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  1. Anyone fancy a voyage this evening? Not been on all week so I fancy a few beers and high jinks on the seas.
  2. True - especially if you're in 2nd place and it's right before the final corner of the race..... Happened to me last night. I guffawed.
  3. It's definitely changed how and what I buy. I have a GPU sub for myself and a separate one for my son, who has an xbox here and at his mum's (50/50 split between households). So he can play on his account at both houses. My stepdaughter lives here all the time, and I've set the Xbox in her room as the 'home' console so she can share my GPU sub. So because of this, all 3 of us can play any Game Pass games together for a total of around £20 a month (less than that in reality with the XBL Gold £1 trick I did when I signed up). When you think how many games th
  4. Huh - what??! I must have missed this. Seriously? Thought it'd have been a while until that arrived on GP.
  5. Thanks to Game Pass I've had a good go on this and it's such a laugh. It's a shame the UI, music, menus etc are so archaic - I really think it lets the game down somewhat. The way it's all laid out in the career mode for example feels a bit messy and haphazard. The most important thing though is how it plays and I really do enjoy it. Getting the right drift on a corner to either avoid a collision or to line up for a nice, t-bone smash into the side of an opponent is TREMENDOUS. I do wish it had "Oh-oh - WHAT a smash!!" commentary from PS1 Destruction Derby though....
  6. 1. Cibola Burn by James S A Corey Book 4 of the Expanse - and now I'm starting to see a pattern emerging. Start slowly, introduce new characters to the fold before building to a frantic finale that opens up even more possibilities for future instalments. This is such a good series - even though I didn't enjoy this as much as Abaddon's Gate, it's not far off. Looking forward to book 5 which is ready to go as soon as it's unboxed in our new house (could be months away then....) 4/5
  7. Boothjan

    It Takes Two

    This looks brilliant. I'd never heard of it until I read this thread!! I'm assuming it's not going to be on Game Pass via EA Play for a good while though?
  8. Was he Italian??! Clearly a top quality performance....
  9. The best bit is when the comedic Hispanic dude shouts "Bastardo!" To this day, I'm not sure what the translation is for that.
  10. 5. Luigi's Mansion 3 (Switch) The BEST thing about being a parent is when you buy things for your offspring that you really really want to use yourself. I can't honestly say that I told them that the Switch was just for them, but I bought my daughter Luigi's Mansion 3 with the intention that it was HER game. So.... I had to borrow it. I'd never played a Luigi's Mansion game before and I had to ensure it worked correctly, didn't I? Well - it definitely works properly with the exception of some frustratingly fiddly control issues. I've spent 15 hours on this and the v
  11. Just started this after finishing BotW - it's a lovely little game, isn't it? Only done about 3 or 4 floors thus far but it looks and sounds excellent.
  12. Those bastard duel wielded shotguns in CoD MW2. Hated them with a passion. Skill-less game breaking pieces of shit.
  13. 4. The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild (Switch) Every so often, I'm reminded why I love this hobby. The escapism, the fun, the sense of adventure, of working out a puzzle, satisfying in-game combat and the overall feeling of being immersed in a beautiful, vibrant alive world. BotW has all of these things and every one of them is of the absolute highest quality. I think this is what makes BotW stand out so much from anything else in its genre - it's just so fucking SPOT ON. With everything. So many other open world games manage to succeed in plenty of areas, wit
  14. I did all 120 shrines, 4 divine beasts, 12 memories but less than 100 korok seeds. But shrines aside, I didn't really focus on anything other than enjoying the world and its inhabitants. I did a lot of aimless wandering which turned into awesome moments of discovery. Just a wonderful video game. I'll definitely get Age of Calamity but I've got some other Switch games to play now so I'll have a break from Hyrule.
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