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  1. I'm even more confident than you that I'm not their target market. However, that's not particularly helpful for Nintendo. The people that they're fishing for aren't biting, not in large numbers anyway. In the meantime, I wouldn't say that it's very hard to get me to buy a console, including Nintendo consoles. Nintendo games might not have huge appeal to me personally, but there's plenty of third party stuff that would push me towards buying a Wii U if it were exclusive. Looking through my post, nothing is there that's outrageously difficult. I'm asking for a sensible account system, not to be
  2. There's a few things that Nintendo could do to get me to buy a Wii U, but first, there is a mandatory prerequisite, which is the addition of a proper account system and the removal and repudiation of the idea that games should be tied to a single console. I will not be buying the console while that limitation is in place. Once NIntendo get past that hurdle, each of the things below would push me further towards a Wii U purchase: - the removal of region locking. I'm sure there's no real chance of this happening, but it would definitely make me feel better about a purchase. - interesting uses fo
  3. While it's true that people shouldn't be thinking that a 2013 launch in Europe is completely set in stone, the PS3 launch delay in Europe was caused by both a component shortage (the blue-violet laser diodes required for the Blu-ray drive) and Sony's decision to nominate Europe as the sacrificial lamb. Similar component issues are unlikely this time around, and I suspect that Sony would probably be more inclined to sacrifice Japan this time - in Europe they get the Christmas sales (rather than leaving them to Microsoft), whereas in Japan Christmas is a much smaller factor, and Microsoft essent
  4. Okay, what the actual fuck? All I am doing is pointing out unanswered questions, I did not expect to receive this level of patronising shite in return. Then you for some unknown reason say I'm "picking holes" as if trying to figure out how this all works is a bad thing. The reason that I'm not "satisfied" by any answer is that you haven't actually given any, and a secondary reason is that as I have repeatedly pointed out, I'm not actually looking for them anyway, I am just saying that there's unanswered questions. In fact, let me just clarify the whole thing down to something much simpler: th
  5. The questions are answerable, if you assume lots of things. If you don't assume those things, and instead go for the apparently shockingly unorthodox method of "going by what we actually know", then they're not answerable. No, because my point isn't disingenuous at all. I'm obviously not saying that, I'm saying - correctly - that there are unanswered questions. You cannot guarantee me that everything will work the same way that it does on the Xbox 360. I'm not saying that nothing will work the way it does on the Xbox 360, obviously, I'm saying that we cannot just assume that it does. You mea
  6. No, I am (obviously) not saying we shouldn't take that into account. I am saying, very clearly, that there are questions to which we don't have answers. "Let's assume for no reason that things will work just like they did on the Xbox 360" is not an answer. There have very clearly been really big changes from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One - so why wouldn't this aspect change too? If you can't flatly assure me that it'll work like it does on Xbox 360 (and you cannot), then the questions do not have confirmed answers, which is all that I am saying.
  7. Here's a helpful little hint: if you're going to attempt to patronise someone, you should probably have half a clue what you're talking about first. I'm not talking about the Xbox 360, in this Xbox One topic, obviously. Why did you even bother with this nonsense answer? This solves (and answers) nothing at all. I was asking what happens, because there's a potential question about that. You're attempting to pretend that the situation could never arise, you're NOT answering the question. "Informed gamers" indeed. Well done. Just so you know, I'm not looking for answers, because there are none
  8. There are so many questions about this. - What is "my" console. How do Microsoft know it's "mine"? I get that this won't be an issue for many people, but how is ownership decided? First logon? First logon to specifically claim ownership? Or is there a registration that needs to be done? - How many consoles can be "my" console? Can I have just one? More? If I own two consoles is one of them viewed as not being mine and I need to have that connected every hour? - If I buy a game disc (new), how do Microsoft know that that's mine? Does it register automatically or do I need to manually tell Micro
  9. Aren't both widely expected to announce prices at E3? If so, then Microsoft pretty much have to blink first by default - their conference is before Sony's, and if they didn't announce a price that would be viewed negatively, and it's unclear to what extent Microsoft can afford any further negativity about their console. That would mean Sony get the benefit of seeing what price Microsoft announce and potentially tailoring their price to fit - matching or undercutting as they see fit (or as their budget allows).
  10. Perhaps this? I don't know where some people are getting the idea that it's not a big console or that it's "smaller than the original 360". It's very obviously not.
  11. PSP games can happen, but they are very rare (for the European Plus service - a few of them have appeared on the North American one).
  12. Eoin

    Nintendo Wii U

    They do get that. It's just that when they say "We didn't do a Wii U version because we couldn't think of any way to properly implement the GamePad to do the Wii U justice" (or whatever), what they really mean is "We're not touching the Wii U, it's too much of a bother for too few sales". They just don't say that, to avoid annoying Nintendo (and, to an extent, to avoid annoying Wii U owners). It's the "I'm sorry, I'm washing my hair tonight" of developer excuses.
  13. They should review the product. Not one component of the product which has been severely hampered by the other - the whole thing. I would certainly hope so. Sympathy for developers is all well and good, but the reviewer's primary concern is (or should be) the people who'll be paying money for the game.
  14. Eoin

    Nintendo Wii U

    CRT sales are irrelevant to 50Hz vs 60Hz though. When was the last time a CRT was sold in Europe that didn't support 60Hz? Even the low-budget 14-inch TV I got for Christmas in 1990 supported 60Hz - I cannot imagine there are new CRTs being sold that are 50Hz-only, and I can't imagine there's all that many Wii Us hooked up to ancient 50Hz-only TVs.
  15. Eoin

    Nintendo Wii U

    Yes, once the news is over, the mentality is to move onto the next announcement, which is why I said "not all at once". As for Nintendo's drip feeding, it has the silly effect of ensuring that nearly every Nintendo Direct gets hyped up and then is a let-down, with occasional exceptions like Wind Waker HD. You saw the reaction to that - pretty much universally positive, even though it was actually really an apology for having to soft-delay the new Zelda game. Nintendo created a hugely positive reaction by showcasing something in development, that people didn't know about, and you're telling me
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