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  1. Haaa! I do this every time I’m near that waterfall! On supercharging, I’m semi interested in how it works. When you have it it’s definitely not time limited, you have a limit on the exp bar and when you get there it ends. I would say that it doesn’t kick in once a day, the opposite: I think if you’ve not played for a day or two then that’s when you get it and the longer you haven’t played for, I the more boost you get. I think Warcraft used to do a similar thing 15 years ago (and no doubt lots of other games). It’s to encourage you back.
  2. There's no doubt that the new season has dropped performance significantly.
  3. Oh cool, not played enough to twig what the bounties were yet!
  4. Win within 2 games Map seems interesting enough but a bit more play will tell. Anyone paid/recruited, one of the characters? Not had enough gold yet but wondering if they're smarter/harder than the robots. Also, I got a message saying "you're being hunted" or similar, and a countdown threat level...got killed before I could properly work out what it was all about!
  5. So I’ve been after a Napoleon to replace my old kettle since the sunny months of lockdown. Missed out on one a year old at £250 with a load of accessories today, it seems new ones are up there with yeast and tinned tomatoes. Anyway this is all backstory, I came across this site today and don’t quite understand how I’ve not found it before. It’s probably in the thread somewhere but just in case... There are some amazing looking cooks here, I’ll definitely be following some of them. https://kungfubbq.co.uk/
  6. Yeah, not a fan at the moment. I’ve never liked the water, they’ve not nailed getting out onto any sort of platform properly yet and I’ve lost a few games floundering around trying to jump up. Generally if the later rings are in or near the water I lose heart! Glad to have the P90 back but snipers without the heavy are shit! The mythics are objectively worse, measured by my eyeball on the lack of competition landing for them. Hopefully the water receding will being new and better things.
  7. Can anyone tell me where the option to maintain sensitivities etc is in the controller menu? I must be missing something as I can’t see any option to copy current settings.
  8. Yep turns out the kid had been in the vault, just decided not to share any of the loot with me. I guess I’ve just not had enemies or chests around when I’ve done shakedowns, I think all it’s done for me so far is put a highlight over the downed player I’ve just shaken. I’m also sure I’ve heard the boom of the heavy sniper, yet to find one though, if they’re back. Although I quite enjoy finding out changes naturally, I wouldn’t mind epic issuing patch notes again! Also! I assume you can knock out the power to bases, killing all the cameras and turrets? I’ve seen a smashe
  9. Enjoyed my first games, got a solo win followed by a duo with the kid this morning Visited all the bases and am liking the henchmen and the mythic weapons the bosses have. Losing your disguise in the bases seems to be a bit hit & miss though. Not worked out what the boss keycards are for yet, or what the little map you read when you shakedown a downed opponent in duos yet...anyone?
  10. Cdkeys, didn’t realise it was PS4 only. Not sure if it works like a few older packs, where if you already have the skin it gives the equivalent bucks on top of the advertised; ie subsequent packs might get you more than 2000.
  11. Neo Versa pack has the skin & 2000 bucks for less than £10.
  12. Creative Curse challenges: I only started playing properly this weekend and it seems that there are a few challenges I’m not going to be able to complete, namely retribution and mansion of power ones. Is that right or am I missing something? Also, the bots! What’re epic thinking?! Just sort out the matchmaking!
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