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  1. Yeah, thats the really daft plot armour I was referring to, happens twice within the space of a few chapters and takes what was already a pretty fantastical situation and extends it further.
  2. They've been the better side the last 10 -15 minutes of the 1st half, Ireland look short of ideas. Possibility of an upset here unless Ireland pull their finger out.
  3. The Last of the Mohicans by JF Cooper Most people probably have an idea of the plot - British colonials in America get captured by unpleasant Indians allied with the French and Hawkeye/ La Longue Carabine(oh matron!) and his two Indian NPCs help get them back a couple of times as they keep getting kidnapped.Basically a chase story set in and of the time. Which is part of the problem with this - it's inherently racist . Hawkeye's heritage keeps being distinguished from his two Indian companions to ensure that we're aware a white fella is front and centre. Uncas & Chingachgook barely get a look in character wise and other than Magua as the big bad there's barely any characterisation of any on the natives. Even the darker of the two sisters is basically sidelined and the "fairer" of the two is described quite often , possibly to give the male audience of the time itches in their britches.Anyway, it's a 250 page book dragged out to 400+ pages with unnecessary descriptions of nature/people's complexions for the nth time etc .There's also some really daft plot armour in the latter stages of the book in relation to disguises . In saying all that , there's obviously a bit to it as it's considered a classic and sections in the 1st and middle 3rds aren't bad. The Michael Mann movie took some liberal allowances with the plot and is probably the better for it IMO.
  4. So new capital supremacy map -Felucia dropped yesterday along with the clone commando reinforcement (enforcer character) instant action (offline multiplayer maps with bots) and co-op. played instant action on Felucia last night - loaded the map really quickly and it looks lovely but there's so much environmental clutter that I will have difficulty distinguishing other players and will probably get murdered on it too often in CS.Clone commando reinforcement seems decent , good fun in the 2 rounds I played. Seems they fixed the clones "window " to the objectives on the capitial ship as well so that it's a bit harder for the separatists to win, the choke points are now chokier...
  5. Ireland weren't that fantastic at all and still won more comfortably than expected.All the pundits were going for a 5- 7 point game but Scotland barely got going .Under/over training explain why Scotland were out on their feet early doors? On those performances I don't think either team will be causing anyone big any sleepless nights.
  6. Came onto Oz Netflix last week as well- it's pretty decent. Don't understand the series though, posts on here(Netflix thread) suggest there are 3 seasons but just the one on Netflix? Regardless, going to continue watching this weekend.
  7. If reading one book in a series is enough to add my recommendation to the Ketty Jay series then please stick my name against it too please , the others all review well on Goodreads as well and I'm fully intending to work my way through them.
  8. Robin hood. (2018) I think I have a new contender in' the worst movie you have ever seen' thread. This is barely has a redeeming aspect and i was reduced to watching it with the sound off to get through it. It's hip, it's trendy, it has parkour and gritty action with very modern body armor and parts of Nottingham looks like Mordor. That bit may be accurate, can't say I've ever been. Baddies dress in leather with gimp masks, Director Krennic travels in time and from a galaxy far far away and Jamie Foxx plays at being a bit of a prick. Doest appear to be stretching himself there either. Bono's daughter stinks the place out every time she's on screen and if it wasn't for the fact some of the stunts are okay and well done it wouldn't ever get the 1/2 star out of 5 that I'm awarding it. It was worse than the Guy Richie king Arthur movie and that's a low bar to limbo under.
  9. Or maybe someone asks" could you see yourself as a Sith?" she imagines herself with a scar and foldy lightsaber , cuts back and says " nah, people would just take the piss".....
  10. I'm sure it's been mentioned before but Kim's Convenience is great, it's pretty light , funny and with a lot of heart. Half way through season 2 at the moment.
  11. Retribution falls, 1st in the Ketty Jay Series.Steampunk /fantasy version of Firefly/A Team with the crew framed for a crime they did not commit. For some reason I thought I was done with any sort of fantasy stuff as Perdido Street station just didn't click with me at all. It's much less intrusive so far in RF and it's all the better for it, really enjoying it so far.
  12. 5 minute time limits for Objectives on Capital supremacy and interior changes , new skins for battle droids and contextual spawning are arriving this month(next week) while Felucia map next month with clone commando reinforcements, and offline CS and other modes . New reinforcements in line with the new game coming in November etc. No Ventress or Ashoka yet though but I don't use heroes much anyway so 'meh'. Looking forward to the changes to CS and the contextual spawning, will make a big difference to my favorite game mode.the amount of support they're giving to this is fantastic, my only real quibble is that hero/villains have no cooldown between people being able to spawn back in as them, on Crait in GA I literally watched an Emperor Palpatine die and his character model disappear as another one sauntered through a nearby doorway and electrocuted me to death.
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