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  1. This might be fun for, say, Spectrum games where you could get a few random tapes that cost next to nothing and could end up being a fun afternoon. Random carts though? More often than not you'd end up with the sort of stuff people normally discard from a job lot.
  2. Well do yourself a favour and add all the radiangames stuff asap.
  3. Double Jeopardy (1999) Strictly alright thriller livened up with some ludicrous and incongruous action scenes. Tommy Lee Jones doesn't have to stray too far from his comfort zone, extra characterisation being him putting some whisky in his coffee and some awkward overheard dialogue. Whilst you have to root for Ashley Jodd's character I wouldn't want to be the one to have to explain to her son what happened to daddy, but hey if that's the happy ending you want to give us there you go (and if you think that's a spoiler come on, you know what happens right from the off). Speaking of daddy, B
  4. When I set up my 360 a few months back I did fire up Leave Home and that still looks and sounds amazing. Pretty much anything with banging acid in the background is going to be approaching great anyway. Qrth-phyl was going for that classic DR/Warp vibe and largely succeeded, but I found it really difficult to navigate, although that's probably just me being shit. Beat Hazard was initially an XBLIG game. Probably easier to play that on a PC now as it's a bit of a bleeder trying to get the tunes in, plus the PC one can get seriously trippy. Sadly I seem to be more sensitive to flash
  5. When I built my current PC I was aiming for performance over resolution and opted to go 1440p. Playing games like The Division at 60fps was just so nice compared to 30fps on the PS4. But I guess if all you have been playing this last decade has been PS3/PS4 or 360/XB1 then 30fps just feels normal.
  6. I have to agree. Both systems have more than their fair share of shovelware, but going through the library of 3DS games recently it's sadly obvious there aren't as many interesting games as on the DS. That's not to say there are none, of course. Things like Bravely Default and Animal Crossing New Leaf are amazing and really sell the console. After modding my New 3DS last week I dumped a few carts onto the SD card and am looking forward to getting stuck into Etrian Odyssey IV and Fire Emblem Awakening.
  7. More simple arcade action: Rescue On Theflion - https://oscarbraindead.itch.io/rescue-on-theflion
  8. Simple Space Panic clone for the Next - https://kevman3d.itch.io/space-splat
  9. Heroes Of Ruin (3DS) - It's not bad, in fact for a mobile Diablo-style hack n slash it's pretty damn good. It has a story, loot, abilities, all the usual. I just couldn't get along with it. The backgrounds are too detailed, I kept missing enemies coming at me, and my fat fingers couldn't work the controls (so what's new?). Would rather play something like that on a PC really.
  10. The trouble with JRPGs is there are enough people out there who like them how they are, who want them to be predictable and familiar, that they'll never change. Anyone over 25 is old, they all have bonkers hair, if you like that then you're quids in. Mind you there are enough off-kilter JRPGs to make it worthwhile. Things like The Guided Fate Paradox. The premise is so silly it's actually pretty funny.
  11. Titanic - the best crap film ever, according to RedLetterMedia.
  12. When I booted up PGR4 a couple of months back it was interesting to see who on my friends list was still active as I'd not used the 360 in literally years bar the odd update. Mainly people from here. And I got a great feeling of beating friend's times on the leaderboard, although I then remembered said friends hadn't probably touched the game in a good decade. Still, I'll take any minor victories.
  13. Still reading 45, that whole episode with the 6,250 cans of Tennant's Super lager is still making me laugh out loud thinking about it.
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