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  1. A few rewatches; Scott Pilgrim vs the world Don't know what the comic(?) Is like but this is funny, quirky and has some cracking dialogue. 4/5 The Truman Show Jim Carrey does ' serious' mainstream for possibly the 1st time? Regardless it's generally great movie with Carrey giving a fantastic performance. 4/5 The edge of tomorrow Tom cruise and Emily blunt time travelling war vs Alien invaders. Based on a manga it's pretty fantastic up to the last 1/2 hour where it goes a bit more safe with the endi
  2. The 5th Season - N.K Jemison 1st in a trilogy set in the far future/fantasy where a mother sets out looking for her kidnapped daughter after a cataclysmic event. It and the two sequels won Hugo and Nebula awards when they were released AFAIK. Goes to some very dark places and is generally pretty decent overall. All you need is kill/Edge of tomorrow/Live,Die, Repeat The Manga the Tom Cruise movie is based on which I watched again on Sunday- it's excellent for most of it's runtime.The manga it's based on is also excellent though a little bit different. Its
  3. My first reaction to the thread title was " you lucky bastard" and then I thought about it and some of its redeeming qualities and I'm sticking to that reaction.
  4. Ghost in the Shell 2.0 A hacker known as the Puppet Master is hunted by a female cyborg cop and her partner. This film is a revised version of Ghost in the Shell (1995). I don't like manga in general so that colours my opinion from the get go but I've obviously heard that this along with Akira are two of the giants of the genre(have still watched Castlevania, Vampire hunter D,it's inferior sequel, Fist of the north star and a few others) .This is obviously a chase movie but with the antagonist being a bit more ethereal. It opens with a weird sequence that I didn't understand
  5. Is that not an MO of serial killers, they start off with "lesser" animals and move on to humans?
  6. Just finished the last episode, noticed i was curled up in my ' stress pose' during almost the entire thing , that's a positive BTW. I've really enjoyed this season, it's been more personal to each character and a slow burn. I thought they addressed any issues they needed to resolve with actual in universe solutions quite well if a little suddenly.
  7. The Oilers just beat the Sens 8-5 , I've been following the NHL casually for a few years(and a bit more closely this year) and I don't remember seeing anything that large score wise. Ottowa are having a fair bit of grief in general but they still scored 5 goals on the road. Some high scoring games this year, being a goaltender in the NHL really is a an exercise in futility sometimes.
  8. Watched 1.5 episodes (so far)- it's very self aware, a bit more knockabout than the usual trek , unsurprisingly, and a little overly familiar but it's not too shabby. I was super cynical about it I think but it seems to get the spirit of trek, skewer it somewhat ( as someone mentioned in august (!) the bridge crew are arseholes)and then provide an equally wholesome but less grandiose message .
  9. Greyhound(2020) Several months after the U.S. entry into World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy commander must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by a German submarine wolf pack. Tom Hanks wrote this and plays the lead role, he's as dependable as ever in what's a pretty tight 1 hour 31 minutes. Given the runtime there's not much faffing around and anyone not on the boat is left behind. Elizabeth Shue is enjoying a bit of a resurgence recently and this is probably the easiest money she's earned , all 2 minutes or so. Anyway it gets into it quick and there
  10. Troy The wofgang Peterson version with Eric Bana , Brad Pitt , Seán Bean and a heap of others. Not going to explain the story , if you don't know it you've been living under a rock for a millennium or so. I'll start with the bad, orlando bloom is in it , the performances in general are hammier than a top end delicatessen , the CGI is pretty dated now and some of the fight choreography is obviously spliced together and not very well done. The good is despite the generally poor performances Bana and Pitt are ok, costumes are pretty decent on the trojan side and the ho
  11. Ancillary Justice- Ann Leckie I said Ancillary Sword in my last post but it's the 1st on in the Radch space trilogy that i actually read. Widely lauded and has won multiple awards its basically a love story / essay on a futuristic society which is a lot like an old society with class divides, multiple gods, good dose of colonial control etc all going on. It's told in two timelines initially and then reverts to the one" present" towards the end. I didn't like it myself, found it dull , disjointed and an interesting premise was wasted by getting into the vagaries of the class system a
  12. I watched it all recently having only seen the 1st two seasons originally.there's some ropey CGI on the cylons that doesn't look fantastic these days but most of the space action is pretty decent. story wise the first two seasons are generally excellent and the latter two are good. i was surprised by season 4 because it's considered the worst but some episodes that sound like filler borefests turned out to be pretty gripping.considering the scale and themes throughout the series they pulled it together pretty well. The feature movie( 2 parts i think) to kick it all off will give
  13. lolly

    Babylon 5

    1st time. Even things like the rollercoaster type restraints on the train; shows that the people putting it together actually thought about how these things would work and what would be required.
  14. lolly

    Babylon 5

    I just started watching the 1st feature movie with the PS1 special effects, it all looks a bit cheap, I've got a copy of the "unspecialised" version from Amazon which somehow managed to be the wrong region despite being sold by the local store. Those few whinges aside , even this early some of the dialogue is fantastic and seems to hint a a much more nuanced and intelligent story that I think people laud the series for. And just to contradict an earlier point somewhat the character costumes for some of the Alien species look pretty decent and it's great that they're not all bipeda
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