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  1. Collectively, Disco3 and 3+ are mostly composed of remixes, but I'm just so so happy to have (some) new stuff from HEALTH
  2. It's more than I enjoy that particular track back from when she was ultra-saccharine and barely escaped the shackles of country
  3. Very little i've heard this year has done much to move me (even the new Mew album has failed to light up my life so far, but hoping it will be a slow burn) but i do love a lot of the new Gallops album.
  4. I loved the beginning of this series but felt like it all got a bit soapy towards the end, with the humour and uniqueness replaced for retreading old drama ground. I found the final episode super dissatisfying - depressing in a really deflating way. And unlike in season one, i found the romance plotline really unconvincing and slightly tedious; at no point was i rooting for it to work out.
  5. It's early days and i'm not necessarily suggesting sexism (well, not on the behalf of the creators but it's not a huge intellectual stretch to suggest that religion in general has a bit of a woman problem). But so far the only female main characters have been a dead woman - as yet most notable for dying with a dick in her mouth - and someone that steals souls by literally sucking people into her vagina. So I don't think it's especially controversial or hyperbolic to refer to what i've seen so far as a bit dude-heavy.
  6. Three episodes in and i am still completely unsure as to whether i even like this or not. Apart from anything else, it feels a bit overly man-heavy so far, which i don't always have a lot of patience for anymore. Lovejoy's been pretty good, but it's the introduction of Peter Stormare, Omid Abtahi and Gillian Anderson that has kept me watching really. Crispin Glover had better appear soon.
  7. Oh, I completely missed that news at the time (shame, it was announced on my birthday ) - that's brilliant news. I hope that they can maintain the quality since it sort of feels like the tale has been told now.
  8. I need to go back and finish my absurd book about bees so i can finally start reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. I've been meaning to get round to it forever, and i found most of the books for 69p in a charity shop at the weekend, so now i have no excuse!
  9. A few of the songs were impressively brazen in their plagiarism - Germany's intro sounded so much like Titanium by Sia and there was another that seemed to be the music from Human by Rag & Bone Man with new lyrics on top.
  10. I voted for Suede, although i kinda think of them as more indie-glam (i.e. i'd throw them in with early Manics and Mansun etc) than Britpop, and really it was a complete toss-up between them and Pulp. When I was 12 or 13, I saw Suede supported by Mansun, and it was magic :') My sister was obsessed with David Devant a few years ago and ended up having some kind of strange entanglement with the singer "Mr. Solo". He came to her 21st birthday party; my abiding memory is him having a go at the pinata and it being eerily like he was reenacting this scene
  11. Pretty excited at the prospect of getting the gang back together :')
  12. Cheers, I love getting book recommendations. I will look into that The Bees isn't actually bad, it's just so odd - one minute it's an intriguing attempt to imagine how it would be mostly rely on olfactory and touch senses, the next there are "cleaner" bees with dust pans.
  13. Ach, i've been meaning to read the Malazan books forever, but somehow never remember when i finish something! I'm currently reading The Bees. It's really weird. I saw it in a charity shop and was intrigued by the vivid cover; i nearly put it down after reading the blurb, which made it sound like a particularly bad YA dystopia, with a tortured premise of humanity having taken on a beehive structure and hierarchy, but noticed it had shitloads of glowing reviews, from pretty "worthy" sources. Since i have a weakness for YA dystopian nonsense, i thought i'd give it a try. It turns out it's
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