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  1. I've played a fair bit of this, but it does feel like the game is playing me and not the other way around.
  2. It seems like shaking the tree to drop fruit leaves the fruit on the floor even after you leave the area, and after the 3 hour cycle. That's something that might free up a bit of inventory space whilst keeping the tree cooldown mechanic working.
  3. Hey Chrissy, here's those three bugs you wanted, you fucking weirdo.
  4. My ID is 0324 3633 295 for anyone willing to add me.
  5. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    No, this is how I'm expecting the division between mobile and console portions on the NX to work.
  6. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    Both Smash Brothers and Hyrule Warriors are cut-down experiences on the 3DS. Source: I've played them.
  7. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    I think you're getting hung up on the specifics of my comment, I'm suggesting that the mobile component offers a subset of the total experience. Do you think that having Nintendo merging the handheld and console divisions is 'daft'? Do you think that selling Super Smash Brothers and Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and 3DS is 'daft'? Also, why not offer an interesting counterpoint instead of tediously dismissing someone else's contribution as 'daft'?
  8. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not sure if you're reading my comments in the context of the Eurogamer article, if you are then you're making the wrong assumption. I'm expecting the NX to be an evolution of the Wii U where the controller is designed to be portable.
  9. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    Care to elaborate?
  10. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    With the Wii U they already sold a base unit and an expensive controller, it's just that the controller wasn't designed to be independent. This didn't stop the Wii U from being competitively priced.
  11. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    If that was true, it wouldn't necessary stop Nintendo from doing it. They basically failed to sell off-screen play on the Wii U. One would assume that buying a NX, or whatever it ends up being called, would net you the mobile and base unit.
  12. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    In the case of Breath of the Wild, I'd expect the portable element of the game to be constrained to dungeons and perhaps mini-games to working within limits of the mobile GPU, whereas when docked the entire game is made available to players. Perhaps the base unit also leverages the mobile cpu for a second screen. The idea of walking around with a heavily cut-down version of Zelda appeals to me, but it also seems like a very Nintendo-ish thing to do.
  13. andy_h

    Nintendo Switch

    That's not really true. They've provided the API and hardware support for third parties to sell controllers for their products. If they were trying to actively convince game developers that slapping half a controllers on each end of an iPhone is the future of gaming then I would at least expect Apple to provide their own game controller solution, and remove the restriction that every game providing support for a controller also provide a touchscreen-control fallback.
  14. andy_h

    New Nintendo Direct Announced

    I'm assuming that you're not actually privy to the internal development cycles within Nintendo, so you should really let the game speak for yourself instead of jumping to conclusions.
  15. andy_h

    Beyond Good & Evil 2 Rumoured For NX

    This would seem likely, given how clearly the first game was influenced by Zelda, and the previous Bayonetta 2 exclusivity deal. However, Michel Ancel recently sat down with Tim Schafer to talk about the first game in Double Fine's 'Devs Play' series, and Michel talked quite frankly about BG&E2's current development, and had some choice words to say about his previous dealings with Nintendo, and in particular Miyamoto. These details in particular make it less likely, in my opinion, but I have no real insight in the situation either, and this may all be misdirection.

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