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  1. It's infinitely better with others! My stepdaughter wants to play this as some of her friends have gamepass so maybe that'll get me back on the seas?
  2. Started this last night - it's a pretty fucking good looking game isn't it? Only about an hour into it but liking it so far.
  3. Personally, I'd watch them in film order - so LoTR first and then the Hobbit trilogy. The latter is still pretty good but simply nowhere near LoTR - I think it'd detract from the magic if you don't see them first.
  4. My better half has FINALLY agreed to watch this! It's only taken 2 years of me nagging her. Here we go - Curahee!
  5. And finished. Fucking hell, the final story arc is sensational. They absolutely nailed it - and what about that music score? So haunting - I really don't think anything Star Wars-related has managed to succeed on an emotional level to this degree since the original trilogy. Wonderful stuff.
  6. I only paid about £40 for the extended 6 film bluray set a few months back, so maybe check back in a few weeks in case it goes down in price? And as @ryodisays, all the extras are DVD, not bluray. It's a sexy set, mind you - although I've not looked at any of the extras in the Hobbit trilogy yet. There's SO many hours of stuff to wade through!
  7. From what I recall, pretty much everyone LOVED the LoTR films. They remain amongst my very favourite films of all time and watching that trailer back gave me goosebumps! Also, IIRC didn't the trailer for The Two Towers feature Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell as opposed to Howard Shore's score?
  8. Take a bow, Albion. Take a bow.
  9. FINALLY about to start season 7 - binge watched the first 6 in about 2 weeks! Some were way better on 2nd viewing. Excited for the new stuff....
  10. Boothjan

    Xbox Game Pass

    Question from my kids - they're trying to play Overcooked 2 with a friend online. Can you split it so 2 play on the same system and another joins online?
  11. Boothjan

    Xbox Game Pass

    No Man's Sky is awesome - that's a brilliant addition to the library.
  12. Yeah - just googled it - must improve my knowledge of the Marvel universe...
  13. I wouldn't have known what that was I'm afraid!!
  14. Spider-man (PS4) Right from the very first swing, I was hooked on this - it's a fantastic, fun, action packed romp with a brilliant story, memorable characters and PLENTY of things to do to keep your attention. Plot-wise, this is as good as any Marvel film and I actually preferred it to the Spider-man films in the MCU. I didn't expect to enjoy the sections with Peter Parker as much as I enjoying webbing around the city, but they don't just act as a sensible respite from the fighting, they really do compliment action sequences perfectly. The mini puzzle games found in the lab Peter works in are clever and thankfully aren't OTT in volume or difficulty. I was a bit concerned that the stealth sections had been dumbed down too much early on, but after unlocking some more gadgets and getting used to the feel of the controls, those sections became far more satisfying. I still think the Batman Arkham series has the upper hand when it comes to stealth, but Spider-man beats it in every other department IMO. There aren't too many niggles I can think of - maybe the annoying jet pack bad guys who really pissed me off on occasions, and 'JJJ's' radio shows are a fucking ballache to endure (you can turn these off though) but the downsides to this really are few and far between, vastly outweighed by the sheer joy of exploring NYC and showing off the numerous Spidey skills. My favourite game on the PS4, my first ever Platinum trophy and an absolute treat of an experience. 9.5/10
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