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  1. Recoil (1998) A crime boss' son is killed after a bank job gone bad by a group of cops, revenge is exacted, but they tried to kill the wrong cop. This is more like it. After the disappointment of Hologram Man, PM redeem themselves with this full-on, if rather predictable, action flick. Gary Daniels is the wrong cop in question, and it really isn't a spoiler to say he loses it all so he can come back fighting. Yes, it's that predictable, no prizes for originality or a twisty plot, but PM does what it does best, solid action with high production values. It certainly felt like the sort of story where they were more concerned with maximising the "oh shit!" factor rather than delivering a believeable story, and frankly that's fine by me. For instance during a hectic and lengthy car chase near the beginning, all of a sudden the chased bank robber pulls out hand grenades - where did they come from? Who cares? It spiced things up nicely. Add in some really heavy-handed religious bollocks and the usual corrupt police insider and the stage is set for action all the way. Extended fight through a limo sunroof during a car chase? You got it! It's the sort of film that defies criticism almost because it exists in its own universe, it deoesn't appear to canibalise influences from other action films (although all the dual-wielding and gun-fetishism is very John Woo), it just does what it does and does it well. Perfect ending too. If you want something middle-brow exciting, you can't go wrong with this. Oh you like the sound of it?
  2. Knowing how basic the VCS is that is super impressive.
  3. Storm Warning (2007) A couple out boating get lost, run aground, shelter in an abandoned cottage but get more than they bargained for. This started very slow, took ages to set up but warmed up to something special. Aussie horror/thriller that, whilst sticking to the people-caught-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-being-tormented-by-psychos script rigidly, right down to the three act structure, ends up delivering the goods. There's some excellent direction that keeps things on a knife edge, that psycho balance where you can feel things are about to kick off. Stick with it because it pays off in the last third with some excellent and creative deaths, and the finale is properly tense. Generally expertly handled pacing and some great performances that aid the unpredictable-nasty vibe. It won't win any plaudits for redefining horror or anything, but I've seen far worse-handled films in a similar vein.
  4. I have a few XTC albums on my MP3 player and this came up at random a while back whilst I was walking to work - it was one of those "oh shit, this is good" moments:
  5. I know she's an actor getting paid and all but she always seemed genuinely pleased to be there.
  6. Yeah yeah, games are great etc, we know.
  7. Ubi used to be really good fun, they did a good varied show and it felt like they cared, but this has been lacklustre. Holding back for next gen? And it's all co-op/team stuff, not interested, though wouldn't mind playing The Division 2 if it's good solo.
  8. Getting their money's worth, and then some.
  9. This guy's accent is all over the place.
  10. Just Dance 2020 on Wii! Yes.
  11. Please, give us that Ubi fake multoplayer slice.
  12. Weren't those AI buddies supposed to be utterly useless in the first one?
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