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  1. This is the first time I am ever reading about Ganon armour! Pic?
  2. Love this. The effects pedal names sound like Smashing Pumpkins albums.
  3. As I'm a low level backer, I get the weekly email of lies from CIG. Any interest in reading their bullshit here? This is the latest one:
  4. I'd be totally up for it but defo don't have time to run things at the moment. I honestly don't get the negativity around this, the game is amazing, on PC at least.
  5. SharkyOB

    F1 2019

    Bear in mind that your driving and knowing the tracks well is always the most important thing, you have to be fast yourself or setup won't really make a difference. F1 is a different discipline compared to most forms of motorsport too, you're either in the groove on a circuit or your not, in which case you'll be well off the pace. It always takes me a bit of time to adjust to F1 cars and I play driving games all the time. Downforce is such a huge factor in these cars and there are corners you can take at 120mph or 80mph, but nothing in between, as the car won't stick to the road. After you've got some basic circuit knowledge, try going into corners a gear higher than you did last time, the car may well stick to the road better. Make sure you use the circuit acclimatisation practice goal to help with this, it really is useful for getting you into the groove on each circuit.
  6. Yeah, you guys get what I mean! I get the feeling they'll be super annoying on subsequent watches too.
  7. Yeah, I totally get why they were there too. It just seemed there was enough explanation in the dialogue to make them irrelevant, so it seemed a curious decision to include them and double down.
  8. Watched this a week or so ago and absolutely loved it, with the exception of the Seemed completely unnecessary and heavy-handed to me.
  9. SharkyOB

    F1 2019

    I have no problem with it, adds to the vibes.
  10. SharkyOB

    F1 2019

    No deer, but safety cars are in.
  11. I had some of these for my old cv1 as I used to do online endurance racing on project cars 2. Not bought any for the rift s yet but may well pick some up at some point.
  12. I'd go with rift s if you can afford it @jonny_rat. The resolution jump is great and not having the hassle of sensors is a huge bonus.
  13. Try Cadwell Park in the formula rookie
  14. I'm not, EA have the license and are completely wasting it.
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