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  1. Mammas_Boy

    Audio Club

    That's ace man. Nice lows!
  2. Mammas_Boy

    A soundtrack to Stephen King's The Dark Tower Books 1-3

    I'm currently in the process of creating a showreel and happened to come across a track for this album which I never released. The reason being the fact that I wanted to arrange a full choir to do the vocal chores but I never got around to it so scrapped it. Figured it was good enough to stick on the album anyway! So 3 years later i'm adding a final track to this little project of mine. Hope you enjoy.
  3. Mammas_Boy


    No worries, hope the babbie gets well soon.
  4. Mammas_Boy


    So what's the user and pass?
  5. Mammas_Boy


    Steering Wheels? hahaaha. That burn from a fellow TCF member.
  6. Mammas_Boy


    I'm totally up for this
  7. Mammas_Boy

    Rocket League

    Anyone I can add on here that is around the challenger I - II level and likes 2v2? I'm obsessed with this game, borderline the unhealthy.
  8. Mammas_Boy

    Best pizza ever...

    For those who simply salivate over pics of pizza. Also do reviews too (Mainly in Manchester). http://www.imgrum.net/user/pizza_hunters/3108539928
  9. Mammas_Boy

    Audio Competition: October - "Winter": The Voting

    1. Sie - Snowfall Serenata 2. Rumblecat - Overlook Hotel 3. Sean R - #wintering
  10. Mammas_Boy

    A soundtrack to Stephen King's The Dark Tower Books 1-3

    Thanks Strat, means a lot man.
  11. Mammas_Boy

    A soundtrack to Stephen King's The Dark Tower Books 1-3

    Thanks Sie, really appreciate the feedback.
  12. Mammas_Boy

    Stephen King

    It's been a while since i've been here. I've avoided this thread because i'm only up to The Dark Tower book 4 and I don't want any spoilers. I just thought I would let all The Dark Tower fans know that i've uploaded a soundtrack project for the first 3 books in the series. I would be deeply grateful for any feedback. Here's the link to the soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/sets/the-dark-tower-books-1-3 Here's the link to the official thread for the album on Rllmuk: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/289332-a-soundtrack-to-stephen-kings-the-dark-tower-books-1-3/ Cheers everyone.
  13. Hello there, I've recently finished a diploma course on Audio Engineering and Post Production in Manchester. For my final piece I was asked to record, mix and master an album of my choice, be it myself or other musicians. I decided to write the entire thing myself due to being in bands for many years and knowing the nature of herding musicians to important recording sessions. I think this worked in my favour. It was mid-course that I had decided that it was soundtracks and composing that I wanted to get into, so I decided why not kill two birds with one stone and get working on my first soundtrack piece so I can use it after I graduate. At the time I had just been introduced to The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and was pretty hooked straight away. It felt pretty natural to want to try and compose music to something which was so fresh in my mind. I've uploaded the album to soundcloud and would love to hear feedback from anyone who has read the books or anyone who just loves soundtrack work in general. Cheers! The soundcloud page is: https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/sets/the-dark-tower-books-1-3 https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/1-the-gunslinger https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/2-lobstrosities https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/3-this-fever-carries-a-temper https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/4-godspeed-our-handcar-in-this-gigantic-womb https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/5-old-star-old-mother-cassiopeia https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/6-choir-of-the-rose?in=wesley_roskell/sets/the-dark-tower-books-1-3 https://soundcloud.com/wesley_roskell/7-jake-and-oy?in=wesley_roskell/sets/the-dark-tower-books-1-3
  14. Mammas_Boy

    John Grant

    Upon first listen I wasn't totally infatuated. Shame really because the last two struck an instant chord with me and made me delve into his previous band (which I also enjoyed). I need to give it a few more whirls but I agree that the song writing has taken a little nose dive becoming a little more camp and less dramatic. I'm all for Jon at his campest moments but I like it when it pulls it back with some really nice folk stuff. He really got lucky getting Midlake to play on his first release, they're one of my favourite bands.
  15. Mammas_Boy

    Julia Holter Appreciation Thread

    This girl! i've really got a thing for my female fronters this year. Courtney Barnett, Hop Along and Alvvays are on my playlists a lot too.

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