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  1. Vimster


    On the off chance you don't have it, Unreal Gold is free until 6pm on 24th May.
  2. I was so excited for Chaos Reborn but when I saw it being played it put me right off. The original may look really simplistic but it plays so well who cares about flashy modern graphics? As mentioned above, try Lords Of Chaos.
  3. C64 and Spectrum versions were very similar. Amiga and ST were great. Avoid the PC version though, it was awful. Lords Of Chaos was great. Essentially a cross between Chaos and Laser Squad.
  4. The sooner this is properly investigated the better. It's well overdue.
  5. Absolutely, there's more than enough evidence of financial mismanagement to suggest this is more than a project that has gone out of hand. And if there was any hardware they'd be showing that like it's about to go out of style. You could even say their inability to directly address the fundamental questions everyone has is pretty much a tacit admission. There will come a point where blaming critics, or citing court proceedings will not be a way to avoid the truth. I'm amazed they'd not been directly called to justify their actions to this point.
  6. Okay, if I had Levy and Martin against the wall here are the fundamental questions I would want a straight answer to: 1. Will you provide documentary evidence the console exists, photos, videos? 2. Realistically what is the timeline for the Vega+ shipping? 3. What is your policy in regards refund requests? 4. List your top five reasons the project has not been fulfilled at this point. Naturally I wouldn't expect them to give any straight answers, or any answers, instead blaming everyone else. But in all seriousness I feel that if they could address the basic concerns of backers in as straightforward and honest a fashion as possible, without finger-pointing or emotion, they might be able to claw back a little bit of good will at the very least. I presume they want to carry on in business after this; they're not exactly doing their future projects any favours. If it's all a bit of a mess and they're unable to handle what the project has become, admit it, because whether it's via IGG, the courts, the former directors or any other source the truth will out eventually. Better to head all that off now and take the heat than just keep on pushing that moment into the future. (sorry, I'm just really frustrated that they just aren't dealing with the fundamentals, instead indulging in blaming, vague statements, blurred self-imposed deadlines, censorship of criticism and a seeming lack of awareness).
  7. It's easy to forget jus how big a backlash MS faced after that initial reveal. All their plans were very much from a company who were riding high, the 360 was hugely-successful compared to the PS3, MS thought the good will generated would carry forward, happy 360 owners would go along with them. And Sony had an open goal, just make the console cheaper and not have all the restrictions, and that was largely just carrying on as they had been. You'd hope Sony would learn from that with a PS5.
  8. You're probably right there, sadly.
  9. If there's enough of a jump in performance in future consoles I see it easier than ever for Sony and MS to have systems that make BC'ing a game really easy for publishers, and they can carry those forward, not having to keep repatching. It's a long game in a way. Us lot here might not be that bothered about some 360 or PS3 games but give it a couple of generations and having all those old games just there to be played (and bought digitally) would be more of a sell. It might not be a PS5 where that's a thing, mind.
  10. It does amaze me that seeing the success of BC on the Xbox Sony didn't follow suit. There is that old argument that they're "winning" so don't feel the need to compete, but it would have been good for some sales, ambivalence to BC notwithstanding. I bought my PS4 in 2014 hoping they'd extend the PS1 and PS2 games from PS3 eventually. Obviously that's never going to happen. In fact I barely use my PS4 now barring a bit of Amazon Prime Video. Even my PS3 gets more use. If I could put my PS3 games in there and have them with the subtle enhancements you get with BC on Xbox One then yeah I'd be very happy.
  11. What's the best model to go for? I have a Superslim but until I know this works I'll try it with another machine. I can see they're not that expensive especially if you just want a console. Is the Slim one the best option?
  12. Sadly I think you're right. We're all ready for IGG to come in and sort RCL out but the cynic in me knows it'll be a bit of bluster, Levy and co will find some way to muddy the deadlines and extend this thing on in a vague sort of way. IGG does need to put its foot down though in order to show they won't tolerate potential fraud. How much do they make off successfully-funded campaigns again?
  13. I reckon you're slipping, Daz, you should have had the classic 180 as the cover.
  14. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    The Void (2016) When a police deputy finds a man lying in the road and takes him to a rural hospital with a skeleton staff, nothing could prepare them for the horrors that follow. It starts out in familiar horror territory but without wanting to give much away it goes way beyond that. A good tag line might be "if Lovecraft did Assault On Precinct 13", visceral cosmic horror, confidently directed. A hint of 80s fantasy horror like Hellraiser. A great watch.
  15. Totally, I'm not sure if it was by design or not but the limited inventory space doesn't really encourage trading, and you're stuck with a small ship for a fair old while at the start. Even a little speculation, or tying in what resources a certain planet needed based on its geography would have been better than just emptying the hold.

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