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  1. tonic_water

    Good crisp bad crisp

    The motherlode...
  2. tonic_water

    The worst crimes in music

    Reminds me of this chancer:
  3. tonic_water

    Your Viewing Hall of Shame

    Real Housewives of Cheshire. Strangely compelling.
  4. tonic_water


    I'm not convinced by the new album. I've listened to it a few times and I think it's a bit flat. I mean it's not bad, but it's not great either. The new Slowdive album on the other hand I thought was a pretty decent effort. I saw Ride last night at The New Theatre in Oxford. It was a great concert - they've definitely still got it as a live act. They played wonderful versions of Seagull, Like A Daydream (which is my all-time favourite song), OX4 and Drive Blind among others. Their original material has held up really well over the last 20 years. Do they ever play anything live from Carnival of Light? Here's the epic 8 minutes of Drive Blind from last night...
  5. Having a cupboard clearout at work and I found this. I so wanted one back 20 years ago when they were first released. Couple of AAs later and Behold! It lives! Now just need to work out what (if anything) useful/fun I could do with it.
  6. tonic_water

    The worst crimes in music

    "12 inches of Snow" is a great album title though.
  7. tonic_water

    Your favourite TV ads

    I always liked this one: "Tell Charles I'm on my way! Taxi!"
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  9. tonic_water

    Viz - The Comic

    That would be the best thing ever. Farmer is worth following on Twitter if only for new strips of The Male Online. I'm actually right now at a talk/event hosted by Barney Farmer. He's talking about the history of Drunken Bakers and about booze. Mostly about booze. He's one of the funniest people I've ever listened to.
  10. You know nothing, John0... ...sorry.
  11. tonic_water

    Point Break Remake - Trailer - Christmas 2015

    They're just going to fuck it up.
  12. Nobody expects the Stannis inquisition.
  13. tonic_water

    The Hardest Games Of All Time!

    Castle Quest on the BBC.
  14. tonic_water

    Banished (PC) - building towns, winter is coming.

    If you have farmers, do they automatically go off and do other useful things (labourer) during the winter when there isn't any farming to be done? Or do they just hang around doing nothing until planting time comes round?
  15. tonic_water

    Your N64 Anecdotes

    I remember going to stay with a mate in Japan in 1997. He had a Japanese N64. When he was out at work I would try and play Goldeneye in Japanese which basically meant not understanding any of the level objectives and wandering around shooting everything that moved with the double Dostoyevsky pistols. Happy Days!

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