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  1. The Half of it.IMDB link When smart but cash-strapped teen Ellie Chu agrees to write a love letter for a jock, she doesn't expect to become his friend - or fall for his crush. Quirky, rom-com where as per the IMDB spiel above a love triangle forms when a high school jock enlists the school nerd to write love letters to a girl he fancies . Shenanigans ensue and it all comes out in the wash with Paul and Ellie forming a bond and Aster (the crush) being largely relegated to a minor role and never effectively appearing anything other than a perfect object of desire. I'll start with the bad- if you don't enjoy quirky then this sail might close to the kind of fuckery where teenagers smoke pipes and spout philosophy decades beyond their years as it certainly does the latter.There's also a pretty serious back-flip by a character which is largely unearned or at least an underdeveloped aspect of their character but is required for the feel good ending.And teenagers being played by 20 somethings. The good- it easily passes the 7 laugh test for me and there's a certain charm to it, Diemer's Paul is a pretty likeable character and it never felt overly long or drawn out.Not especially taxing and pretty gentle all round, worth a watch IMO. 3.5/5
  2. I picked up the entire series cheap last week having previously watched season 1 years ago. Watched the pilot again yesterday and had forgotten about the closing shot in the garage, holy shit , that's how to do tension. Looking forward to working my way through it.
  3. Finished Colony, man that's frustrating that there's no 4th season, was set up nicely and had grown in strength as the seasons went on. Watching Harlan Coben's "the stranger". It's utter bollox but so convuluted that we're wondering what mickey mouse coincidence they can come up with next, it's almost a comedy. Also Dennis Pennis is in everything these days too.
  4. Blood and thunder by Hampton Sides gives a reasonable account of the expansion to the west and a brief sort of autobiography of Kit Carson. Reads like a thriller and is worth a look. Blood Meridian is one of the nastiest and black hearted books I've ever read. It's fantastic.
  5. Colony, or "alternative Half Life 2" the series.Starts off a bit shit and dull but picks up as it goes along, some nice set pieces and tense scenes towards the end of season 1 , currently on season 2 and it's pretty good so far.
  6. I downloaded the rebellion app and have stated with the original run of Judge Dredd, loving the art and, admittedly, straightforward stories. Remember reading them in the 80s and loving them too looks like it's going to be a long, and moderately expensive exercise to get through the whole lot. If there's any standalone Dredd stuff that doesn't impact the time line per se that folks recommend I'd love the advice.
  7. It was a croissant ... I haven't even a cursory knowledge of Orthodox Judaism so found it interesting , went on to watch the documentary ZOK mentions which gave an idea of how much dramatic license they took, still didn't take away from Orthodox for me though. Subsequently watching Shtisel which is not bad.Seeing a younger , and even smaller, Shira Haas was a bit weird.
  8. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Have seen the movie b the Wachowski's (they of the matrix ) and it actually does a better job of being consistently entertaining than the book. Some of the stories were fantastic but others interminable and improved greatly by the brevity forced upon them by the run time of the movie. Somewhat more downbeat than the movie which obviously has to do some crowd pleasing. Real curates egg of a book. I've been extremely distracted this year hence the amateur numbers (3) this year. The Shipping News next.
  9. What we do in the shadows. NZ vampire comedy featuring some, among other, better known kiwi actors , Clement and Waititi, playing vampires as they negotiate the mundane of everyday (night) life. Low key and lots of irreverent humor, for some reason I disliked this on my 1st watch but after seeing it again think it's fantastic. The beef with the werewolves is brilliant and there's lots of lovely touches that add to the overall absurdity. 4/5
  10. Finished Caliphate last night- good stuff, some properly tense scenes throughout and especially the last episode.Also season 4 of Kim's convenience which was the usual easy watching stuff.
  11. they missed a trick not calling him Post Visla in the Mandalorian
  12. Spotlight(2015) 2001 investigation into the Catholic church child sex abuse by the Boston globe. Top notch cast including McAdams, Ruffalo and Keaton do good work in an interesting and very well done movie. Best thing I've seen in ages. 4.5/5
  13. I've largely given up on football interest wise but it's fascinating watching it, like a very slow moving car crash. Spot on re the song, fuck me it's wojus. Edit: the wife made a comment about it being an uglier, more depressing, version of Dream Team.
  14. Interstellar. A movie who's reach exceeds its grasp , Christopher Nolan goes for 2001 and falls (a fair distance) short.That said there's some nice ideas, though the actual physics might not hold up , and fantastic imagery in it , Doyle face down on the tidal planet being a stunning shot among a few. 3.5 /5 M.I: Fallout. Idiotic plot written on the back of a postage stamp connects a number of impressive but overly long and eventually boring set pieces.Long time returning cast wander around in their slippers they're that comfortable while Ferguson , Baldwin and Cavill try to inject some life into proceedings and, in fairness, manage it on occasion. Bad guy so dim he could be outwitted by one of my dogs, probably the one who eats her own poo. I'm being generous 2/5
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