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  1. Huz

    Doctor Who

    The Pertwee trailer on Twitch is disappointingly bad. When the most quotable line is "I should need to put my hand inside!" they need to up their game. Maybe I was just spoiled by the majesty of LONDON 1965.
  2. Huz

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    When he said he was ending the series after the Russell Crowe thing, for some reason I took him at his word so now I have a few episodes to catch up on. Clever old me.
  3. Huz

    Doctor Who

    I stayed up until half past midnight watching The Time Meddler, The Ark and The Gunfighters. The War Machines looked pretty good too but I had to sleep.
  4. Huz

    Doctor Who

    It looks like basically ALL of New Who is available on iPlayer for the next 5 months. So much so that it's actually quite difficult to see all the episodes in one place on the TV app. 10,000 people watching The Time Meddler on Twitch atm too. Not sure if more or less than I expected. Probably more!
  5. Huz

    Doctor Who

    Got some interesting omissions from the Twitch screenings. The Five Doctors, Resurrection/Revelation/Remembrance of the Daleks are all missing, I assume because of the same Terry Nation estate fuckery that kept the Dalek episodes off UK Gold back in the day. I'm not sure how the older episodes (from Destiny of the Daleks backwards) don't seem to be affected though. I also noticed that Planet of Fire (Peri's introduction!) is missing, but I can't think why. On the flip side, they're including spinoff series K9 and Company!! I couldn't see any other obviously missing episodes.
  6. Huz

    Doctor Who

    How dare you! Vengeance on Varos is brilliant!
  7. I seem to remember this being promised when the original format first started. Tarrant in the trailer said something like "you can even ask me!". But it must have been dropped before the first episode made it to the screen.
  8. Do we know when it's showing up on UK TV/legit streaming services?
  9. Huz

    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Worth it just for this Amazon review which made me flob all over my phone screen...
  10. Huz

    Robot Wars Returns - Sunday 8pm BBC2

    Yeah it's amazing what a difference 15 minutes made. The old shows were perfect at 45 minutes on a weekday teatime, but an hour on a Sunday night was just tedious.
  11. Was she trying to get a huge offer from the Chaser for taking a step closer? The Chaser often makes a bigger offer if (s)he thinks the contestant is a bit dim. I've always wanted to see someone do deliberately badly, then take a big offer and win. I take it from your response that it didn't happen in this case?
  12. Another vote for Blakes 7 - genuinely great if you can overlook the classic BBC special effects (it does go downhill in the final series though). But since that's already been mentioned, how about Children of the Stones? It's for kids really but it's still pretty atmospheric, like The Wicker Man Lite with a sci-fi angle (albeit very slight).
  13. Huz

    Only Connect, BBC Four

    You guys talk about entering a team every couple of years and you've never done it yet - even when "davidbod" came on here to convince you back on page 3. I assume that guy is the excellently named "David J. Bodycombe".
  14. Huz


    If anyone hasn't got a Steam Link yet... Game are selling them for £4. (No controller). You can reserve online for collection. https://www.game.co.uk/en/steam-link-click-reserve-816924?utm_source=RakutenMarketing&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=2447268:HOTUKDEALS&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=42508&ranEAID=aBCSbjOIq8Q&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Rakuten-_-GameAffiliate-_-banner&ranSiteID=aBCSbjOIq8Q-jQ7YvTa47gakjoAmmKBcTA I've finally succumbed and reserved mine. Update: Cheers Game.
  15. Huz

    Your favourite Christmas episodes

    Hah. Earlier this week I watched the Christmas episode of Black Mirror (which gets my vote), followed by 12 Days of Christine. Hadn't planned on the latter until I was halfway through the Black Mirror episode, but somehow they fit together well. Probably helps that they're of a similar vintage.

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