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  1. I've just discovered LP. Bloody hell she's brilliant! Why was I not informed before?!
  2. I absolutely loved this on the Wii, so am very tempted by this version. Although I'm supposed to be starting a university course in September, so should be saving as much as possible between now and then. Although with things the way they are, who knows if that's even going to happen? Basically, what I'm saying is I'm definitely getting this.
  3. I really liked this week's episode and last week's. It seems much tighter and more focused than season two. Each character has one storyline, no confusing bollocks or multiple timelines. Although time will tell how well that sentence ages.
  4. You have to be hit by the lightning while you're in mid-air, then press attack before you land.
  5. @robdood made a(n excellent) series of beginner's guide videos, which I wholeheartedly recommend @David Heath and @Bushtopher have a look at. Here's the first one:
  6. I read the first six issues of Locke and Key last night. I liked it. Joe Hill has a knack for characters like his father, and the set up is quite intriguing. I want to know what's going on with the house and the keys, and what's the deal with the "echo" in the well (not in the well any more, but you know what I mean). Not so keen on the art though. The style to me seems more in keeping with a zany, knockabout comedy series, so seeing it depicting quite dark subject matter seems jarring to me. Does the series retain the same artist all the way through, or do different artists draw different story arcs? I'm looking forward to continuing it tonight.
  7. Good game, yeah, I really enjoyed it. Great graphics, animations and music. And the ultra-catholic/inquisition style is one I haven't seen before in a game, very memorable. But like you, I much preferred the gameplay to the plot, to the point where I can't really remember what it was all about now. Deserves much wider exposure that it seems to have got on here.
  8. All the music is brilliant, frankly. But Ludwig's is my favourite.
  9. Finished this the other day. Overall it's not one of my favourites of the genre, but I liked it. Its main issue was the controls; Ori feels like he (she?) has no weight or heft and so can be awkward to get him to do exactly what you want in the air. Even by the end of the game I never felt as though I had complete control over Ori when jumping. Which was particularly an issue with the escape sections. Well, the first one wasn't too bad, but the others were utter bullshit in places. Any obstacle that kills you instantly but which comes at you so fast that it's impossible to react to is fundamentally unfair in my opinion. And the escape sections have too many of them. I did like the exploration aspect though, and figuring out how to get the hidden collectables and power ups. And the presentation of course is lovely. I'll be playing Ori and the Will o'the Wisp if it comes out for the Switch.
  10. Indiana Jones and the Shambling Corpse of the Once-Great Franchise
  11. Could have been worse. Could have been "every fucking day."
  12. I'd heard of La-Mulana, but had no idea what it was, so had no interest in it. But thanks to your description, I might just go and buy it now! Sounds right up my street.
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