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  1. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Worth it just for this Amazon review which made me flob all over my phone screen...
  2. Robot Wars Returns - Sunday 8pm BBC2

    Yeah it's amazing what a difference 15 minutes made. The old shows were perfect at 45 minutes on a weekday teatime, but an hour on a Sunday night was just tedious.
  3. Was she trying to get a huge offer from the Chaser for taking a step closer? The Chaser often makes a bigger offer if (s)he thinks the contestant is a bit dim. I've always wanted to see someone do deliberately badly, then take a big offer and win. I take it from your response that it didn't happen in this case?
  4. Another vote for Blakes 7 - genuinely great if you can overlook the classic BBC special effects (it does go downhill in the final series though). But since that's already been mentioned, how about Children of the Stones? It's for kids really but it's still pretty atmospheric, like The Wicker Man Lite with a sci-fi angle (albeit very slight).
  5. Only Connect, BBC Four

    You guys talk about entering a team every couple of years and you've never done it yet - even when "davidbod" came on here to convince you back on page 3. I assume that guy is the excellently named "David J. Bodycombe".
  6. Steam

    If anyone hasn't got a Steam Link yet... Game are selling them for £4. (No controller). You can reserve online for collection. https://www.game.co.uk/en/steam-link-click-reserve-816924?utm_source=RakutenMarketing&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=2447268:HOTUKDEALS&utm_content=10&utm_term=UKNetwork&ranMID=42508&ranEAID=aBCSbjOIq8Q&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Rakuten-_-GameAffiliate-_-banner&ranSiteID=aBCSbjOIq8Q-jQ7YvTa47gakjoAmmKBcTA I've finally succumbed and reserved mine. Update: Cheers Game.
  7. Your favourite Christmas episodes

    Hah. Earlier this week I watched the Christmas episode of Black Mirror (which gets my vote), followed by 12 Days of Christine. Hadn't planned on the latter until I was halfway through the Black Mirror episode, but somehow they fit together well. Probably helps that they're of a similar vintage.
  8. Frame Rate Upgrades to Old Films

    In fact, interlaced video updates 50 or 60 times per second (PAL or NTSC), although each update only contains half a frame of information (every other horizontal line). So in terms of the perception of motion, the difference between film and interlaced video is significant - video gives you a new thing to look at more than twice as often. This is why badly "deinterlaced" video you often see in places like YouTube has a horrific looking "comb" effect - you're looking at combinations of half-frames which represent images 1/50th or 1/60th of a second apart. TV is still broadcast interlaced, but mostly shot progressive so that full frames are captured at source (that's the i and the p in 1080i vs 1080p). Anyway - for the OP, you've probably got the "motion smoothing" feature turned on in your TV, although if it's only happening in this one film I guess maybe not. It probably has a vendor specific name like Auto Motion Super Plus if you want to find it in the menus.
  9. The Apprentice 2017

    The boys would have done better on Bargain Hunt.
  10. Documentaries

    I'm a bit late to mention this given that it expires on Thursday, but the excellent arts documentary series Civilisation (from 1969) is available on iPlayer. In high definition! I'm finding it quite heavy going to be honest, but that's because I'm a dumb-dumb. When I do manage to get through a section without zoning out, I feel like I'm learning a lot, and the pace is slow enough you get plenty of time to absorb it. It's interesting that, unlike modern documentaries, it assumes knowledge that the viewer might not have, which feels refreshingly like being treated as a grown-up. Episode 6 features a young-ish Patrick Stewart in what IMDb tells me was his first TV appearance. Great stuff! Edit - ok, it's his first TV appearance incorrectly categorised in the "as himself" section. Within 5 years of his actual first appearance though!
  11. Better Call Saul!

    I did notice it was going pretty quick (faster than it would for some bugging devices anyway!) but I think we're into the realms of dramatic licence there.
  12. Better Call Saul!

    And photograph the way Chuck was living. Don't remember any bugs. Why didn't Jimmy make use of them if Mike had installed some?
  13. Better Call Saul!

    What devices? Don't remember him installing anything.
  14. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    Flippin' deleted again. Not sure if complete: Update: definitely not complete, because deleted. Update II: definitely worth a watch on Sky Atlantic.
  15. Better Call Saul!

    Gotta be the Good Samaritan - Mike chose to go looking for him after hearing the church woman's story, realising that he'd be able to bring closure to someone's family. And if it causes trouble for Salamanca then I guess that's a bonus. I'd actually forgotten about his conversation with Church Woman, so I was confused about his motives and his timing until now. Thanks thread.

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