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  1. Never read it but now I have some time in my hands, I'll give it a go. Ta for the heads up! Got my Kindle deals email today again btw.
  2. I love ALL these recommendations, but I don't think I'd choose many of them as my favourites for each Doctor (Androzani aside which is an absolute MUST). God I love the classic series. Hartnell - yeah okay, I'd agree with An Unearthly Child Troughton - I love The Invasion. So many iconic scenes. Also, The War Games is superb (if a bit long) Pertwee - Agree with Inferno, but The Daemons is ace, Carnival of Monsters is awesome, and I've always enjoyed The Sea Devils Tom Baker - bit of a populist answer, but Genesis of the Daleks is incredible and is at the very top of my all top favourites (along with Androzani). Also, I've always enjoyed Pyramids of Mars and The Pirate Planet Peter Davison - I like the history referenced in The Visitation, and Earthshock is a guilty pleasure Colin Baker... erm, yeah - maybe Vengeance on Varos but I really don't think there's much else to recommend McCoy - his first series is really poor IMO but he grew into the role superbly. Remembrance of the Daleks is good, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy creeped me out as a kid, but I'd go with The Curse of Fenric as his best. My favourite era of the show is definitely most of the Pertwee-Baker era. So many great stories.
  3. Steve Bull really is an absolutely brilliant bloke. Yes, I'm biased because he's my all time number 1 hero but that phrase 'you should never meet your heroes' doesn't apply to him. My best mate's stag do consisted of about 20 of us watching Wolves v Bradford in an executive box (easy to come by when we were in League One!) and we were fairly raucous. After the game had finished, we were still in the box, drinking beers, singing songs etc so the lady in charge of our box (god bless her - she was lovely but we were trying her patience by this point!) found Bully who was in the hospitality suite nearby. She asked him if he wouldn't mind popping in just to tell us to be a little bit quieter. Bad mistake. Because he did come in - which obviously delighted us all. But he then told us to sing up, and started some Wolves chants himself. He stayed for about half an hour, had a beer with us, we got loads of photos (including one which you can see him singing his head off) and told us to carry on 'so they can hear you in West Bromwich'. He then left as the lady came back looking furious - she told him off in front of us and he scuttled away giggling to himself.
  4. I know I keep saying this but the lockdown really does give us the opportunity to set sail again. I assume we'd have to stand 6 feet away from each other on the deck?
  5. Re: the Atlas Passes - activate a map - the ones that say secure sight of interest (or whatever the term is). Most of these lead you to an abandoned facility in which you can hack the terminal. If you're successful, you can choose to take nanites, units or learn a blueprint. Choose the latter - the blueprints to Atlas passes are on there. You then have to craft the pass and keep it in your inventory.
  6. There are lots of short story arcs in some of the seasons and they are hit and miss TBF. BUT - when it's good, it's very, very good. They're only 25 minutes each so I didn't particularly mind sitting through one of the poorer episodes because the good ones more than make up for them. I thought there were a lot more memorable episodes than in Rebels.
  7. There was so much on that review that I didn't recognise - I bet there's a stack of new stuff that's been added since the summer. You can play Arena on sloops now??!
  8. Hmm I'll try that - back in Euclid if need be. Ta. If it's bugged, no biggie as I'm focusing on my base at the moment.
  9. Hmm I think I've messed up the Atlas quest. Thought I'd finished it, but I can't create the technology needed for the Remembrance - I must have missed a blueprint for one of the Atlas Seeds and I have no way of going back to find where it is! Really annoying.
  10. Thanks for the heads up - I'll give this a watch later. On the subject of DM, his autobiography is well worth a read. Mainly because it's fucking insane - it's not dissimilar in tone to I, Partridge.
  11. I'm not starting the new ones until I've done the full re-run. And obvs skipping any that have too much Jar-Jar in them. Looking forward to seeing the story arc with the Night Sisters again - particularly after playing Fallen Order.
  12. Took the plunge and bought the fifty quid promotion for a year. Not seen The Mandalorian and really looking forward to it. I'll also dip back into The Clone Wars as it's so awesome. Marvel marathons with the kids etc (they're only up to the first Thor movie) - TBF I think £4-ish a month is an absolute bargain.
  13. Sausage Party What the absolute fuck have I just seen? Crude from the first second to the last, ridiculously silly and childish. But you know what? I'm not going to mark it down for that. My other half and I are both missing our family and friends, we spent all yesterday decorating, I ache to fuck as a result, we settled down with a lot of wine so this was just what we needed - mindless, stupid humour. On any other day I'd have probably hated it. 3/5
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