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  1. Has any of the gameplay shown so far had much in the way of exploration? Because I can easily see the whole thing essentially being a series of corridors between set pieces. I'd be surprised if we get a world map like the original in part 2 onwards.
  2. Yeah but the thing is, all they did is copy the code for the original GB version, paste it into the Remake-o-tron, and hit the Modernise Graphics button. Two minutes' work for the work experience lad. And they have the nerve to charge full price.
  3. Man, I'm so hyped for this. I think it looks amazing. And the music is powerful nostalgia. The first couple of bars of the intro track and it's suddenly Christmas 1993 again, and I'm playing it on my brand new game boy.
  4. And in space they discover these floating jellyfish-like parasitical creatures that drain the life energy of whatever they latch onto. In other words the sequel to BotW and Metroid Prime 4 ARE THE SAME GAME!!!!! MEG4TON!!!!!!
  5. My guess is magic will be tied to materia, but materia won't level up. So fire materia will let you cast fire, but if you want fire lv 2, you'll need a fire lv2 materia. Which is a separate thing, rather than a levelled up lv1 one. If you get my meaning.
  6. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    Ideal, I'll give that a try, thanks.
  7. I look forward to playing this (and even enjoying it!), then waiting 18 months for part two, then when it finally comes out, it's Kalm (including the Nibelheim flashback), then the Chocobo Farm and the Midgar Zolom. And that's it. Another 18 months till part 3! Which is cancelled due to poor sales of part 2.
  8. dug

    Nintendo Switch

    I've started to get the old left joycon stick issues. Up and down are unresponsive, but left and right are fine. Is this the one that can be fixed with a blast of compressed air?
  9. Glad it's not just me! While I thought it was an interesting visual style, my brain just could not parse what was going on, gameplay wise. I thought it might be that I'm now officially old, but if other people couldn't understand it, it can't be age, right?
  10. dug

    12 Minutes

    Yep, this has gone on my Interested list.
  11. I'm not particularly hyped; the lack of Sony has significantly drained my usual excitement. Still interested in Nintendo, but I'm not expecting much, really. From Software is the only other studio I'm interested in, but they're not big enough to have their own presentation are they? I guess they'll be part of the Microsoft one maybe?
  12. Much better from England Edit: well, going forward anyway...
  13. I've noticed VVD getting booed every time he's on the ball. My first thought was there must be lots of United fans among the England crowd, but Wijnaldum isn't getting booed. So don't know what that's about.
  14. When I said that Timespinner is my second favourite recent metroidvania after Hollow Knight, I should perhaps have made it clear that Hollow Knight is head and shoulders above the rest, imo. So while I did really enjoy Timespinner, "not a patch on Hollow Knight" is a fair comment.
  15. This looks right up my street. Currently playing Death's Gambit, which I'm enjoying, and this looks similar but faster paced. And better graphics.
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