard to find but would be nice if it just worked.
  4. Vimster

    ZZap! 64 Annual

    I got mine the other week and I'm very pleased with it. It's essentially like reading a Zzap!64 from 1987/1988 or so, just when the C64 was maturing. I used to read all the old Newsfield mags even though I didn't own all the computers just because they were that good, so reading something that feels just like then brings it all back - mission accomplished then. The calendar will definitely be going up in the kitchen. Found the badge under the bed where it had fallen out of the box. BTW I really want to play that Sam's Journey but jeez the price on that made my eyes water.
  5. I'm led to believe there are certain ways to easily get games on there right from the Vita itself. Obviously I don't know about this at all, guv.
  6. Vimster

    Gaming Albums

    That Super Soul Brothers track is fantastic. I wanted to buy the album til I saw it was $20 - for a digital album. Taking the mickey.
  7. Vimster

    RIP Ben Daglish

    Really sad news. The guy was one of the originals who set high standards for game music at a time when it was considered an afterthought. By all accounts he was a really nice guy too and was more than happy with his legacy. Most of my FB friends are either demoscene musicians, have worked in game dev or were directly involved in C64 music in the 80s, so this is all over my feed. The huge amount of love for the guy is palpable. RIP.
  8. Yeah I got a 29" Trinitron off eBay recently. I am having problems tracking down a service manual as I'd like to use the service menu to adjust some things, the colour is splitting towards the bottom of the screen, for instance. Have to say the sound on this thing is a beast. It has separate bass speakers and gives out some proper booming bass, sounds great on arcade games. If this thing was lighter I'd take it with me. It was a proper pain lugging this thing up the stairs, really really heavy.
  9. Vimster


    Bit late tot his but yeah, I joined Steam when Half Life 2 came out, November 2004. Up to that point all I'd heard about Steam was it was CS players moaning about it all the time. Until The Orange Box came out (pre-ordered that), Steam was pretty much just a way to play stuff online which for me was Gun Game in CS. I never really had a problem with Steam, unlike some who, if you believed the whining, felt it was the worst thing to happen to PC gaming since Windows 95.
  10. Vimster

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    I gave up on the PC version because it takes too long to get new stuff, you spend too much time clearing rooms out. Compared to something like The Binding Of Isaac, which drops new stuff pretty quickly, it felt like a slog.
  11. Just watched this. In short this was a superb mid-tier action film that surpassed my admittedly low expectations. Some excellent fight scenes, creative violence, the last section was handled well with good twists. If you enjoy trashy, cliche-ridden action you will certainly enjoy it. As has been said it's no classic but frankly this sort of film doesn't seek to be classic, it's pure entertainment.
  12. Vimster

    Floating cars in racing games

    I find the racing line is handy for learning a track, but try to turn it off as soon as possible, otherwise you end up just following a line rather than using your judgement. As for rewind, I appreciated it in Grid 2 because it meant I could, if I totally spun off, finish a race rather than have to restart it. Generally I'm one of those people who feel the sim part of racing has seeped into arcade racing, for whatever reason. My idea of fun pure arcade racing would be something like Burnout 2, there's no messing about, put your foot down and away you go. I guess people's expectations of racing now demand a certain amount of realism, or what people feel to be real. Plus it's difficult to do a "big" arcade racer, by their nature they're simple and direct and don't really benefit from a lot of extraneous cobblers. Yet it's that very directness that appeals to me personally, and this is why I prefer to play stuff like Ridge Racer, Burnout, older NFS games like Most Wanted and Underground, rather than semi-sim games like Driveclub that, whilst really good, still require that extra finesse that takes away from a pure arcade experience.
  13. Vimster

    The future of emulation

    These things get streamlined as time goes on. Five years from now PS3 emulation will be as easy as pointing it to an iso. Do you still need to fanny about with shader plugins and all that for PS2/PS1 emulation? That used to put me right off.
  14. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    To be fair this doc was made before those films and concentrates on his game-related stuff. He definitely shifted focus when the tax loophole he used to exploit was closed. It has forced him to become a much more lean director.

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