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  1. Finished Resistance Reborn. I'll do a full review tomorrow but this is absolutely worthy of a place amongst the very best of the new canon catalogue.
  2. Yep - cheapest I've seen it too. Only a tenner which is good for a brand new hardback release. I'm about halfway through, I clearly can't read as quickly as you!
  3. Liverpool were exceptional today. Although if Sky wouldn't mind fucking off the bullshit like the City coach arriving followed by Pep walking in slow motion DURING OUR FUCKING MATCH PRECEDING IT that would be smashing. I get it's a bigger fixture and a key match this season but to interrupt other live games to show such trivial bullshit isn't really on. Anyway, thought we showed how much better we are than Villa today, we bossed it and should have won by more tbh. Villa have been unfortunate eith injuries and clearly missed Grealish but Moutinho ran the midfield, and I was delighted how many chances we created. Both goals were great for different reasons. I'm sure Villa will be fine (a lot of daft hyperbole on social media) but I'm delighted with that. We're a good side.
  4. Nope. Great stat but hes touched the ball inside the penalty area less than 10 times in the 2 and a bit seasons he's been here. That includes 3 penalties.
  5. Whaaaaat?? Excited now. Got a train trip to London for work and 2 nights on my own so I'll be sure to pack my book!
  6. Just read the first two chapters and yep, you're dead right. The 2nd chapter really could be a direct follow on from Aftermath 3. It sent my geek-dar into overdrive.
  7. Yeah we played well tonight, kept plugging away when our heads could have dropped, especially after the penalty miss. Deserved to win - nearly there!! I hope their centre half isn't too badly injured - I was in the south bank and the way he fell to the ground old cold looked horrible.
  8. Still not been on since August
  9. My Amazon preorder was £14. Went into Forbidden Planet and picked up a copy for £10. Fuck you, Amazon #happyending #theforceiswithme
  10. Or not. Email from Amazon - ON THE FUCKING DAY IT WAS DUE - saying it's been delayed. Very annoying. Might try Forbidden Planet at lunchtime.
  11. The King (2019) Theres nothing fundamentally wrong with this film, but it's just so generic. I like a bit of history so I rather enjoyed it, but theres nothing to recommend it over the countless other historical dramas out there. 3/5 The Angel of Auschwitz (2019) A new film on Amazon Prime - ooh, this might be worth a look, right? Wrong. Fucking hell this is up there with the worst films I have ever seen. Everything about it is appalling. The acting would shame a primary school nativity cast, the music is obtrusive, utterly unnecessary and almost comical, the sets are an embarrassment and overall it's a massively disrespectful film as I felt it made the whole shameful saga feel almost trivial. A shout out to whoever they cast as Dr Mengele. Just wow. He would have stood out (in a bad way) if he appeared in Attack of the Clones. I didn't finish this. Which is extremely rare, no matter how bad films usually are. I simply have no idea how productions which are this flawed are allowed to be released. 0/5
  12. Rogue One (2016) Part 1 of my Star Wars build up - I started with this as a perfect interlude to the main saga, and it's such a fucking ace film. I've always thought of this as a Star Wars film made for Star Wars fans by a Star Wars fan and due to that, it's just my kind of film. The last 45 minutes or so in particular are bang on. I did find the 'resurrected' actors a lot less convincing than I did the first time around but it's a minor gripe - I bloody love this film. 4.5/5
  13. I've done it a few times and I think it improved Episode 3 in particular. Obviously it can't ever fix the main issues with any of the prequels, but I found that the best way to watch them is in this order (yes, cue the 'or not at all' comments!). Yes, I could skip them but I don't want to! Last time I did this, I watched them with a mate who had never seen any Star Wars film before and it was great. Watched Solo again last week which reignited my excitement!
  14. I'm starting my build up to this today by watching the previous films. In order, I'll be going: Rogue One (as a prelude to the main saga - it's so ace that I can't leave it out) A New Hope Empire Strikes Back Attack of the Clones Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Extended Machete Order FTW. A shame that I have to suffer AOTC but needs must.
  15. Stan and Ollie (2018) Steve Coogan and John C Reilly have superb chemistry in this very enjoyable and likeable comedy/drama/biopic. What do you call a biopic about 2 people? Is it a bi-biopic? 4/5 Ocean's 8 (2018) The other half chose this - I wasn't that fussed but this was fun. I preferred it to all the pointless follow up to Ocean's 11 TBH. And Rihanna is cool. 3.5/5 Step Brothers (2008) A film I never got round to watching - I had no idea how utterly stupid it is. That's not a criticism BTW because I love a bit of immature nonsense from time to time. I creased up laughing during the bunk bed scene. 4/5 The Goonies (1985) We watched this for family film night last week. God knows how many times I've seen this over the years. I reckon I first saw this when I was about 6 or 7. This doesn't ever seem to age for me, because the morality of it all and the perfectly pitched emotional battle of the kids simply cannot feel dated, even when the costumes and effects do, yet shows like Stranger Things and films like It mean that the retro look remains relevant. This is funny, sad, entertaining and heart warming and I absolutely love it. Watching with the kids was great because they loved it too. 5/5
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