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  1. It's actually possible as Christian Marques is eligible to play for Portugal
  2. The table for option 3 is flawed because it takes the table after 19 games which is not when each team had played each other once
  3. Anyone else had an issue moving between seasons at the start of the game, I've unlocked Autumn but it just plays the cut scene showing the world changing to Autumn colours, then the cut scene stops and it just hangs with the radio playing in the background
  4. Imagine it will be the same as usual with all the episodes dropping on Netflix a month after the series has ended in the States
  5. Seems a bit ironic calling them cheats considering who they were playing tonight
  6. Ocon would be the ballsy choice think he's a better prospect than Werlehin.
  7. Was not expecting NBA 2K to be apart of the trailer wow
  8. JB to retire at the end of the season
  9. It's defiantly a good thing, we were stuck in mid-table hell again this season without the takeover at least now we can feel confident that we will be able to fight for promotion, fosun are buying us with the intention of getting us to the Premier League as soon as possible
  10. Group winner qualifies runner up goes into a playoff match
  11. The home teams qualify for the playoffs as division winners the away teams this weekend qualify as wildcards
  12. The TMO decisions so far I have found are quicker than we see at the club level.
  13. The DC incident was not team orders though him and Mika had an agreement that who lead coming out of the 1st corner would win the race, did not make DC seem like a loser straight away but as the year went on and Mika dominated him in the championship it did make him seem like an idoit to give up his only advantage of the year.
  14. To be fair to Nick Mullins he was not talking about the whole of Fiji and was just talking about the smaller villages in Fiji. Typical game tonight against a tier 2 nation tight for 60 minutes and then the tier 1 nation pulls away at the end. Need to avoid turning the ball over so much next week against Wales but getting the 5 points was the crucial aim tonight and we achieved that. Looking forward to the weekend's action France/Italy and New Zealand/Argentina should be good games and whilst Samoa/USA is not a stand out game really looking forward to seeing how Ray Lee-Lo and Blaine Scully do
  15. Good to see the Patriots ball boy has got new job being a Pirelli engineer
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