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  1. Sprite Machine

    PlayStation VR

    Hmm, I noticed a very slight tilt with mine (v1) the other night, but I put it down to the fact that the console had been on sleep mode for a few hours. Also, I started getting cut-outs to the headset's picture and sound, and the TV image flickered with static - apparently also an issue when the console has been sleeping for a while. Definitely power down fully and reboot when it happens, that seems to sort it. I'll keep an eye on the tilting thing, though - I've not had it happen before then. ---- In other news, I still can't get on with WipEout. I managed about three races and had to stop. My head was spinning the rest of the night and I genuinely felt queezy. I just don't play on VR frequently enough to develop the 'legs' for it. I'm lucky to get two short sessions a week these days. Great fun, though.
  2. Sprite Machine

    BSNES HD Mode 7 mod (4k F-zero anyone)

    That's clever! So the distorted 'texture' was always higher res but the way the scaling worked made it look blocky?
  3. Sprite Machine

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    I'm finally selling my mod-chipped PS2 (slim), having realised I've not played it in years. End of an era, man. Tekken Tag, Ridge V and TimeSplitters at launch - fast framerates but slow loading times. Finishing with epics like SotC and GTA:SanAn - low framerates but short/seamless loading. Heck of a library and an all-round brilliant console. My memory cards still have the game titles written on the little labels in biro. Sorry to see it all packed up and gone, but good memories.
  4. Sprite Machine

    Currently playing...

    Currently playing Alundra (PS1), which I've never played before, but as a Zelda fan I felt I needed to. (To my shame, I did play the much-maligned sequel back in the day and quite enjoyed it. ) It is very similar to classic 2D Zelda so far, but with darker storytelling, and more vertical level design due to the included 'jump' ability, which makes navigation a little confusing. Also, whoever designed the button configuration needs a stern talking to.
  5. "How about... Ghost Mutt?"
  6. Sprite Machine

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    Oh god no, not fan service.
  7. This isn't the first time a new/different storefront has bought PC exclusivity, is it? I seem to remember having to download EA's Origin in order to play Mass Effect 3, and that wasn't even a timed exclusive! Yes, it was their own game so it was to be expected, and yes it was a bit annoying having to set up a new account (especially when it got hacked)... but it's hardly the end of the world and isn't really a new thing.
  8. Sprite Machine

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I'm sceptical about streaming games in general, but that looks really slick. Best of luck with it.
  9. I know Terminators have real skin and hair and everything, but the fact that they can actually grow beards makes me realise that non-bearded Terminators must have to shave. This is probably not the mindset the filmmakers want me to go in with.
  10. Sprite Machine

    PlayStation VR

    To be honest, I kinda want to play it normally first anyway. I never played 2048 on Vita and it looks spiffing on a big TV.
  11. Sprite Machine

    PlayStation VR

    It defaulted to all comfort settings for the race I tried (2048, lots of drops), I still felt weird playing it. My brain just cannot reconcile moving with not feeling movement. I seem to be particularly susceptible to the problem, though. I'll try it again at some point, but I'm feeling queezy just remembering it.
  12. Sprite Machine

    PlayStation VR

    Having not put the headset on in over three months, it probably wasn't a good idea to try Wipeout VR for the first time last night. Phew! That might be one for TV play only, I think.
  13. Sprite Machine

    Currently playing...

    Completed Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee but, as expect, got the "bad ending". I have no desire to run through it again looking for more mudokons, so it's done. It's very much a game of trial and error (or "death-death-death-death-advance"), and eking slow progress out of exploiting every quirk of the game's mechanics. I don't think I've ever died so many times playing anything!
  14. Sprite Machine

    PlayStation VR

    Just reading up on this, and it sounds really fun! Uses the Move controllers as Iron Man's thrusters and weapons, so everything is done with the arms - flying, moving, shooting. https://venturebeat.com/2019/04/02/how-the-flying-fantasy-of-iron-man-vr-came-to-be-on-psvr/
  15. Sprite Machine

    Megadrive Mini - Emulation by M2, Menu Music by Yuzo Koshiro

    Man, I love the Japanese Sonic box art.

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