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  1. A few years back, someone pointed out the X-Men theme was like a sped up version of the Perry Mason theme:
  2. I really want to give this a another watch, and it may have actually been more overt than I think but in regard to his mother,
  3. I know, right?! Bloody loved that scene. I loved Joaquin's whole take on Joker's dandy side. Visually, I think it's the closest we've seen to Neal Adams' Joker. There's a real grace to him. I also liked how he often seemed to walk or run as though he were wearing the clown shoes, even when he wasn't, and his more cocksure stride came later. It's a brilliant physical performance.
  4. I preferred the models / costume designs in Origins, and liked the crime scene investigation, despite how basic they were. But yes, the timing on the combat took some getting used to. I can't remember, did it differ for any particular reason? Arkham Asylum is my favourite of them all though, just felt so complete as an environment.
  5. I had no idea about this but ruddy love stuff like that. This game
  6. This was one of the reasons I've gone all in on iTunes for movies. Mad Max: Fury Road had the black and white chrome version added with pretty much no fanfare. Just had a quick look at Batman '89 and it looks incredible. It's probably one of my most watched movies as a kid and the soft VHS look is burned into my brain. This version is like seeing it again for the first time.
  7. Oof! How did that happen?
  8. Ah, so that's probably Young Bruce at the gate (cemetery, perhaps).
  9. That looks great. I saw that Phoenix lost weight for the role but didn't realise it was that much.
  10. I’ve only seen the first four episodes but yeah, there is definitely a similarity. Fincher had been trying to make a Heavy Metal movie / anthology for ages but it all fell through a couple of years back. Really enjoyed what I’ve see so far especially The Witness. Stunning stuff.
  11. I've tried ginger tea previously but didn't help much during RE7. Then again, I was drinking it immediately before playing so probably didn't have enough time to take effect. EDIT: Got me hankering for a Ginger Nut now.
  12. Ooooh yeah, he'd be good. EDIT: In all seriousness though, Joe Manganiello (who was also in Spider-Man) does a mean Macho Man.
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