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  1. They seem to be getting on ok, but the over the top northern light entertainment is getting on my nerves already.
  2. I don’t know where you are, but there’s Tilt https://tiltbrum.com/ and Kong’s https://www.kongsbars.com/bars/birmingham/ in Birmingham. Both are trendy bars with some gaming rather than an arcade with some drinking but there’s definitely a market.
  3. Andy has said that Leeds is the proof that the format scales and travels, but he would like more sites if it’s viable.
  4. If follows the usual pattern, it’ll be the size of a matchbox. How far through console history do we expect manufacturers to go with these?
  5. Michael Rooker is a good choice if they are starting with Wizard & Glass.
  6. I’m finding their use of real life interview clips quite interesting. This is a show that’s never felt quite sure what it wants to be. Sometimes it’s 24 style thriller, other times it’s very straightforward political drama and now they are going for a bit more social commentary.
  7. Pretty sure The Deuce had plenty of drugs though it wasn’t exactly cheery stuff.
  8. These are apparently going to be £25 in Smyths tomorrow.
  9. They were introduced as baby Bill and Ted, and these are Billie and Thea.
  10. Thanks for this guide. I got my Classic at the weekend and am looking forward to giving it a go.
  11. Yep, but make sure they have seen the original Karate Kid first
  12. Dreadful is overstating it. There’s a definite drop off in quality without the tournament to give the season more structure, and the last episode was pretty dire but I’ve still enjoyed the season as a whole.
  13. Indeed. You can bet that there will be a few more explicit statements about what isn’t acceptable for DMs running games next year, but that’s firmly in the “nobody would be that stupid” category that you don’t expect to have to mention.
  14. This hasn't aged well. I don't really follow boxing, but Ruiz looked chuffed to bits on the news this morning, and came across really well.
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