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  1. Daaaaamn!! I'm guessing Data won't be in it much (possibly a dream sequence?) given the cost of CGI de-ageing. He looked a bit... bloated. And those can't be his body parts in the drawer, can they? He blew up. Maybe B4 or Lore. Whatever, I'm intrigued. Engage!
  2. Yet another ridiculously obtuse piece of puzzle design. World 5-1, ShyGuy Jungle. There's an invisible block that you have to reveal to get across a timed platform (a flower) before it closes. No, not even invisible, because it's on the ground level and you can walk through it. It's literally not there until you hammer it, which you wouldn't do unless you knew it was there. Even looking up the solution, I couldn't find this sodding block! "Use your hammer to hit near the wall", it said. I looked up three walkthroughs all saying basically the same thing. "Hit the area near the wall, next to the blue flower". Well, I hit several areas near the wall. I hit the wall itself. I hit the flower itself. I walked up and down hitting every square inch and I still couldn't find it. Eventually, I was standing at just the right distance from the wall and hammered the exact part of the platform to make the block appear. If I hadn't looked it up, I would likely never have found it, or knew I was looking for it. I could have spent literally months hammering away and not bloody found it. Even when I knew roughly where it was, it took a good five minutes to hit the exact spot I needed to. Kersti's "tips" are hopeless, too. "Ooh, jungles are hot and humid, no good for paper". Yeah, sod off Kersti. Tell me something that's actually constructive. It's things like this that spoil an otherwise delightful game, unfortunately. EDIT: There is no way to know whether the thing you need to do is in the level itself or requires you to go back to somewhere else (the game had already sent me out of the level to pick up something else I needed, resetting everything). There's no indication whatsoever of anything, no guidance at all when you're stuck. The 'tips' are level-specific, at best - never pointing you the right way. It's a game where you progress by fluke, finding things by chance, going literally everywhere in the whole game over and over again, or cheat and look up the solution. Sours the experience.
  3. What about "I don't have a Switch yet but I want one and haven't decided which one I'll get but probably veering towards a normal Switch because of features but the Switch Lite is so pretty and I want one"? It's a bit wordy but I think it'd cover a few voters.
  4. Maaaaan, the Mandela Effect people be cray-cray! Just pages and pages of people going "open your mind to the possibilities, man!" while completely ignoring the far saner (and actually proven) possibility that human memory is just utter shit.
  5. Remako v1.0 has been released and works with all PC versions.
  6. I really liked this! Disclosure: I only got into the Beatles in 2009. Prior to that, I hadn't really listened to them. Wasn't interested. Didn't care. So the idea that their music can still appeal to a modern audience is fairly easy for me to buy as a concept. I mean, Abbey Road is now literally one of my favourite albums ever. However, how much of my appreciation comes from knowing that this is music of a certain era? Am I subconsciously attributing more appreciation to songs because I know they were genre-defining or technically accomplished marvels of their time? Would I be as receptive to a Beatles song I'd never heard before if I didn't know who it was by and when it was written? Can I really separate the art from the artists? Can anyone? Eh, I dunno. I thought the film did a reasonable job of addressing some of these questions but it wasn't the focus. The focus was the main character's guilt and emptiness at succeeding on the back of somebody else's work... and a run-of-the-mill love story that I felt like I've seen many times before, unfortunately. Himesh Patel plays the leading role with a sincerity, understated humour and believability. He definitely carries the film, while the supporting cast kind of grate a bit, although they have some funny moments too. I enjoyed all the parts where Jack is trying to remember the lyrics, because of course you would when you have no means of looking them up! (Imagine trying to recall the words to hundreds of songs without a reference!) I thought the bit was quite sweet and well done. The bits with the was quite tense. I didn't know where that was going, but I'm glad it went the way it did. I expected more to happen with It's not a film I'd rush to see again; it's a once and done deal. It's a VERY Richard Curtis film, painfully so. If you don't like Richard Curtis films, this won't change your mind. But I enjoyed it a lot. I'm a sap and a softie and it made me smile.
  7. Oooh, exciting new hardware. So, as somebody who still doesn't have a Switch but loves handhelds (I know, I know, I've got a lot of 3DS and Vita back-catalogue to get through), this is appealing - however, let's see if I've got this right. Pros: More comfortable to hold. Lighter and smaller, better for carrying around. Proper D-pad. Cheaper. Probably a bit more resistant to chucking about, fewer moving parts to break. Slightly better battery life. Cons: No TV connectivity whatsoever. 1-player only, unless using additional controllers. No kickstand. No rumble (at all, or just HD?). No motion control (not even tilting?) Smaller screen. ???
  8. I'm getting into this the more I play and get used to it. Despite my initial disappointment that the swinging is too automated, it is still fun and I really like the way you can zipline to a perch point (L2+R2) while flinging yourself around the rooftops. In fact, that's more fun than actually swinging, and it works as both a way to propel yourself forwards quickly, and as way to slink around stealth sections slowly. I also like how the manual web line is handled, aiming at a wall or ceiling and zipping to stick to it. Slow crawling and upside-down hanging are also nicely handled. Getting around the interiors or the exteriors is pretty smooth compared to other Spidey games without feeling awkward. Occasionally, Spidey does something I didn't intend, but on the whole he handles well. A very different feel to Batman, much less clunky. I didn't like the combat at first but even that's growing on me. When I'm not completely flustered and intuitively start leaping, snatching, spinning and webshotting through hordes of goons, it's actually very cool. I particularly enjoy grabbing objects while still in the air and flinging them downwards. Also, the swinging kick move is very fun, although it's bizarre that it works even when there's nothing to attach above you! I've gone from hating any section where enemies appear to... actually quite enjoying them. (Though this may change if they start throwing too many brutes at me.) Side quests / collectathons are repetitive and the justifications for them are flimsy, but I find the research stations unintentionally hilarious. Every single one that Peter finds just happens to be on the verge of disaster, even when they're researching something seemingly innocuous. "Oh, researching pigeons could be helpful... OH MY GOD THEY'RE ABOUT TO SPREAD THE PLAGUE!!"
  9. World 4-1: how does putting a radiator in a brick enclosure make any sense? The little radiator sticker isn't even the right size for the massive box outline it shows you, and I'd already wasted the radiator earlier trying to melt the snowcone (which didn't work - you need a fire hammer or something similar, because of course you do!) so I had to keep going back to the Thing shop to get more Things. Honestly, I like the game but it's damned frustrating at times. Oh for the love of-...
  10. This was released in the "Nintendo Selects" budget line recently, but seemingly only in the US. Are Nintendo doing any more "Selects" for UK 3DS games or is that avenue now closed?
  11. Some editing choices threw me for a bit. Also, when
  12. Having no knowledge of the comics, the I continue to really like Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Peter Parker. I think him being cocky and wisecracking would make him indistinguishable from all the other MCU heroes, so having him just be a kid who's unsure of himself, and wants to impress his father figures, makes more sense. I was perfectly happy watching Peter trying to juggle his life around superhero-ing. The Euro trip stuff was fun. Pete and MJ work well together. Ned was a little bit side-lined. Some very funny moments in this, but some others that seemed forced or missed the mark. The action was pretty good but stretching credibility in places. I liked that the Best post-credits scenes in a while, too.
  13. Is the song also removed for the people who bought it before it was removed?
  14. Well done, it's always more satisfying to fix things yourself. Is that an original OLED Vita?
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