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  1. SharkyOB

    Dirt Rally

    It doesn't have VR yet.
  2. SharkyOB

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

  3. SharkyOB

    The BTCC Thread

    I can't wait for his amazing abuse of the English language in interviews: 'That move what I did, what got me from 10th to 8th' etc, etc.
  4. SharkyOB

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    First album was boss, second one had some good tunes, everything else is shite.
  5. SharkyOB

    Dirt Rally

    I really don't rate that kind of stage generation personally. Put it this way, if there was a quantifiable trade up here, like they could create a randomiser, or get three extra countries of properly crafted stages in the game (I know this is overly simplistic and not the way it would really work), I'd go for the stages every time.
  6. SharkyOB

    Dirt Rally

    I was going to ask if it was just those 5 countries! Does seem a bit tight, hopefully all the countries from the original will be released as dlc. Edit - Also Joe, is it the same format as the last game wrt the countries? IE, 2 long stages which are then cut up/reversed to create the different stages?
  7. SharkyOB

    Dirt Rally

    Hopefully that won't come to pass, micro transactions are anathema to me. I'm so glad the driving is good though (I had no real doubts about this mind). I'll be getting the game the day the VR mode is released. What are the new stages like?
  8. SharkyOB

    Dirt Rally

    Well, that is excellent news!
  9. SharkyOB

    Dirt Rally

    McSpeed thinks it's fine that this game has no VR, because he knows the guys at CM, and feels their pain in terms of the cost/benefit of getting VR to work with their latest engine. This means you have no right to be disappointed that your expensive VR headset is no longer being supported in a series where it previously was, hence 'Not this again'.
  10. SharkyOB

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Typical Tory, always sticking things they shouldn't into animals.
  11. SharkyOB


    In three playthroughs I've never been killed by the cleric beast and I'm not exactly an elite player Must have acquired decent general Soulsbourne skills over the years!
  12. SharkyOB

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    I tried to watch the original film after reading the books a few years ago and hated it due to the awful (I thought) voiceovers. Defo up for giving the new version a go.
  13. SharkyOB

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    I will be trying this tonight!!

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