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  1. Vespa Alex


    Where are you watching it? I had ep1 and thought it was good, but couldn’t find the rest.
  2. Vespa Alex

    Mr Tonys Amiga 1200 Restoring Adventure!

    I don’t know what the failure rate is on Amiga disks, but I expect it’s not brilliant on ones treated well.
  3. Did it take long to lick that one clean?
  4. Vespa Alex

    Jacqueline Pearce has passed away

    Worthy of a thread of it’s own.
  5. Vespa Alex

    Do/did your parents game?

    No interest whatsoever from my parents. I don't think my dad ever really approved of video games (or rock music, or sci-fi, or anything else I was interested in as a kid).
  6. One that I don't think has been mentioned yet is Starship Troopers. It might not be everyone's idea of a classic, but I went in knowing very little about it, and came out and felt exhausted. Great stuff.
  7. I think I saw Star Wars, but can’t be sure as I’d only have been 5 or 6 at the time. It’s something my grandad would have taken me to see, but he’s no longer with us so I can’t ask him and nobody else can remember.
  8. Yep, genuinely tense as anything I can remember. The only downside is having to wait a week for each episode now, as we’ve got used to running through tv shows quite quickly.
  9. Vespa Alex

    C64 ownership at last - psu question

    I hadn’t realised commodore PSUs were that risky to use these days. I’m used to electronics failing to dead rather than producing out of spec voltages.
  10. Vespa Alex

    Castle Rock - Stephen King and JJ Abrams

    We did three or four then gave up. I just didn’t enjoy it and couldn’t really say why.
  11. Vespa Alex

    Disenchantment - Matt Groening on Netflix

    We watched the last Ep last night and enjoyed it. Not as good or funny as Futurama, but far better than the Simpsons has been for ages.
  12. Vespa Alex

    Galaga Chronicles

    Erm.... ok. Seems a little odd but I’ll keep an eye out.
  13. Vespa Alex

    The Man in the High Castle

    I’ve watched it three times now. Goosebumps.

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