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  1. PopeSmokesDope

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Cheers man... just be careful on the underground... they can get a bit funny (no tripods!) although I find it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!
  2. PopeSmokesDope

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    i tried writting rude words in the oil seed rape fields... again, can;t be done
  3. PopeSmokesDope

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Went back up to London yesterday for a Camera club walk... getting a bit addicted to this Architecture lark... Thnk I need to print them out, they look really nice full screen in a dark room!
  4. Its den of geek, not a “they didn’t know why people were shocked at their photo” site http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/movies/the-predator/60264/the-predator-review-the-hunt-is-over pretty damning....
  5. PopeSmokesDope

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Good old silver efx Pro!
  6. PopeSmokesDope

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Summer means a photography break so I haven't taken much.... Saw a poppy field near my work so I headed back a few days later, unfortunately all the flowers had dropped off by then... Spent a couple of days in the Mach loop in July, cracking fun! I even managed to get some Landscape stuff in.. This was a USAF F-35A at RIAT Spent last week up in the city on a course... managed to get out and get some shots, I'm probably going to head up one sunday for a day of architecture stuff as the city is dead on Sundays. And on Sunday i was at Victorious to watch the prodigy.... Only took a small handfull of shots..
  7. PopeSmokesDope


    So Yesterday was pretty cool... I took my son to see them for his very first gig! The light show was properly amazing, just needed some lasers really.... never seen anything quite like it though.... they've splashed out on some pretty amazing lights! The gig, was good.... I don't really think i'm a fan of the shouty-shouty-angry-angry Prodigy. I'm more a Experience/Jilted with a bit of FOTL and some tracks from Invaders kinda guy...I much prefer the more melodic tunes than the full on thrash metal stuff...but I get that they've moved on and what not... The tracks they played were a bit odd, but the majority were tracks with Keith/Maxim doing vocals which is understandable... Was cracking to hear Everybody in the Place again, a slightly different version to the one at Milton Keynes... No good was cool and Smack my bitch us was as bass thumping as ever! Good gig and happy my son (12) got to experience them! Here's a quick shot I took, I was planning to do a lot more but we were a bit too far back and I was enjoying the gig too much!
  8. PopeSmokesDope


    seeing them tomorrow at victorious
  9. Posted it on twitter and up to 30k views and my fucking phone won’t stop alerting! Getting on my tits now!
  10. Ah no it’s the teacher from silicon valley
  11. It could be Jake.... dunno... will look at the shots when I get back to my hotel room and get them off the camera
  12. There were 3 beefeeters! I’ve got some proper camera shots of the guy with the flat cap... nonidea Who he is but everyone came and shook his hand afterwards
  13. So... I’m on a course at Tower Bridge this week... I have to walk from My hotel near London Bridge past the town hall area... anyway as I’m walking by the river I suddenly hear all this screaming and “watch out, he’s coming RUN!!” Which kinda puts me on edge... I look over to the tower and there’s loads of people running... there are loads of white vans over there and I twigged that they’re filming something... I stood up on tower bridge and watched for 20 mins and it looked like a bunch of kids... so I thought it’s probably some shitty kids tv show ... I bumped into one of the crew and asked what they were filing and apparently it’s the New Spider-Man...
  14. No looting in the last circles!!!! nice one though!

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