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  1. I loved the scene with Paul, Hugh, Tilly and Phillipa but that aside, that was terrible. Talky, stupid and with a "twist" so obvious that it was a proper eye-roller when it actually came. And there was me thinking the show turned the corner last week.
  2. Ark In Space does indeed have some uncanny similarities with Alien. It's only the very end of Enemy that has the "sucked out of the ship" bit, as Alien would go on to do.
  3. I'm afraid Doctor Who's own The Enemy Of The World did it over a decade before Ridley Scott got in there...
  4. Thanks - I'll check them out.
  5. Sadly that only works on an Engine with the Ext port, which the Duo doesn't have.
  6. I've got a Duo-RX which could do with getting an RGB & booster mod (yes, still playing over composite, sorry everyone). Can anyone recommend a UK nodding service?
  7. I've gone off gaming since the Dreamcast. I have a 360 a pal gave me which occasionally gets fired up, but I've just sold my Wii, my N64, my SNES. They look like death on a modern telly and, much as I love Goldeneye, I'm not keeping one console around so I can play it exclusively. I bought a Turbo Everdrive for my PC Engine last year, and it's great, but the abundance is the problem - once an entire console's back catalogue is right there for the taking, it's easy to take it for granted.
  8. Appears not to have a giant stick up its arse - plus, Tig Notaro! I'm in.
  9. I read a couple of books about the making of TNG, and the main thing that Roddenberry wouldn't accept was any conflict between the crew at all - missing the obvious point that conflict is what makes for good drama! BOBW is one of the few times where we see two Starfleet officers - in this case, Riker and Shelby - properly at each other's throats, and it's gripping viewing. It's no wonder that 5 minutes after he died they introduced Ensign Ro and created DS9.
  10. I've been loving my Duo RX since I bought a Turbo Everdrive and an extension cable. It's been used more in the last month than it's probably been used since I bought it new 20 years ago!
  11. I feel bad now. I love season one. All its weird, malformed, dated ways are, at least, never bland. Give me that over Voyager any day.
  12. OK...this is, for me, a good list of episodes that introduce most of the major recurring characters, cover important plot arcs for the regulars and feature a totally biased selection of my own favourite standalone stories. There are plenty more worth watching but this is a good primer. SEASON 1 Encounter At Farpoint (obviously) Where No One Has Gone Before (important for Wesley) Datalore (important for Data) Heart Of Glory (first proper Klingon episode) Skin Of Evil (you'll see why) Conspiracy (pays off a thread from earlier in the season) The Neutral Zone (return of an enemy) SEASON 2 Elementary, Dear Data A Matter Of Honor The Measure Of A Man (ESSENTIAL viewing) Contagion The Icarus Factor (Riker's dad) Q Who (not to be missed) The Emissary (important Worf episode) Peak Performance SEASON 3 Who Watches The Watchers The Enemy The Defector The High Ground Deja Q Yesterday's Enterprise The Offspring Sins Of The Father (the start of a very important plot arc for Worf) The Best Of Both Worlds, Part I SEASON 4 The Best Of Both Worlds, Part II Family Brothers (basically Datalore II) Remember Me Legacy (not brilliant but ties into some stuff from Skin Of Evil so worth slotting in) Reunion (follows on from The Emissary and Sins Of The Father) Final Mission Data's Day The Wounded (introduced the Cardassians) First Contact (one of the series' best standalone episodes) The Drumhead The Host (not essential but handy if you plan to watch DS9 later) The Mind's Eye Redemption SEASON 5 Redemption II Darmok Ensign Ro (introduces the titular semi-regular and also the Bajorans, so handy for DS9) Silicon Avatar (a sequel of sorts to Datalore) Disaster The Game (totally trashy nonsense but highly watchable) Unification I & II (not amazing but features Spock, so...) Power Play Cause And Effect The First Duty I, Borg The Next Phase The Inner Light (not to be missed) SEASON 6 A Fistful Of Datas Chain Of Command I & II Ship In A Bottle (sequel to Elementary, Dear Data) Face Of The Enemy Tapestry (the best Q episode) Lessons Frame Of Mind Rightful Heir (more Klingon intrigue) SEASON 7 Parallels The Pegasus (Riker's best story) Lower Decks (really great standalone episode and a semi-sequel to The First Duty) Preemptive Strike (return of Ensign Ro) All Good Things...
  13. They do? Lovely. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for that - I'll have a look on PCEFX.
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