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  1. Leicester was a decent enough performance IMO and we should have won. Stupid VAR. Agree about Burnley though. I don't fully agree with the most likely excuse of the Europa League - too many players are simply not performing as well as they did last season and it's very frustrating. I don't put that down to fatigue either. Not saying it's having no impact, but certainly not as much as is being made out. We're making basic errors which is in turn affecting confidence. You kid, but I have genuinely seen people on Twitter say that!
  2. Everton was poor. Chelsea was awful. Last night was okay. Too many players off form for me - but nowhere near bad enough to warrant the reaction online.
  3. Going by the forum I frequent and Twitter, I'm really not. Entitled hyperbole and looking purely at results rather than performances, views on players written before the game has even started etc. Crowd at the game sounded loud and stuck with the team so no complaints there whatsoever.
  4. I found Letterboxd the best and easiest way to ascertain the year of release. And handily, it'll only list the films I've seen.
  5. A really frustrating home defeat for us tonight, albeit against what I thought was a good Braga team. So annoying - overall I thought we played well but our finishing let us down, and we were punished by a defensive error at the other end. Should have won but we come away with nothing. We're better than the past few results suggest and I hope confidence doesn't drop too much. I really really really hate our fans after defeats though. Doesn't seem like any defeat is allowed and the end is nigh. More respect is needed for Nuno and the players.
  6. He was crocked when we signed him during the summer and made his debut around November/December time, coming on as a sub. He got the ball almost immediately, broke into a run... then pulled up and was subbed off. He didn't play again until the following season.
  7. 2000 1. Gladiator 2. Snatch 3. High Fidelity 2001 1. Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring 2. A Beautiful Mind 3, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 2002 1. Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers 2. 24 Hour Party People 3. Adaptation 2003 1. Lord of the Rings - Return of the King 2. Kill Bill Vol 1 3. School of Rock 2004 1. Shaun of the Dead 2. Downfall 3. Hotel Rwanda
  8. Awesome stuff mate - it really is a special moment!
  9. Hmm... one of the starting commendations is to have 5 viewers at one time. Why wasn't this on when we were hosted by Sea of Thieves' official stream that once??! Aside from that, I've never had more than 3 viewers at any one time!
  10. Yay lists! 10. 24 9. The Office (UK version) 8. Black Mirror 7. Breaking Bad 6. I'm Alan Partridge (series 2 was in 2002 I think...) 5. Parks and Recreation 4. Dr Who 3. Game of Thrones 2. Chernobyl 1. Band of Brothers
  11. Going to have to sign up for that. I'd have earned all the rewards tenfold if it was backdated!!
  12. Plenty in amongst that lot - I don't own many Disney films and it'd be great to watch The Clone wars again from the very start. It'll get watched in our house so I think we'll be subscribing. Muppet Babies as well......!
  13. I'd have liked to have seen Band of Brothers a lot higher up the list than that. A stunning piece of television.
  14. Cirque du Freak - The Vampire's Assistant Execrable bullshit. 1/5
  15. "Now let's not bicker and argue over who killed who..."
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